Jimbo Quotes in Bounty Killer (2013)


Jimbo Quotes:

  • Drifter: What do you say?

    Jimbo: I say, load up the guns and pack the biscuits, boys. We are going on a bona fide adventure!

  • Gib: How's this for an opening line: "Did you know that Nietzsche died of syphilis?"

    Jimbo: How do you spell zucchini?

    Gib: Z-u-c-h-i-n-i. No, Nietzsche's too obscure. Umm... how about: "Did you know that Shakespeare died of syphilis?" No, she probably knows that isn't true. I don't know what to say.

  • Thor: [Looking out on the rainy day] Would you say today is *very* gray?

    Jimbo: More like blue-gray

    Thor: [to himself] Damn!

  • Paul Barnell: [Margaret is bound and gagged in back seat of Jimbo's car] Why did you gag her?

    Jimbo: [exasperated] You know!

  • Margaret Barnell: [referring to the dinner Gary cooked] Tastes like a rectal polyp.

    Jimbo: [to Gary] How would she know?

  • Jimbo: Lord, Junior, what happened to your face?

    Junior: Uh... I fell?

    Jimbo: Off a building?

    Junior: No.

    [thinks about it]

    Junior: Yeah!

  • Doctor: Now you be careful, Earl, or else my grandson might just steal that pretty gal of yours away from you.

    Jimbo: Gramps, I ain't gonna steal Earl's gal, I'm gay.

  • Doctor: That Flossie's one hell of a girl, don't you think?

    Jimbo: Gramps... I'm GAY.

    Doctor: I hear ya.

    Jimbo: Oh, just forget it.

  • Jimbo: I'm gonna kill Tinker for shooting you.

    Earl: Well, Jimbo, I think Baby already beat you to it.

    Baby: Damn right.

  • Jimbo: Do you think he's gay?

    Earl: Have my doubts, Jimbo.

  • Junior: I lied.

    Jimbo: No kidding.

  • Earl: Hey, we going to bowl or what?

    Jimbo: What's the point, Earl?

    Earl: Well, the point is Beer. That's the point!

    Jimbo: Look, I'll tell you what... I'll buy you and Baby all the beer in the world and I'll just call it a going away present. How about that, Earl?

  • Jimbo: And I'm the center fielder, bitch!

  • Jimbo: Fuck your fucking wedding!

  • Mike Sullivan: T.C. is gay.

    Jimbo: Bullshit.

    T.C.: I've got the boyfriend to prove it.

    [brief pause]

    Jimbo: Good for you.

  • Jimbo: A man who was curious to know if a knife could penetrate his bullet-proof vest was killed yesterday by a stab wound to the chest. Witnesses say the man, Jeff Turner, 32, urged his brother, Scott Turner, 35, to stab him as hard as he could, believing the vest would stop the knife. It didn't.

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