Joann Quotes in Friday (1995)


Joann Quotes:

  • Joann: Damn, Smoke, don't be banging on the door like you the damn po-lice.

  • Joann: Smokey, I need you to go to the store and get me some cigarettes

    Smokey: Give me the money

    Joann: [she hands smokey one dollar]

    Smokey: Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, what's this? This ain't enough

    Joann: Make it enough

    Smokey: DAMN!

  • Tootsie: You got a nasty-ass mouth.

    Joann: [laughs] You got a nasty-ass hat.

  • Joann: Hi, I'm Joann, my favorite color is fluorescent beige. I'm already in the music business, shoot, I'm just here to get my GED!

  • [Rickie holds JoAnn as she lays dying on the floor]

    Rickie: I love you, JoAnn.

    JoAnn: [weak and bleeding out, JoAnn replies] Fucking grow up.

  • [JoAnn see's Rickie staring at her in P.E. class]

    JoAnn: What are you staring at?

    Rickie: You.

    JoAnn: [JoAnn smiles] No you're not.

  • [JoAnn yells at JT and Wheeler and what they did to her boyfriend Johnny]

    JoAnn: [JoAnn yells] I want to know what the fuck you did to my boyfriend!

    Wheeler: [Wheeler smiles] No, you don't.

    JoAnn: Just fucking tell me.

    JT: [JT quietly says] Why don't we just show you.

  • [last lines]

    [Rickie sits between both his best friend and girl he loves]

    JT: [JT lays on the floor bleeding out from his bit wound] Take me home, Rickie. Please.

    JoAnn: [JoAnn lays on the floor bleeding out from her stab wound] God, please help me.

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