Jim Hardy Quotes in Holiday Inn (1942)


Jim Hardy Quotes:

  • Jim Hardy: [trying to describe Linda] She was sort of a medium built, medium height. With a nice evening gown on with a belt in the back. She's sorta built like the girl I knew from the corner drugstore who used to play pinball. Conshwella Schlepkiss. I remember she was high man three weeks in a row.

  • Linda Mason: My father was a lot like you, just a man with a family. Never amounted to much, didn't care. But as long as he was alive, we always had plenty to eat and clothes to keep us warm.

    Jim Hardy: Were you happy?

    Linda Mason: Yes.

    Jim Hardy: Then your father was a very successful man.

  • Ted Hanover: I like it here... with you and Linda.

    Jim Hardy: And we love having you. When are you leaving?

  • Linda Mason: You better go inside, it's cold and you don't have a coat...

    [gently pushes him]

    Linda Mason: Go on.

    Jim Hardy: [kisses her, moves back] Well I don't need a coat anymore.

  • Ted Hanover: [reading] Come out and relax on a farm, music, dancing, home cooking. Open holidays only.


    Ted Hanover: Open holiday's only? Say, how many of them are there?

    Jim Hardy: [excited] About 15. That gives me 350 days to kick around in!

    Ted Hanover: [laughing] You would think of that!

  • Jim Hardy: Well what do you visualize, Ziggy?

  • Jim Hardy: Lila's back in New York. I got a letter from her yesterday.

    Ted Hanover: What happened to her millionaire?

    Jim Hardy: Slight mistake there. He didn't own millions, he owed them.

    Ted Hanover: Poor girl. Always straying to greener pastures and finding spinach.

  • Jim Hardy: What brings you here on this bright and uninviting day?

  • Jim Hardy: I don't need a coat, now!

  • Jim Hardy: For that kinda of money you oughta be able to go by way o' Medicine Hat!

  • Jim Hardy: Right now I've got the ledger in an iron lung.

  • Ted Hanover: Then I had a drink.

    Jim Hardy: A drink? Boy you were fractured!

  • Jim Hardy: [Handing a cup of coffee to Ted] Here, take a slug out of the mug.

  • Jim Hardy: It's a great act, isn't it?

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