Jimmy Myers Quotes in Cursed (2005)


Jimmy Myers Quotes:

  • [describing the werewolf in human form to the police]

    Jimmy Myers: I - I don't know... what a - about 5 foot 10...

    Ellie: [cutting Jimmy Meyers off] She's got a bony ass... and fat thighs... and ugly skin.

    [the werewolf breaks through a window, roaring, and gives Ellie the finger]

  • Jimmy Myers: [holding wrestling opponent high in air] You know what the best thing about being a fairy is, right? You get to fly.

  • Jimmy Myers: No, you don't understand. I'm a werewolf, I have an unnatural sexual allure.

    Bo: [rolls eyes sarcastically and scoffs] Yeah, I know.

  • Jimmy Myers: [speaking to Bo who just "came out" to him, and admitted his crush on Jimmy] Good for you. Yay... go gay! But, um, unfortunately I got my own shit to deal with so... I'll see you later.

    Jimmy Myers: [as Jimmy closes door in his face] Jimmy... wait, Jimmy.

  • Jimmy Myers: [calming Becky down, who's tucked upside down in her car] Just stay still.

    Becky: [shouting] You try and having your car rolled down a mountain and staying fucking still!

  • Bo: [Jimmy's mutated dog has just chased Bo and Jimmy and damaged Bo's car] What the fuck was that?

    Jimmy Myers: My dog.

    Bo: What kinda dog do you have?

  • Jimmy Myers: No, I'm not gay, I'm cursed!

    Bo: I know it must feel like that sometimes...

    Jimmy Myers: No, I'm cursed by the Mark of the Beast!

  • Bo: Hey, I know you. You're from PE.

    Brooke: His name is Billy.

    Jimmy Myers: Ah, its, uh, Jimmy.

    Bo: You're the dodgeball crotch target! You should really wear a cup.

    Brooke: Stop it, Bo. Okay?

    Bo: I'm just lookin' out for him. He can't help it. Every school's got one; the derogatory hit-geek on his way to Fagtown.

    Jimmy Myers: Look, uh, I-I'm not gay.

    Bo: Oh, bummer. You mean you're just an ass-wimp-wad for no reason?

    Jimmy Myers: [nods reluctantly] ... Y-yeah.

    Bo: Ha, that sucks.

    [starts to turn away. turns back quickly]

    Bo: BOO!

    [Jimmy jumps]

  • Jimmy Myers: [trying to annoy Bo, who keeps provoking him] You're really becoming transparent. How about a little identity intervention, okay? 'Cause all this internalized homophobia's giving you away.

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