Johnny Blaze Quotes in Ghost Rider (2007)


Johnny Blaze Quotes:

  • Caretaker: Contract of San Venganza.

    Caretaker: [Johnny reaches for the Contract, Caretaker pulls it away] Hell on Earth.

    Johnny Blaze: Now you're gonna have to trust me.

    Caretaker: Why is that?

    Johnny Blaze: He may have my soul but he doesn't have my spirit.

    Caretaker: Any man that's got the guts to sell his soul for love has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed, you did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side. To them that makes you dangerous, makes you unpredictable. That's the best thing you can be right now.

  • Mephistopheles: [after Blaze defeats Blackheart] Congradulations, Johnny. You upheld your end of the bargain. It's time I take back the power of the Ghost Rider. You get your life back. The love you've always wanted. You can start a family of your own. There are more deals to be made. More people willing to give their souls for what they desire. Let someone else carry this curse. You're free now. After all... a deal's a deal.

    Johnny Blaze: [looks to Roxanne; points to Mephistopheles, his hand burning as fire flashes in his eyes] No. I'm gonna own this curse... and I'm gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilt, it'll be my father's blood... and you'll find me there. A spirit of vengeance... fighting fire with fire.

    Mephistopheles: [angered] I will make you pay for this.

    Johnny Blaze: You can't live in fear.

    Mephistopheles: [shouts] NO!

  • [before the big Touchdown Jump, Johnny Blaze and Randall "Mack" Mackenzie stand at the top of the acceleration ramp, overlooking the 300 ft jump]

    Mack: Thank God you listened to me, took the cars out. It would've been suicide otherwise This way if you come up short, see, you'll come down on some nice, soft, green... grass?

    [Mack looks up at the sound of the stadium dome being opened. Six Blackhawk helicopters slowly descend towards the field]

    X Games Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Johnny Blaze will not be jumping 50 cars today as scheduled; but instead, he will be leaping six UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. Never before has any man attempted such a death-defying stunt.

    [Mack turns and glares at Johnny]

    Johnny Blaze: [shrugs] I took the cars out.

    Mack: [as the helicopters land on the field] Why? Why JB? Why wouldn't you tell me?

    Johnny Blaze: Well, because you would have thrown a fit.

    Mack: Call me old-fashioned, I'm funny that way. Human sacrifice makes me uncomfortable. Why, JB? Why helicopters, man?

    Barton Blaze: [a flashback to Barton discussing a new idea for a jump with young Johnny] You know what I've been thinking about? A new stunt. But instead of the cars or the ring of fire, a helicopter.

    Johnny Blaze: My dad thought it'd be cool.

    Mack: [Mack pauses, and glances down towards the helicopters again, before turning back with a sigh] He was right.

  • Johnny Blaze: How much NOS did you put in the tank?

    Mack: Enough to shame the Space Shuttle.

  • Caretaker: San Venganza's 500 miles from here. We'd better get going.

    [walks on]

    Johnny Blaze: [following the Caretaker] We?

    [Caretaker whistles and a black horse comes trotting out of the mist]

    Caretaker: I've got one last ride left in me.

    [the Caretaker mounts the horse, donning a ten-gallon hat, and transforms into a Ghost Rider]

    Johnny Blaze: [grins knowingly] Carter Slade.

    [Slade slowly nods his head]

    Johnny Blaze: Can YOU keep up?

    [Slade's horse transforms into a fiery phantom steed]

    Johnny Blaze: Let's ride!

    [Johnny mounts his bike, turning into the Ghost Rider]

  • Caretaker: [Changed back into human, as Johnny is about to head to San Venganza] This is the end of the trail for me. I got nothing left, I could only change one more time and I was saving it for this. God knows I made my share of mistakes. I've been trying to make them right ever since. All I can do is hope he sees fit to give me a second chance.

    Johnny Blaze: Thank you.

    Caretaker: No. Thank you, kid.

