John Lee Quotes in The Replacement Killers (1998)


John Lee Quotes:

  • Wei: The boy will die.

    John Lee: Not in your lifetime.

    [shoots Mr. Wei]

  • John Lee: I'll need guns.

  • John Lee: You're safer with me.

    Meg Coburn: Is it my perfume or something? Because you are the second guy today to assume I need, want or will accept help. I won't.

    John Lee: [drawing his pistol] It's not an option.

    Meg Coburn: And what happens when I tell you to go fuck yourself?

    [John cocks his pistol]

    Meg Coburn: O.K. If that's the way you want to play it. But when the gun is in my hand, we're gonna have this conversation again.

  • Meg Coburn: You know, you could've saved yourself a lot of trouble just by doing that third job.

    John Lee: It was wrong. Mr. Wei was taking revenge. A man named Zedkov killed his son.

    Meg Coburn: Zedkov? Jesus Christ. You're getting yourself killed for a cop?

    John Lee: Not a cop. His son.

    Meg Coburn: What?

    John Lee: A seven-year-old boy.

    Meg Coburn: Why?

    John Lee: That's how Mr. Wei *deals* with his enemies. Through their families.

  • John Lee: It will be the last death I cause.

  • John Lee: My father taught me how to shoot.

    Meg Coburn: Playing catch is so impersonal.

  • Meg Coburn: [Holding gun to John's head] Now what the fuck did you get me into with Terence Wei?

    John Lee: He's my patron.

    Meg Coburn: Patron?

    John Lee: He made it possible for me to come here.

    Meg Coburn: What does he, sponsor you to play the violin?

    John Lee: exchange for... services.

    Meg Coburn: What a nice way of saying you kill people.

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