Jillian Quotes in Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Jillian Quotes:

  • Jillian: Gru! It's Jillian!

    Gru: [whispers; to Agnes] Tell Jillian I'm not here.

    Agnes: Gru's not here!

    Jillian: Are you sure?

    Agnes: Yes, he just told me.

    Jillian: [laughs] Agnes, where is Gru?

    [Gru zips his lip]

    Agnes: He's... putting on lipstick!

    [Gru swings his arms wildly, making buzzing sounds]

    Agnes: He's... swatting on flies!

    [Gru slices his hand beneath his chin]

    Agnes: He's... chopping his head off!

    [Gru covers his head, groaning loudly]

    Agnes: He's...


    Agnes: pooping?

  • Jillian: You don't trust me?

  • Jillian: Should've been nicer.

  • Jillian: You killed my husband.

    Spencer Armacost: Yeah. I did. And then I fucked his wife.

  • Spencer Armacost: [Sees Jillian's feet submerged in water, a extension cord in her hand and the radio cord in the other warning him that she is going to plug it in] Jesus fucking Christ Jill.

    Jillian: Stay away from me!

    Spencer Armacost: Why are you doing this to me?

    Jillian: I said stay away from me

    [She put the cord from the radio close to the extension cord warning him that she is going to plug it in as he moves closer to her trying to avoid the water all over the floor]

    Jillian: Who are you?

    Spencer Armacost: Who am I? I'm the only one who ever gave a fuck about you. I'm the one who gave you a reason for you to breathe. Im every single fucking moment that ever mattered in your life.

    Jillian: No you're not. I don't even know you.

    Spencer Armacost: No? Well I'll tell you what. There was a time I remember when you didn't want me to go up there. And you begged me not to. Remember how scared you were? And I told you then, that I was going to bring back with me a little piece of heaven. And you cried. You remember that? Well fuckin' A! I did it! What do you think is inside you? I gave you heaven.

    Jillian: [shakes her head] No you didn't. You're not Spencer.

    Spencer Armacost: [Spencer backs away as the water flows toward him] It don't got to be like this honey, please. Come on now.

    [Reaches his hand out expecting her to grab it]

    Spencer Armacost: Step out of the water. Please baby, get out of that water.

    [as Spencer hand is out, Jillian sees the nail marks that Nan made in Jillian's "dream" of Spencer killing Nan]

    Spencer Armacost: Come on.


    Spencer Armacost: Please.

    Jillian: [wispers] Oh my God! Nan! Oh my God! You killed my sister.

    [she pauses as tears run down her face]

    Jillian: You killed my husband.

  • Jillian: He's hiding inside me.

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