Joe Oramas Quotes in The Station Agent (2003)


Joe Oramas Quotes:

  • Joe Oramas: Hey listen, if you guys do something later, can I join you?

    Finbar McBride: We're not gonna do something.

    Joe Oramas: No, I know, but if you do, can I join you?

    Finbar McBride: We're not gonna do something later.

    Joe Oramas: Okay, but, if you do?

    Finbar McBride: Okay.

    Joe Oramas: Cool.

    [Fin tries to close the door, but Joe stops it]

    Joe Oramas: You the man.

    [Fin again tries to close the door, but Joe again stops it]

    Joe Oramas: You the man.

    [Fin finally closes the door]

  • Joe Oramas: Hey, Olivia, you got a garlic press?

    Olivia Harris: No.

    Joe Oramas: How can you not have a garlic press?

    Olivia Harris: [both she and Fin are smiling, looking at him] Still no!

    Joe Oramas: Alright, you keep talking! I'm gonna go cook without the garlic press!

    [turns back to kitchen]

    Olivia Harris: [to Fin] I'm not used to having people in my house... especially loud people.

    Finbar McBride: It's a nice house.

    Olivia Harris: Yeah. David bought it as a get-away place... so I moved down here and got away.

    Finbar McBride: Where did you used to live?

    Olivia Harris: Princeton.

    [glancing at Fin]

    Olivia Harris: I know... I didn't get very far. But I just couldn't stay there another minute. Everyone looking at me... the poor woman whose son died.

    [a bit of silence falls between them]

    Olivia Harris: How about you? What made you pick Newfoundland?

    Finbar McBride: [smiling mystically] I wanted to live near Joe!

    [Laughter spreads out gradually from them]

    Joe Oramas: [leaning over the rail, shouting] Guys!

    [Fin and Olivia burst into laughter]

    Joe Oramas: Would you come up here and talk? Seriously, this sucks!

    [the two keep laughing crazily]

  • Finbar McBride: You said you weren't going to talk to me if I sat here, Joe.

    Joe Oramas: I haven't said anything in like twenty minutes.

    [Fin checks his pocket watch]

    Finbar McBride: Nine.

    Joe Oramas: You timed me?

    Finbar McBride: Mm-hmm.

    Joe Oramas: That's cold, bro.

  • [last lines]

    Joe Oramas: It's the librarian fantasy, man. Glasses off, hair down, books flying.

    Finbar McBride: She doesn't wear glasses.

    Olivia Harris: Well, buy her some, it's worth it.

  • Joe Oramas: Trains are really cool.

    Olivia Harris: They are.

    Finbar McBride: [smoking marijuana] So are horses.

    Joe Oramas: What?

    Finbar McBride: I was just thinking that.

    Joe Oramas: Give me the joint, man.

  • Joe Oramas: Hey, man, let me ask you a personal question. You've had sex before, right?

    Finbar McBride: Yes.

    Joe Oramas: With a regular sized chick?

    Finbar McBride: With a regular sized chick.

  • Joe Oramas: Do they have clubs for you people?

    Finbar McBride: What?

    Joe Oramas: You know, for train watchers.

  • Emily: Your First name is Finbar?

    Finbar McBride: Yes.

    Emily: My name is Emily.

    Finbar McBride: [Uninterestingly] Hi.

    Emily: [Charmingly] Hi.

    [trying to get Fin's attention]

    Emily: You have a nice chin.

    Finbar McBride: [feeling awkward and finding words what to say] Thanks.

    [Scene cuts to railroads where Fin and Joe are walking]

    Joe Oramas: A nice chin?


    Finbar McBride: Yeah.

    Joe Oramas: Seriously?

    Finbar McBride: Yeah.

    Joe Oramas: Fuckin' weird.

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