Joanna Eberhard Quotes in The Stepford Wives (2004)


Joanna Eberhard Quotes:

  • Walter Kresby: You're even better at sex, don't deny it.

    Joanna Eberhard: I wasn't going to.

  • Joanna Eberhard: If you're in Manhattan, what do you do if you find out you're neighbour is sick?

    Roger Bannister: Call her...

    Bobbi Markowitz: -To see if she is going to die...

    Roger Bannister: -So we could rent the apartment.

  • Mike Wellington: My real name isn't Mike, it's just a nickname from where I used to work.

    Joanna Eberhard: Where?

    Mike Wellington: Microsoft.

    Ted Van Sant: NASA.

    Vic Stevens: Disney.

    Stan Peters: AOL.

    Joanna Eberhard: Is that why the women are so slow?

  • Joanna Eberhard: But, she had sparks coming out of her ears.

    Roger Bannister: That's the first sign.

    Joanna Eberhard: Of what?

    Roger Bannister: Cheap jewelery.

  • Dave Markowitz: Hey, Kresby-man.

    Walter Kresby: Hey Dave.

    Joanna Eberhard: How do you know each other?

    Dave Markowitz: Men's Association.

  • [the Stepford Wives have been "de-Stepfordized"]

    Joanna Eberhard: Mike, Mike, what happened? I was in the garden and I was dreaming about your... your smile and your aftershave and then I realized...

    [In a sinister voice]

    Joanna Eberhard: I could do *better*!

  • Joanna Eberhard: You're insane!

    Claire Wellington: I'm in love. With the waltz, and a town

    [pauses, picks up Mikes head]

    Claire Wellington: and a man.

    [Kisses Mikes head]

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