Joe Jr. Quotes in While You Were Sleeping (1995)


Joe Jr. Quotes:

  • Lucy: [to Jack] Okay, um. What do you mean by the leaning thing? You mean because he gave me flowers?

    Jack: And then you *leaned*

    Lucy: And then I leaned.

    Jack: Yeah.

    Lucy: Okay, how did I lean when I leaned?

    Jack: It was a lot different from hugging. Hugging's very different. Hugging that involves arms and hands; and leaning is whole bodies moving in like this

    [leans toward her suggestively]

    Jack: . Leaning involves *wanting*... and *accepting*. *Leaning*...

    Joe Jr.: Hey Luce! Is this guy bothering you?

    Lucy: [Laughs] No, no.

    Joe Jr.: Are you sure? Because it looks like he's *leaning.*

  • Joe Jr.: O.K., Lucy, it's either me or him!

    Lucy: Him.

    Joe Jr.: You don't have to answer right away.

  • [Joe Jr. knocks on door]

    Lucy: Who is it?

    Joe Jr.: Joe Jr.

    Lucy: I'm not here.

    Joe Jr.: I know that trick!

  • Lucy: You're trying on my shoes?

    Joe Jr.: No, I-I slipped and my foot just went like that

    [makes swooping hand gesture]

    Joe Jr.: right into the shoe.

  • Lucy: Doesn't anybody use a phone anymore?

    Joe Jr.: I do.

    Lucy: I'm not talking about 900 numbers.

    Joe Jr.: Who told?

  • Lucy: Hi. So, more questions?

    Jack: No, I have an engagement present for you.

    Lucy: Uh, you really shouldn't have.

    Jack: I didn't. It's from my parents.

    Lucy: Oh.

    Jack: It's furniture. You want me to bring it up? Hey, was that Saul I saw leaving?

    [there is a thud in the background. Joe Jr. is trying something on in Lucy's closet]

    Jack: What's that?

    Lucy: [lying] Cat.

    Jack: [suspicious] Big cat.

    Lucy: Um, I th - I think y - I think you should, um, bring it to, uh, t - bring it to Peter's apartment.

    Jack: You don't know what it is.

    Lucy: Well, you know, anything would look nicer in Peter's apartment.

    [there is a thud again from Lucy's closet]

    Lucy: You know what? I'll come with you.

    Joe Jr.: [as Lucy closes the door, Joe Jr. is heard falling down in the closet] Ooh!

  • Joe Jr: Hey Pop. Can I give that bottle of Blue Nun you got from Cousin Ornello to my probation officer?

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