Johnny Case Quotes in Holiday (1938)


Johnny Case Quotes:

  • Johnny Case: Anything else, sir?

    Edward Seton: I beg your pardon.

    Linda Seton: I should think you would.

  • Edward 'Ned' Seton: You see, Father wanted a large family so Mother promptly had Linda, but Linda was a girl so Mother promptly had Julia, but Julia was a girl and the whole thing seemed hopeless. Then, the following year Mother had me, it was a boy and the fair name of Seaton would flourish.


    Edward 'Ned' Seton: Drink to Mother , Johnny, she tried to be a Seaton for a while, then gave up and died.

    Johnny Case: You're talking out of your hat, Ned.

    Edward 'Ned' Seton: I'm not.

  • Johnny Case: When I find myself in a position like this, I ask myself what would General Motors do? And then I do the opposite!

  • Johnny Case: [Seeing stuffed giraffe] Oh, did she love that too?

    Linda Seton: [Hugging the toy] Now don't you a word about Leopold, he's very sensitive.

    Johnny Case: Yours.

    Linda Seton: Looks like me.

    [turning it's head in profile]

  • Johnny Case: I don't call what I've been doing living.

    Linda Seton: And what do you recommend for yourself, doctor?

    Johnny Case: A holiday.

    Linda Seton: For how long?

    Johnny Case: As long as I need.

    Linda Seton: You mean just to play?

    Johnny Case: No. I've been working since I was 10, I want to find out why I'm working. It can't just be to pay bills and pile up more money, even if you do the government's going to take most of it.

    Linda Seton: But what is the answer?

    Johnny Case: I don't know, that's what I intend to find out. The world's changing out there, there are a lot of new, exciting ideas running around. Some may be right and some may be cockeyed but they're affecting all our lives. I want to know how I stand, where I fit in the picture, what it's all gonna mean to me. I can't find that out sitting behind some desk in an office, so as soon as I get enough money together, I'm going to knock off for a while.

  • Johnny Case: [upon seeing the mansion for the first time] Judas!

    Downstairs Butler Admitting Johnny: I beg your pardon?

    Johnny Case: Er, I just said Judas. It didn't mean anything.

  • Johnny Case: I want to save part of my life for myself. There's a catch to it though, it's gotta be part of the young part. You know, retire young, work old, come back and work when I know what I'm working for, does that make any sense?

    Linda Seton: That makes a lot of sense. Does Julia know?

    Johnny Case: No, I don't want to raise her hopes until I get enough money together.

    Linda Seton: Oh she has enough for two right now, or ten for that matter.

    Johnny Case: No, that's out. I don't want her dough, I want to earn it myself.

    Linda Seton: That's foolish. You're alright though, Case, you haven't been bitten yet you haven't been caught by it.

    Johnny Case: By what?

    Linda Seton: The reverence for riches. Look out for that, Johnny.

  • Edward Seton: Interesting neck-tie you have.


    Edward Seton: I have a haberdasher whose made my ties for many years and that pattern I seem to recognize.

    Johnny Case: Perhaps sir, because this happens to be your neck-tie. Ned thought it might bring me luck.

  • Johnny Case: [to Linda] You poor thing. They won't let you have any fun, and they won't let you have any time to think.

  • Johnny Case: [about the playroom] This is quite different, from the rest of the house I mean.

    Linda Seton: This was Mother's idea. She thought there ought to be one room in the house where people could come and have some fun. She used to be up here as much as we were before she died. I think it was kind of an escape for her. She was marvelous.

  • Linda Seton: There are a lot of humorous little episodes. I tried to get Father to let me take a nursing course at a hospital. Oh yes and I almost got arrested trying to help some strikers over in Jersey. Well how was I to know that Father was on the board of directors at the company? You see, Case, the trouble with me is I never could decide whether I wanted to be Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, or John L. Lewis.

    Johnny Case: What's the matter, you fed up?

    Linda Seton: To the neck.

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