Jiminy Glick Quotes in Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004)


Jiminy Glick Quotes:

  • Jiminy Glick: If it's human waste, save some for me.

  • Jiminy Glick: [voiceover while interviewing Rob Lowe] Isn't it amazing, just 6 months ago, when I was talking to Arlene Shayhee, I was so bored. Here I am talking to Brat-packer Rob Lowe...

    Rob Lowe: I... me... me... I... I... me... I...

    Jiminy Glick: [voiceover] ... and I'm equally bored. What have I learned, I wonder. Ah yes, celebrities can be dull.

  • Jiminy Glick: I'm one of those guys that needs it regular, ya know? Sometimes Dixie's awake for it, most of the time she's not.

    Ben DiCarlo: Ambien and some KY, right?

    Jiminy Glick: HAH! Ambien and KY! You know, for the longest time I was taking the KY orally! It's not necessary!

  • Jiminy Glick: My, that's a nice beaver.

    Dixie Glick: Why, thank you.

    Jiminy Glick: [Jiminy points at a stuffed beaver] No.

    Dixie Glick: Oh.

    Jiminy Glick: Although yours is nicely... shaped.

  • Jiminy Glick: Oprah Winfrey, how do you do what you do so consistently?

    Whoopi Goldberg: I stomp on everyone I can.

    Jiminy Glick: And you're despised by so many. But not by me.

    Whoopi Goldberg: I live for that. And remember to spell my name right. O-P-E-R-A.

  • Jiminy Glick: And you're Canadian, I hear. What's that about?

    Kiefer Sutherland: Well this is a fantastic country. Uhm. What's that about?

    Jiminy Glick: That was my question dear.

    Kiefer Sutherland: I know. I'm trying to... I've never actually had to...

    Jiminy Glick: Eventually the show will start. Don't you wanna just finally answer it?

    Kiefer Sutherland: Yeah, what's that about? For me it's been a fantastic... it's where I come from, and it's um...

    Jiminy Glick: What?

    Kiefer Sutherland: Canada!

    Jiminy Glick: You're Canadian? I didn't know that.

    Kiefer Sutherland: Yes, it's true.

  • Jiminy Glick: [pointing at Toronto's C.N. Tower] That's a phallic-looking thing! Remind you of anybody?

    Dixie Glick: No.

  • Jiminy Glick: The film, "Growing up Gandhi", ha! I loved it, as I said in my review. It's really going to be a huge success.

    Ben DiCarlo: Yeah.

    Jiminy Glick: And he was... Persian?

    Ben DiCarlo: Indian.

    Jiminy Glick: [annoyed expression] Beh. He was not "from here".

  • Jiminy Glick: [one of the outtakes] And you were a cheerleader.

    Steve Martin: I was, in high school.

    Jiminy Glick: [effeminate tone] Yoo-hoo!

    [normal voice]

    Jiminy Glick: Ha ha! Everyone must've stared at ya! Talk about bein' gay!

    [Steve cracks up]

    Jiminy Glick: What was that about? Why wouldn't you join the team, like normal fellas? Why would you wanna get the pom-poms and go and be like a big silly "Yoo-hoo!"?

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