    [Caretaker/Slade tips his hat at Johnny and rides off, disappearing]

  • Johnny Blaze: I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds. I'm the Ghost Rider.

  • Roxanne Simpson: So, tonight you'll... rawr"?

    Johnny Blaze: I believe so.

  • Johnny Blaze: Thank you for telling me I'm the devil's bounty hunter.

  • Johnny Blaze: My daddy once said, "If you don't make a choice, the choice makes you."

    Roxanne Simpson: Yea, why do your choices always keep us apart?

  • Johnny Blaze: Let's Ride!

  • Johnny Blaze: [approaching Blackheart] How does it feel to have all that evil inside of you? All their power?

    [turns into the Ghost Rider]

    Ghost Rider: All their souls? A thousand souls to burn. Look into my eyes. Your souls are stained with the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain.

    [Blackheart starts screaming and goes into a catonic state. The Ghost Rider throws him on the floor]

    Ghost Rider: [looks up at Roxanne, the flames dim. Roxanne reaches out her hand to touch him. Ghost Rider recoils] Monster.

    Roxanne Simpson: I'm not afraid.

    [touches his face and he slowly begins turning back to Johnny Blaze]

  • Johnny Blaze: [Staring at a grave stone titled Carter Slade] Carter Slade?

    Caretaker: Legend has it that he's the "Texas Ranger", a man of honor. But then he got greedy, waiting on the gallows.

  • Caretaker: You all right?

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah, I'm good. I feel like my skull is on fire, but I'm good.

  • Johnny Blaze: Come over here and I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!

  • Roxanne Simpson: Johnny Blaze, thank you for talking to us before your big jump. No one has ever attempted such a distance before: Three hundred feet from field goal to field goal. What's going through your mind, right now?

    Johnny Blaze: You look really good.

  • Caretaker: Sterilize that for me.

    [handing over the hooked needle to Johnny Blaze]

    Johnny Blaze: Sterilize? Ummm...

    [making hand poses toward the hooked needle as if he would sterilize it with his hellfire]

    Caretaker: In the boiling water.

    Johnny Blaze: Right. Okay. Little confused.

  • [repeated line]

    Johnny Blaze: You cannot live in fear.

  • Johnny Blaze: [Blaze's crew looks at him incredulously after watching footage of his crash] What?

    Mack: "What". You should be taking a dirt nap after that ragdoll today.

    Johnny Blaze: I got lucky.

    Mack: No, I got a huntin dog named Lucky. He's got one eye and no nuts. Luck don't cover it, JB. Man, you got an angel looking after you.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah maybe.

    [after Mack walks away, looks out the window; to himself]

    Johnny Blaze: Maybe it's something else.

  • Johnny Blaze: He may have my soul, but he doesn't have my spirit.

  • Roxanne Simpson: [after Johnny tells her he's the Devil's Bounty Hunter] The way I see it is I've got a couple of choices: I could either accept that you really believe what you're telling me is true, & take you to the nearest psychiatric hospital.

    Johnny Blaze: You see, now that...

    Roxanne Simpson: Or, I realize that you'd rather make up ridiculous stories than be honest with me... and I walk out of that door... forever.

  • Johnny Blaze: 300 Feet. Pretty neat, pretty neat.

  • Caretaker: [Johnny turns around to get his bike] It does.

    Johnny Blaze: [turns around] What?

    Caretaker: If you're wondering if your bike looks normal, it does. And to answer your next question: last night did happen.

    Johnny Blaze: Who are you?

    Caretaker: [points at Johnny] Who are you?

    Caretaker: [Johnny turns around and walks away; Caretaker calls] You're the Ghost Rider!

  • Danny: What if you have to pee while you're on fire?

    Johnny Blaze: Oh, it's awesome. It's like a flamethrower You know, it's like:

    [scene of Ghost Rider urinating fire]

  • Johnny Blaze: That's the guy? He looks like he works on a cruise ship.

    Nadya: Am I gonna regret taking you?

