John Haven Quotes in Station West (1948)


John Haven Quotes:

  • John Haven: [to barman] Whiskey... like you pour it for yourself.

    Girl: Don't you know it's no fun to drink alone?

    John Haven: Not until after the first one.

  • John Haven: [gesturing at the piano player] Doesn't he ever stop playing?

    Bartender: Sam? It don't bother him, he's deaf.

  • Second Lt. Stellman: You a stranger here?

    [Haven turns to him, then turns back to the bar and downs his whiskey]

    John Haven: [to bartender] What kind of whiskey was that?

    Bartender: On the bottle it says rye, but the way you take it I don't see what difference it makes.

    John Haven: I'll have another rye.

    Second Lt. Stellman: You didn't answer my question.

    John Haven: I'm a stranger everywhere.

    Second Lt. Stellman: You got a job?

    John Haven: Listen, soldier, I know that one too. 'Got a job, stranger? No? Why don't you join the army? Three meals a day, a place to sleep, nice warm uniform.'

    Second Lt. Stellman: It has a little more than that.

    John Haven: Yeah, it has one thing more. That I could never take. It's got second lieutenants.

    Second Lt. Stellman: You want to make this a personal matter? Alright.

    John Haven: I don't make it anything, soldier. You tried to sell me something, I didn't buy it. Why don't you beat it?

    Second Lt. Stellman: If I weren't in uniform I might teach you a few manners.

    John Haven: If you could teach me anything you wouldn't be in a uniform.

  • Bartender: You couldn't be looking for trouble, could you?

    John Haven: I could, but I'm not.

    Bartender: Well that's fine. Because this is one of the best places west of the Atlantic Ocean to find it.

    John Haven: That was my first impression.

    Bartender: That lieutenant's a nice young boy.

    John Haven: I don't doubt it. But his mouth is too big... like your ears.

  • [Haven walks up to the table where Charlie and Prince are seated]

    John Haven: [to Prince, whom he previously encountered at the dice table] You know, you look much better at this table.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': And you must like to pick fights.

    John Haven: Only with second lieutenants.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': We like second lieutenants here. You see, here everybody fights except the army.

    John Haven: I wouldn't know.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': So, anyone who doesn't like the army...

    John Haven: I know what you mean. But I'm afraid I'll have to come back. You see, I like the way you sing.

  • [Haven goes back to the saloon. Charlie is singing, but stops when she sees him enter, and sits down at a nearby table. Haven approaches the table]

    John Haven: Every time I come in here you stop singing. Why is that?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': You don't have to come in.

    John Haven: Look, I didn't come back to start a fight or break the bank.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': Why did you come back?

    John Haven: [sitting down] If you'll invite me to sit down, I might find out.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': It might be better if you found another table... and another girl.

    John Haven: Oh no it wouldn't. I looked.

    [They both look over to Mick and Prince, who are standing a few paces away nervously exchanging glances]

    John Haven: [not yet aware that the woman he's talking to is Charlie] Would that be Charlie?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': No.

    John Haven: His eyes follow you around like a couple of flies.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': They follow me around to see that strangers don't annoy me.

    John Haven: Only strangers?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': No-one else would be so foolish.

    John Haven: [to waiter] Waiter, bring me a bottle of wine, will you?

    [to Charlie]

    John Haven: First you're beautiful, then I like the way you sing, and now you're a woman of mystery. I don't want to be a stranger, so I'll have to be foolish.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': You like to take chances, don't you?

    John Haven: If I feel lucky.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': I advise you to try the dice table.

    John Haven: I'd rather get lucky here.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': [shrugs] Every man has the right to his own funeral.

    [Charlie gets Prince's attention. He approaches the table]

    John Haven: [noting Prince's approach] I could be your cousin from Waxahachie. I could be cousin John, a missionary on his way to China.

  • [Prince joins Haven and Charlie at the table]

    John Haven: So Charlie probably runs the town, huh?

    Prince: Why do you care?

    John Haven: I've gotta spend some time here, I'd just like to know who winds the clock.

    [Haven throws his chips onto the table in front of Prince. Mick notices this, and walks over]

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': [sarcastically] It's been a nice conversation. I'd hate to have it end.

    Mick: Who's this?

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': Mick, this is cousin John.

    John Haven: From Waxahachie.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': Cousin John's a missionary on his way to China.

    Mick: What's keeping him?

    Prince: Think he's wondering if he couldn't do more good here.

    [Mick tries to remove the bottle of win, but Haven stops him]

    Mick: You ain't too friendly, are ya?

    John Haven: I like to pick my friends.

    Prince: You oughtta learn not to pick 'em so easy, like you do your cousins.

    John Haven: [gesturing at Charlie] Ask her.

    Charlene - aka 'Charlie': I never saw him before in my life.

    [Haven and Mick are still wrestling over the bottle. Haven suddenly throws a glass of wine in Mick's face, and punches him. Haven is then held by various bystanders. Mick wipes his face and squares up to Haven]

    Mick: You're too little to make that big a mistake.

    John Haven: You gonna correct me, or just bleed at the mouth?

    Mick: [to the men holding Haven] Bring him outside.

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