Joe Erin Quotes in Vera Cruz (1954)


Joe Erin Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Benjamin Trane: Howdy. You an American?

    Joe Erin: You interested in me or the horses?

  • Benjamin Trane: [looking to buy a horse] How much?

    Joe Erin: $100... gold!

    Benjamin Trane: That's mighty hard.

    Joe Erin: So's walkin'!

  • Joe Erin: Next time you draw near me, better say what you're aimin' to shoot at.

    Benjamin Trane: If I have the time, I will.

  • Marquis Henri de Labordere: [referring to Ben's stolen wallet] It is useless to look for it now, monsieur. In Mexico today chase a thief, and he disappears in a puff of smoke.

    Joe Erin: It's only cowhide, Ben. Max'll buy yuh another.

    Benjamin Trane: It wasn't the wallet. It's the sentiment. I had $12 in it.

  • General Ramírez: Certainly, as Americans, you can appreciate our fight for independence. We offer you more than money, senor. We offer a cause.

    Joe Erin: How about that, Ben? This here is our cause expert. He fought for the South.

  • Joe Erin: Hey, you saved my bacon back there.

    Benjamin Trane: Sorry I was so slow gettin' to yuh.

    Joe Erin: You'd a been a little slower, you'd a stood to be a lot richer.

    Benjamin Trane: Maybe I didn't think o' that.

    Joe Erin: Too bad, You never know. Ace Hannah ran a gamblin' joint back in Laredo. Shot my old man in a stud game while I was still a kid. He felt so bad he gave me a home.

    Benjamin Trane: What does that got to do with savin' your life?

    Joe Erin: Ace used to say you don't take any chances you don't have to. Don't trust nobody you don't have to trust, and don't do no favors you don't have to do. Ace lived long enough to know he was right. He lived thirty seconds after I shot 'em.

    [after Ben reacts to the revelation]

    Joe Erin: You know somethin'? That's the first time I ever told anybody the story of my life.

    Benjamin Trane: Thanks.

  • Benjamin Trane: [after shooting his horse] His leg was broke.

    Joe Erin: Three-legged horse'll bring a price down here.

    Benjamin Trane: He was sufferin'.

    Joe Erin: Soft spot, hinh?

    Benjamin Trane: Only for horses.

  • Capt. Danette: [sarcastically, after watching Joe drink] Careful. Some of the wine is getting in your mouth.

    Benjamin Trane: Do you got a soft spot for an innocent man?

    Joe Erin: No such thing as an innocent man!

  • Countess Marie Duvarre: One million's enough for me.

    Joe Erin: It ain't for me. I'm a pig!

  • Joe Erin: That marquis's getting too many teeth in that crocodile smile of his. I don't like it!

  • Benjamin Trane: You just can't do enough for me, can yuh, Joe?

    Joe Erin: Why not? You're the first friend I ever had.

  • Joe Erin: Ben Trane. I don't trust him. He likes people, and you can never count on a man like that.

  • Joe Erin: Mister, it does everything but shoot around corners.

    Emperor Maximillian: Most amusing, but of course a weapon is only as good as the man who uses it.

    Joe Erin: Hold on to your hat, Max, and don't worry about the women and children.

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