    Johnny Blaze: Um, yeah, probably.

  • Johnny Blaze: When we get where we're going, the Rider's going to come out. And when he does... he'll destroy whoever's got it coming. Nadya, this thing... there's no reason, no conscience, just hunger. In his eyes, you're no different than Carrigan. You're no different than any of them.

    Nadya: I'm not afraid of you.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah? Well, you should be.

  • Johnny Blaze: [to Vasil] You will tell me or I will eat your stinking soul!

  • Johnny Blaze: [voiceover] It doesn't matter how far you run, there are some demons you just can't escape. My name is Johnny Blaze, I used to ride a motorcycle for a living. I did a bare ass 360 triple back flip in front of twenty two thousand people. It's kind of funny, it's on Youtube, check it out. But when my dad got sick, I did something way crazier than that.

    Roarke: You look like you can use a little help, are you willing to make a deal, John?

    Johnny Blaze: Do it, save his life, do it!


    Johnny Blaze: Yeah that is right, I'm the guy who made a deal with the devil. Now I know what your thinking, does kid ever watch movies, does this ever work out fine? Well, let's just say good judgement wasn't exactly my forte. I was possessed by an ancient demon, in the presence of evil, I change into a monster, and I pray on the wicked, and I suck out their souls. And you don't want to be around when that happens, see there's good and bad in all of us, and maybe you're not a murderer, but you did something that you didn't want the Rider to see, a white lie, and illegal download, what about you? And you? I've tried to fight it, to hold it back, but the darkness inside me only get's stronger. That's why I had to run, halfway across the world, and I'm still running.

  • Johnny Blaze: Um, I know that it's a little awkward. I mean, rolling with you guys. I mean, after everything you've been through...

    Danny: Dude. You're way cooler than the other guys she usually hangs out with.

  • Danny: Did we win?

    Johnny Blaze: I'm gonna say yes. Hell, yes.

  • Johnny Blaze: [voiceover] Why does the devil walk on human form anyway? I have no idea. Maybe he doesn't know either. Maybe he passes on from body to body, down through history, waiting for the perfect fit. But I know one thing, on Earth, he's weak. His powers are limited. He needs emissaries to do his dirty work, so he finds them or makes them, using his greatest power, the power of the deal.

  • Moreau: Without the Rider, we stand very little chance against Roarke.

    Johnny Blaze: I thought you were supposed to have faith.

    Moreau: I do. But also, I think we should have weapons.

    Johnny Blaze: Guns and wine. Naughty priests.

    Nadya: [touches an automatic gun] I'm starting to like you again, Moreau.

  • Johnny Blaze: I don't save people.

  • Vasil: I got what you need for the shakes, my friend.

    Johnny Blaze: Carrigan must have told about that thing that killed his men last night, huh? Yeah? That thing is inside of me. See, you're a bad man, and this thing, the Rider, he feeds on bad men. And he's hungry. He's hungrier than he's been in years. That's why I'm shaking! Because right now the only thing that's standing between you and the Rider is me. And he's just - He's...


    Johnny Blaze: He's scraping at the door. Scraping at the door! And if you don't tell what I wanna know, I'm gonna let him out. And when he's done with you, there won't be anything left, you understand?

  • Johnny Blaze: What is it? This thing inside of me? I'd like to know before we, uh, commence.

    Moreau: Hm. Zarathos was an angel, a Spirit of Justice. Sent to protect the world of men. But he was tricked, captured, brought down to Hell, corrupted. Driven insane. Heh. His mission to protect the innocent was perverted into a lust to punish the guilty. He became the Spirit of Vengeance.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah, but the angel, the Spirit of Justice, he's alive in there? Somewhere?

    Moreau: He could be. Do you feel him?

    Johnny Blaze: No.

    Moreau: Cheer up, my man. Soon, you will be free.

  • Nadya: When you met the seducer, he offered you something.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah. My father's life. Shocker, he lied.

