Jim Pruett Quotes in Marooned (1969)


Jim Pruett Quotes:

  • Charles Keith: Jim... how do you uh... how do you evaluate... the oxygen situation?

    Jim Pruett: Um... Well, we have whatever oxygen's left in the spacecraft system. And, there are only, uh... two bottles of emergency oxygen on board, five minutes each, that's uh... ten man-minutes. Um... my backpack, and uh... Lloyd's and Stone's, but um... there's not much oxygen left in them.

    Charles Keith: Well, you'll have to save your backpacks for the EVA transfer

    Jim Pruett: Yeah I know that.


    Jim Pruett: 55 minutes,

    [longer pause]

    Jim Pruett: we'll be dead by then.

    Charles Keith: Well, only if you... continue to use oxygen at the present rate...

    Jim Pruett: Well, uh, we can't cut down.

    Charles Keith: Let's... think about that...

    Jim Pruett: Do, uh... do you want us to lower the partial pressure again?

    Jim Pruett: No, we've examined that, it won't work...

    Jim Pruett: Well we're lyin' here like corpses now... uh... what else can we do?

    Charles Keith: You must... think...

    [astronauts exchange glances, realizing the unspoken implication of Keith's statement]

    Jim Pruett: Yeah, we're... thinkin'...

    Charles Keith: Are we talking about the same thing?

    Jim Pruett: Yeah.

    Charles Keith: Why don't you... talk it over. If you could... work out something... it would be of great help...

    Charles Keith: Yeah we'll talk it over.

    Charles Keith: I must point out Jim, that any *effective* action must be taken immediately...

    Jim Pruett: Look, don't tell me what to do! We've been takin' your god damned orders and where the hell are we? From now on WE'RE gonna make all the decisions! Whatever we do, you're OUT OF IT!

    Charles Keith: Oh I uh... appreciate what you're saying Jim... and I agree with you... You're exactly right...

  • Jim Pruett: Okay Buzz you're right. To hell with waiting for a bunch of slide-rule jockeys. We used to fix the airplanes we flew with paperclips. Lets get into our hard suits and fix this bird.

    Buzz Lloyd: [smiling] Okay Jimmy.

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