John Merrick Quotes in The Elephant Man (1980)


John Merrick Quotes:

  • John Merrick: I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!

  • John Merrick: People are frightened by what they don't understand.

  • John Merrick: [after seeing pictures of Dr. Treves' family] Would you care to see my mother?

    Dr. Frederick Treves: [surprised] Your mother? Yes please.

    [John pulls out a small portrait]

    Mrs. Treves: Oh but she's... Mr. Merrick, she's beautiful!

    John Merrick: Oh, she had the face of an angel!


    John Merrick: I must have been a great disappointment to her.

    Mrs. Treves: No, Mr. Merrick, no. No son as loving as you could ever be a disappointment.

    John Merrick: If only I could find her, so she could see me with such lovely friends here now; perhaps she could love me as I am. I've tried so hard to be good.

    [Mrs. Treves begins to cry]

  • Mrs. Treves: I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Merrick.

    John Merrick: I'm very pleased...

    [John begins to cry]

    Dr. Frederick Treves: What is it, John? What's the matter?

    John Merrick: It's just that I-I'm not used to being treated so well by a beautiful woman...

  • John Merrick: My life is full because I know I am loved.

  • Mrs. Kendal: Why, Mr. Merrick, you're not an elephant man at all.

    John Merrick: Oh no?

    Mrs. Kendal: Oh no... no... you're a Romeo.

  • John Merrick: [haltingly] Hello... my name is... John Merrick.

  • John Merrick: There's something I've been meaning to ask you for some time now.

    Dr. Frederick Treves: What's that?

    John Merrick: Can you cure me?

    Dr. Frederick Treves: No. We can care for you, but we can't cure you.

    John Merrick: [matter-of-factly] No. I thought not.

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