John Connolly Quotes in Black Mass (2015)


John Connolly Quotes:

  • Whitey Bulger: Morris... me and you gotta have a sit dowm about something... what the fuck did you marinate this steak in 'cause it's outta this world! You're killin' me with this.

    John Morris: Ah, ah, ah... that's a family secret!

    Whitey Bulger: [Jokingly] I gotta knife here. Ah, c'mon, you can do it. What's the secret family recipe? C'mon, what's the secret?

    John Morris: It's ground garlic and a little bit of soy.

    Whitey Bulger: That's it?

    John Morris: Yup.

    Whitey Bulger: I thought you said it was a family secret.

    John Morris: It's a recipe.

    Whitey Bulger: No... no. You said this was a family secret and you gave it to me *boom* just like fuckin' that. You spill the secret family recipe today, maybe you fuckin' spill a lil' somethin' about me tomorrow. Am I right in assuming that?

    John Morris: [Looking to Connolly] I...

    Whitey Bulger: Don't look to John... he can't fuckin help you.

    John Morris: I was just sayin...

    Whitey Bulger: Oh you were just sayin'? Just sayin' get people sent to Allenwood. Just sayin' got me a nine year stretch in Levinworth and Alcatraz, do you understand? So... just sayin' can get you buried real fuckin' quick.

    [laughs Maniacally]

    Whitey Bulger: Look at his fuckin' face! Hey! I'm just fuckin' with you. It's a fuckin' recipe! Couldn't give a shit! Tastes great, I'm fuckin' with you.

    John Connolly: [laughing nervously] Yeah, well... you got me too. I'd like make a toast...

    [raises his glass]

    John Connolly: ... to success.

    John Morris: To sucess...

    Whitey Bulger: [Clinging his cup against theirs] Just gettin' started.

  • Fred Wyshak: How come no one has nailed Whitey Bulger? He seems to be involved in every crime in the city, and yet the Bureau keeps saying he's clean!

    John Connolly: Well, what's Bulger done?

    Fred Wyshak: What's he done? Everything!

  • John Connolly: Like it or not, Marriane, you married a street kid. And the streets taught me that you give and you get loyalty from your friends. And loyalty means a lot to me.

  • John Connolly: I'm not asking you to help me. I'm asking you to help your brother.

    Billy Bulger: That's the same thing now, isn't it?

  • John Connolly: Thank God for Whitey Bulger

  • [from trailer]

    John Connolly: Bulger's playing us, making a fool of the Bureau. We're in too deep, and he knows it! God help us all.

  • John Connolly: I've known him since forever!

    Marianne Connolly: And you certainly hold your boyhood heroes in high regard. 'Jimmy' this, 'Jimmy' that...

    John Connolly: He was very good to me when I was little, Marianne, that's all you need to know.

    Marianne Connolly: [sarcastically] How was he good to you, John? Did he take you trick-or-treating?

  • John Connolly: Jimmy's no ordinary criminal.

    FBI Agent Charles McGuire: Well, you're right about that.

    [reading from dossier]

    FBI Agent Charles McGuire: "A vicious animal who won't take no for an answer." "Violent decisiveness at any hint of betrayal." Oh! "A ripened psychopath determined to succeed above all else."

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