John Reginald Christie Quotes in 10 Rillington Place (1971)


John Reginald Christie Quotes:

  • Timothy John Evans: Don't you worry, Mr Christie, you'll get your money back. I'll be getting a new job shortly I shouldn't wonder. They've asked me if I want to train as a manager or as a managing director or something, you know.

    John Reginald Christie: Won't you have to read and write for that?

    Timothy John Evans: Oh no, no - you have secretaries, things like that, see.

    John Reginald Christie: Yes, as long as I get my 10 shillings back.

  • John Reginald Christie: It's the moral question that concerns me, the taking of life - no matter how rudimentary.

    Beryl Evans: It's not really... I'd be ever so grateful, Mr Christie.

  • Timothy John Evans: How do you actually do it?

    John Reginald Christie: That's something only doctors and myself know about, it has to be secret you understand.

  • John Reginald Christie: I do know people, medical people, who could help you out.

    Beryl Evans: But that would cost money, wouldn't it?

    John Reginald Christie: Yes, that's true I'm afraid. They're very eminent men. One particularly I had in mind, I used to assist him in his earlier days, studied with him, its quite a simple matter.

    Beryl Evans: You mean you know how to do it, Mr Christie?

  • John Reginald Christie: Tim, I dislke this business as much as you do. Just I happen to have picked up this knowledge while I was in training as a doctor before the war.

    Timothy John Evans: I didn't know you did all this medical stuff.

  • John Reginald Christie: This stuff I use, 1 in 10 might die from it.

    Timothy John Evans: Die!

    John Reginald Christie: Well, that's an acceptable medical risk.

  • John Reginald Christie: Ere, be careful - do you mind!

    Workman Willis: Mind the paintwork, mate.

    Workman Jones: And the priceless anti-ques.

  • Beryl Evans: What's that for?

    John Reginald Christie: Just a whiff of gas.

    Beryl Evans: Gas?

    John Reginald Christie: Like at the dentists, take away those little twinges.

    Beryl Evans: But that's poisonous isn't it?

    John Reginald Christie: Not the way we use it, something we had to learn in the war.

  • Beryl Evans: I'm ever so nervous Mr Christie

    John Reginald Christie: There's no need to be, no need at all. Do you have undergarments on?

    Beryl Evans: Yes.

    John Reginald Christie: Well just slip them off will you.

  • John Reginald Christie: You know about it, that's the point, you're an accessory before the act.

    Timothy John Evans: I done nothing. Oh God, I done nothing.

    John Reginald Christie: But you knew about it Tim, you consented, that's all they'll want to know.

    Timothy John Evans: I don't know what to do.

    John Reginald Christie: Well we could keep quiet about it couldn't we?

    Timothy John Evans: She's just lying there.

    John Reginald Christie: There are ways of disposing of bodies.

    Timothy John Evans: Not be buried you mean, proper service...

  • John Reginald Christie: An Italian named Evans?

  • John Reginald Christie: Who are the police going to believe - you or me that was a special constable for ten years?

    Timothy John Evans: Me of course, me!

    John Reginald Christie: Alright then Tim, well you go to the police and tell them. Alright then, off you go.

    Timothy John Evans: Alright I will, they'll have to believe the truth.

    John Reginald Christie: Well you go on then, if you're going.

  • John Reginald Christie: You know the big manhole cover, by the front door, I'll lay her to rest there.

  • Timothy John Evans: God Mr Christie, she was only young!

    John Reginald Christie: If she's come to me earlier...

  • Timothy John Evans: What about the baby?

    John Reginald Christie: Well as it happens I know a couple in Acton, East Acton. They'll look after her for you till you get back.

  • John Reginald Christie: He's killed the baby, strangled it with his tie.

    Mrs. Ethel Christie: He'd never do that.

    John Reginald Christie: Never mind what he'd never do, it's what he's done.

    Mrs. Ethel Christie: He worshipped that child.

  • Timothy John Evans: I don't know, Mr Christie.

    John Reginald Christie: Well, Tim, if you haven't got complete confidence in my abilities?

    Timothy John Evans: I trust you, Mr Christie, of course I do.

  • John Reginald Christie: You go to the police and I'll have to deny I had anything to do with it.

    Timothy John Evans: They'll know, they'll know from the operation you did.

    John Reginald Christie: There are no visible signs, not the way I did it.

    Timothy John Evans: Alright then, I'll tell them, then they'll know.

    John Reginald Christie: Who do you think they'll believe? Everyone knows those stories you come out with about your father being an Italian Count and everything.

    Timothy John Evans: It's just storifying.

  • Timothy John Evans: What's it say Mr Christie?

    John Reginald Christie: Er, well you're in arrears on your payment for your furniture - I paid the man 10 shillings out of my own pocket - I don't want this house getting a name Tim!

  • John Reginald Christie: Won't you come in a minute...?

    Beryl Evans: Well, I've got...

    John Reginald Christie: I've just put the kettle on.

    Beryl Evans: Oh.

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