John Hawks Quotes in Corsair (1931)


John Hawks Quotes:

  • John Hawks: You always do what you want, don't you?

    Alison Corning: I always know what I want - and usually get it.

  • Alison Corning: If you've nothing better to do, a few of us are going to spend the weekend on our yacht.

    John Hawks: Well, thanks, but - I'm all dated up for the weekend.

    Alison Corning: Well, if you should change your mind, we'll be glad to have you.

  • Alison Corning: I'm going abroad Tuesday - to be gone a year. Do you want to stay down here with me tomorrow?

    John Hawks: Well, I don't think I'd better.

    Alison Corning: Afraid of me?

    John Hawks: No! - Do you do this often?

    Alison Corning: Maybe.

  • Alison Corning: My, but it's chilly.

    John Hawks: Well, it you'd pull that what's-it's around you, a little closer.

  • John Hawks: Oh, Miss Corning, I'd like to thank you for the weekend.

    Alison Corning: Oh, no, not at all. On the whole, I think I should thank you - for not making love to me.

    John Hawks: Why, I never thought of such a thing.

    Alison Corning: You wouldn't, my dear. Well - this is goodbye. Goodbye from the cold and lovely heiress.

    [Grabs Hawks and gives him a big kiss]

  • Alison Corning: Will you have cream or lemon?

    John Hawks: Nothing, thanks. I'll have a cigarette, if you don't mind.

    Alison Corning: My, but the city has changed you.

  • Alison Corning: You know, I've been meaning to get a hold of you for ever so long.

    John Hawks: Really? Well, you're just in time. I'm leaving town tomorrow.

    Alison Corning: Vacation?

    John Hawks: Quite a long one - I've been fired.

  • John Hawks: Tell that charming daughter of yours, that three Presidents were born in my State. That proves they're not all yaps where I come from.

  • Dr. Robert Verne: Can these people help us?

    [Dr. Verne after saving a dieing mutant cub and treating it in a tent at the Indian site referring to some Indian men who are with Hawks]

    John Hawks: They can send someone from the village.

    Dr. Robert Verne: Send them. Tell them to get people here. I want people to see this. Is there a newspaper in town?

    John Hawks: Yes.

    Dr. Robert Verne: Get them here with a camera... and people from that paper mill... and that sheriff.

    John Hawks: Not that sheriff. I can't do that.

    Dr. Robert Verne: Hawkes! He'll see the truth here and you have more here at stake in this truth than I have.

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