Jill Kinmont Quotes in The Other Side of the Mountain (1975)


Jill Kinmont Quotes:

  • [Reflecting on her life after the loss of her fiance]

    Jill Kinmont: I try not to let it, but sometimes it all plays back in my mind, and when it does, I remember the words that Dick Buek said to me the last time I saw him: "How lucky I am to have found someone and something that saying goodbye to is so damned awful."

  • Jill Kinmont: I think the hardest time is waking up in the morning... those moments before I remember who I am, and think instead about who I was.

  • Jill Kinmont: [Jill laboriously picks up a potato chip from a bowl on her lap] Didn't even break. That's the hardest thing of all.

    Buddy Werner: Jill, aren't you gonna walk?

    Jill Kinmont: Walk?

    Buddy Werner: Yeah, I, I thought you were...

    Jill Kinmont: No. I'm never gonna walk.

  • Jill Kinmont: Okay, that's enough!

    Dick 'Mad Dog' Buek: No, that's not enough! 'Cause I'm going to stick around here until you shape up, you understand that? I don't care if you can't ski! I don't care if you can't walk! I don't care if you crawl around like a damn lizard. You're not getting any sympathy from me.

  • Audra Jo Nicholson: [Jill and Audra Jo watch skiers from their wheelchairs] What are you thinking?

    Jill Kinmont: How damn lucky I am.

  • John Boothe: I need you, honey.

    Jill Kinmont: You don't need me. You're whole. You're normal. You'll be fine.

    John Boothe: You don't understand. See, all my life I've never had anybody. And lonely... I've been so lonely... except with you.

  • Jill Kinmont: Every man I've ever loved has died.

  • June Kinmont: He's following us.

    Jill Kinmont: Keep driving, Mom.

    John Boothe: You better goddamn PULL OVER and TALK to me goddammit!

    Jill Kinmont: Don't stop, Mom.

    John Boothe: Look! I'm not Dick Buek! I'm not gonna die doin' loop-the-loops in the Donner Pass!

    Jill Kinmont: Pull over, Mom!

  • Jill Kinmont: You had no right! You had NO right!

    John Boothe: No right to what? To almost die? Or to come so close to doing it to *you* again?

  • Jill Kinmont: I love you... but I can't have you! I can't have anybody!

  • Jill Kinmont: Because I'll die the next time. I know I will. I came so close to it the other times. After Dick, I went into pills. After my father it was worse. I stopped wanting to teach. I didn't even paint. You have no idea how hard it was to want to come back. To find something... anything... that mattered to come back to. I love you, but I can't have you. I can't have anybody.

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