Jill Masterson Quotes in Goldfinger (1964)


Jill Masterson Quotes:

  • James Bond: [over intercom to Goldfinger, who has been cheating at cards] Now hear this, Goldfinger. Your luck has just changed. I doubt very much that the Miami Beach Police would take kindly to what you're doing. Nod your head if you agree... Nod...

    [Goldfinger nods]

    James Bond: Good. Now, start losing, Goldfinger. Shall we say ten thousand dollars? No, let's be generous. Let's make it fifteen thousand.

    [Goldfinger hesitates, then throws a card on the table]

    Simmons: Well, I can see this is really my day!

    [puts his cards on the table]

    Simmons: Gin!

    Jill Masterson: May I see?

    [looks through binoculars. She sees Goldfinger snap his pencil in disgust]

    James Bond: [over intercom] Over and out.

    [switches intercom off, then to Jill]

    James Bond: That should keep him occupied for quite some time.

    Jill Masterson: I'm beginning to like you, Mr. Bond.

    James Bond: Oh... call me James.

    Jill Masterson: More than anyone I've ever met in a long time... James.

    James Bond: Well, what are we going to do about it?

    Jill Masterson: Yes, what?

    James Bond: I'll tell you at dinner.

    Jill Masterson: Where?

    James Bond: Oh, I know the best place in town.

    [they kiss]

  • James Bond: [to Jill, who has been helping Goldfinger cheat at cards] What's your name?

    Jill Masterson: Jill.

    James Bond: Jill who?

    Jill Masterson: Jill Masterson.

    James Bond: Tell me, Jill... why does he do it?

    Jill Masterson: He likes to win.

    James Bond: Why do you do it?

    Jill Masterson: He pays me.

    James Bond: Is that all he pays you for?

    Jill Masterson: And for being seen with him.

    James Bond: Just seen?

    Jill Masterson: Just seen.

    James Bond: Oh, I'm so glad. You're much too nice to be mixed up in anything like this, you know.

  • Jill Masterson: Who are you?

    James Bond: Bond, James Bond.

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