Joe Carter Quotes in The More the Merrier (1943)


Joe Carter Quotes:

  • Joe Carter: What do you do?

    Benjamin Dingle: I'm a well-to-do, retired millionaire. How 'bout you?

    Joe Carter: Same.

  • Connie Milligan: You - look messy. Don't you ever brush your hair?

    Joe Carter: I suppose Mr. Pendergast combs his hair every hour, on the hour.

    Connie Milligan: Mr. Pendergast has no hair!

  • Benjamin Dingle: What's your name?

    Joe Carter: Carter.

    Benjamin Dingle: Bill Carter?

    Joe Carter: Joe Carter.

    Benjamin Dingle: I used to know a fellow named Bill Carter.

    Joe Carter: Wasn't me.

    Benjamin Dingle: Don't you suppose I know that?

    Joe Carter: What'd you ask for, then?

    Benjamin Dingle: I guess I know what Bill Carter looked like.

    Joe Carter: Not like me.

    Benjamin Dingle: Oh, then, you know Bill Carter.

    Joe Carter: No, I don't, but he sounds like a great guy.

  • Benjamin Dingle: Say, what brought you here, Mr. Carter?

    Joe Carter: Railroad.

    Benjamin Dingle: No, I mean, what's your job?

    Joe Carter: I'm a mechanic. I work in a baby carriage factory.

    Benjamin Dingle: Where?

    Joe Carter: California.

    Benjamin Dingle: San Francisco?

    Joe Carter: Burbank.

    Benjamin Dingle: Baby carriage factory, eh?

    Joe Carter: Yep. Tokyo Baby Carriage Corporation - plain and fancy baby carriages for carrying babies to Tokyo.

    Benjamin Dingle: Oh. Maybe you think this is none of my business.

    Joe Carter: Maybe I do.

    Benjamin Dingle: Probably your name isn't even Bill Carter.

    Joe Carter: Probably not. It's probably Joe Carter.

  • [Carter and Dingle are reading a "Dick Tracy" comic strip]

    Connie Milligan: Is that the best you can do with your time?

    Joe Carter: Mmm. Got to keep up with what's going on.

    Benjamin Dingle: I missed two Sundays with "Superman" once, and I've never felt right since.

    Connie Milligan: Seems to me you might read something more beneficial.

    Joe Carter: Like what?

    Connie Milligan: Like the editorials, for instance, or the columns. All well-informed people read the columnists.

    Benjamin Dingle: Such as Mr. Pendergast, I suppose.

    Connie Milligan: You're right, I suppose. Mr. Pendergast always reads the columnists.

    Joe Carter: Are they funny?

    Benjamin Dingle: Sometimes, but no pictures.

  • Diner Counterman: Here's your fifty-cent blue plate.

    Connie Milligan: [Looking at the food, starts crying]

    Joe Carter: What kind of fish is this?

    Diner Counterman: Catfish.

    Connie Milligan: [Crying]

    Diner Counterman: Here's your nice boiled rice.

    Joe Carter: What's the matter, honey?

    Connie Milligan: [Crying] I never thought when they threw rice at me it would be boiled.

    Joe Carter: Look, we better hurry up and eat our lunch and get out of here. Let's go.

    Diner Counterman: Is there something wrong, mister?

    Joe Carter: No, everything's just dandy.

    Diner Counterman: Well then why is the young lady crying?

    Joe Carter: Because she's so happy.

    Diner Counterman: [Smiles] Oh, for goodness sake. Newlyweds.

    Joe Carter: What's wrong with newlyweds?

  • Joe Carter: Hello, Milligan.

    Benjamin Dingle: I'm Dingle.

  • Joe Carter: What's the matter, Milligan?

    Benjamin Dingle: Dingle. Now, listen Bill.

    Joe Carter: Joe.

  • Connie Milligan: What are you gawking at?

    Joe Carter: You. You look nice.

  • Joe Carter: I hope I haven't upset your routine here?

    Connie Milligan: Just - stick to the schedule, that's all I ask.

    Benjamin Dingle: Rather nice having a high type, clean cut, nice young fellow at table. Better than nobody.

    Connie Milligan: I'm used to nobody.

  • Benjamin Dingle: You ought to have some high times here, Joe. Young fellas don't come a dime a dozen in Washington. Eight girls to every fellow.

    Joe Carter: Yeah, well, I haven't got time for that. I'm only gonna be in Washington, only a week.

  • Connie Milligan: Where are you going to, where you came from?

    Joe Carter: Where they send me.

    Connie Milligan: Who's they?

    Joe Carter: The government.

  • Connie Milligan: He just happens to be the assistant regional coordinator of OPL, that's all.

    Joe Carter: Is that good or bad?

    Connie Milligan: Eighty-six hundred dollars a year.

    Benjamin Dingle: That's good.

  • Morton Rodakiewicz: [Watching Joe looking out the window through binoculars] Hey, what are you lookin' at?

    Joe Carter: The Capitol Dome.

    Morton Rodakiewicz: You better not be lookin' outta those spy glasses.

    Joe Carter: Scram.

    Morton Rodakiewicz: You can get in awful serious trouble doin' that.

    Joe Carter: Knock off, will ya.

    Morton Rodakiewicz: Everybodies given their spy glasses to the Navy. I read it in a paper. Why don't you give your spy glasses to the Navy too?

    Joe Carter: Because - I'm a Jap!

  • Connie Milligan: Who taught you to Rhumba? Some girl, I bet. Is she nice?

    Joe Carter: Not half so nice as you.

  • Miss Chasen: Hello Betty.

    Miss Allen: Oh, hello. Miss Milligan. - Mr. Carter - Miss Harper. Miss Chasen. Miss Bilby. Miss Ewing. Miss. Dalton.

    Miss Bilby: This is Miss Finch. Miss Dalton. Miss Geeskin. And Miss Harper. - Mr. Carter.

    Joe Carter: How do you do?

    Miss Chasen: Miss Allen. Miss Geeskin. Miss Finch. - Mr. Carter.

    Connie Milligan: I'm Miss Milligan.

  • Joe Carter: Another thing, don't take in any more roomers.

    Connie Milligan: Why?

    Joe Carter: Why? You can pick up a lot of riffraff that way, that's why.

    Connie Milligan: Well, I was only tryin' to be patriotic.

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