Jimmy Wah Quotes in Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)


Jimmy Wah Quotes:

  • Jimmy Wah: [Jimmy brings Cronauer and Garlick their beers] There your beer!

    Edward Garlick: Thank you Jimmy.

    Jimmy Wah: [discreetly] Any movement on the Walter Brennan thing?

    Edward Garlick: No... and it doesn't look good, Jimmy.

    Jimmy Wah: He look good to me!

  • Edward Garlick: [to Cronauer as they arrive at Jimmy Wah's] We're here, sir... Jimmy Wah's.

    [they exit the Jeep and enter]

    Edward Garlick: This is the place where we like to hang out, sir.

    Adrian Cronauer: Real homey... in an opium kind of way.

    Edward Garlick: [as Jimmy spots them] That's Jimmy Wah. He owns the place.

    Jimmy Wah: Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

    [to Cronauer]

    Jimmy Wah: Now you say hi to me then you smile!

    [both smile and say hi weakly]

    Jimmy Wah: And you two Earl want a couple beer?

    Edward Garlick: We'd love a couple beers, Jimmy.

    [Jimmy waves them to a table]

    Adrian Cronauer: Why are our names Earl?

    Edward Garlick: He calls everybody Earl.

    Adrian Cronauer: [they sit down] Is it me, or is Jimmy light in the loafers?

    Edward Garlick: Let me put it to you this way. He's got this thing for Walter Brennan. He says he wants to buy naked photographs of the actor? For three years, he's been trying.

  • Jimmy Wah: [hysterically as he's watching his bar burn with Cronauer after the bombing] My bar! Why!

  • Jimmy Wah: [Cronauer is eating alone at Jimmy Wah's... Jimmy spots him] Aha! Earl! Ah, you again! No more fighting, OK?

    Adrian Cronauer: Nice shiny green suit... you look like an Oriental leprechaun.

    Jimmy Wah: Ha, ha! You like? I got it in Hong Kong... home of the shiny green suit!

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