    Nadya: For me, it was only myself. It was suppose to be a big score for Carrigan, but it went bad. I made it out of the third-floor window. I was choking on my own blood. I knew I was gonna die. I could feel it. And that's when he found me.

    Roarke: [flash back] You look like you could use a little help.

    Johnny Blaze: Roarke.

    Nadya: He promised to take the pain away to save my life. But he asked for something in return.

    Johnny Blaze: A son?

    Nadya: Maybe can never understand.

    Johnny Blaze: No, I get it. You're the Devil's baby mama.

  • [Moreau tosses a wine bottle through a window, Johnny backs up into a corner]

    Moreau: Ah, so it likes the dark places.

    Johnny Blaze: I don't know what you're talking about.

    Moreau: The Rider.

  • Nadya: Moreau?

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah. Black, French, alcoholic priest, kind of a dick. Why, do you know him?

  • Johnny Blaze: There's no sign of him.

    Moreau: Whoever did this wanted him alive.

    Johnny Blaze: Well I think we all have a pretty good idea who that would be, Moreau.

    Nadya: Yes, so now he's with Roarke. Some protectors you turned out to be.

    Johnny Blaze: What exactly does Roarke want with Danny? What are his plans for his son? Is he putting money away for college? What?

    Moreau: It is the day of prophecy. As was the day Danny was conceived. The child must be in his 13th year before the rite can be performed on the dawn of a new winter.

    Johnny Blaze: The rite.

    Moreau: Roarke fathered the boy as a vessel, as a container for his power. The ritual will transform his essence, his soul into the boy. There will be no more Danny. Only Roarke.

    Nadya: No!

    Johnny Blaze: Why the hell didn't you tell us this, Moreau?

    Moreau: Hey. You are the one who that made a deal with Roarke! Both of you! Something I would never do.

    Johnny Blaze: All right. The prophecy, you said it had to happen at the dawn of a new day. Well, that's good. Maybe there's still time. Do you know where Roarke has him?

    Moreau: I think so. Yes.

    Nadya: What, so now you want to play hero? You got what you wanted.

    Johnny Blaze: Yes, I did. Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain.

    Moreau: Your welcome.

    Johnny Blaze: If I can spend the rest of my life as a free man without a curse from Hell hanging over my head, yeah, I'll take it. But I promised Danny he'd be safe. If I walk away now, I'm just trading one demon for another. Let's go.

  • Johnny Blaze: [after Moreau enters Johnny's apartment grabbing his shirt] Who are you?

    Moreau: I'm Moreau, my brothers are dead, as should I if it not would have been for the intervention of God, and you are Johnny Blaze.

    Johnny Blaze: Go away.

  • Moreau: We thought you can control it, make it work for you, huh? That you were stronger than this hungrier thing, this sickness...

    Johnny Blaze: [Johnny hits Moreau with his chain and chokes him] Why are you here? What do you want from me?

    Moreau: I need your help, and you need your soul. So we make a deal. You know something about making deals, don't you Johnny?

    [Johnny releases his chain around his throat]

    Moreau: Nice bike.

    [Moreau pulls out picture of Danny]

    Moreau: This child is in danger, and for more than his life. You will save him.

    Johnny Blaze: I don't save people.

    Moreau: [laughs] What brought you out here, Johnny Blaze? Thousands of miles from your place of birth, and your dark rebirth, you were brought here for this.

    Johnny Blaze: This little kid, what makes you think I can find him?

    Moreau: This man that you met many years ago, that put the curse on you...

    Johnny Blaze: Roarke.

    Moreau: The Devil has many names. He is the link that connects you to this child. Let the Rider follow his stench that will lead to the boy.

    Johnny Blaze: You said something about a deal.

    Moreau: The church of my masters is an ancient one. We are prepared to give to you the one thing you want most of this world, bring us the boy, and we will lift your curse.

  • Johnny Blaze: [drinks Moreau's wine] This might be good on a salad.

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