John the Baptist Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


John the Baptist Quotes:

  • John the Baptist: This is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. I should be coming to be baptised by you.

  • John the Baptist: *Repent!*

  • Soldier: I have orders to bring you to Herod, Baptist.

    John the Baptist: I have orders to bring you to God... heathen.

  • John the Baptist: Are you going to free me?

    Herod Antipas: I am going to kill you.

    John the Baptist: Then you free me!

    Herod Antipas: [walking away] I hope so.

  • John the Baptist: Woman, is not your cup of abominations full enough?

    Herodias: How dare to say that to my face. Get down on your knees and beg my forgiveness!

    John the Baptist: You, woman? Who has given herself the captains of Assyria? To the young men of Egypt? Who has deserted the bed of her first husband, to live in incestuous lust with his brother?

    Salome: Is there blood in your veins? Or, poison?

  • John the Baptist: Behold, the sign of the pagan. As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall he send hosts to destroy the idol worshippers. The day is coming when the sword shall descend upon her legions. Her mighty kings and princes shall grow feeble. Her stolen treasures made worthless. Her cities shall crumble into dusts. We shall raise our voice and be heard.

  • Salome: Go away you vile man!

    John the Baptist: Daughter of adultery! There is but one that can save you. Go seek him out! Kneel at his feet and ask forgiveness for the sins of your mother.

  • John the Baptist: [to Lucius, who is about to arrest him] Take me. But, you cannot stop Him who comes after me.

  • Salome: Would you like me to come and visit you in your new cave?

    John the Baptist: You are the seed of evil-doers. The child of corruption. Leave this house of darkness. Find your way into the light while there is yet time.

  • Pontius Pilate: [Interrogating John the Baptist after Lucius arrested him] Tell me, what is your occupation?

    John the Baptist: I do the bidding of the Lord my God.

    Pontius Pilate: Judging from your appearance, your God seems to be a rather unprofitable master to serve.

    John the Baptist: I do not seek my reward in the world you live in.

    Pontius Pilate: Nevertheless, you will find one here.

  • John the Baptist: [to Lucius, who is visiting him in his prison cell] You treated me well. I should like to ask just one more kindness.

    Lucius: Ask.

    John the Baptist: Before I leave this world, I would send a message to Jesus.

    Lucius: What is the message?

    John the Baptist: Ask of Him, in these words, "Was it Your coming that was foretold, or are we to expect another?"

    Lucius: You doubt Him?

    John the Baptist: No. I do not doubt Him. But I would like to hear it from His own lips.

    [Lucius then unshackles John, who looks at him with appreciation]

  • John The Baptist: God demands anger!

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