Jiji Quotes in Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)


Jiji Quotes:

  • Kiki: You know that painter that found the stuffed cat? She wants to do a picture of me.

    Jiji: Naked?

    Kiki: Jiji!

  • Jiji: [Jiji looks at his paws and around the room that is covered in flour] If you wake up tomorrow and find a white cat, it's me.

  • [Japanese version with English subtitles]

    Jiji: [Jiji's paws are covered with flour] At this rate, I'll be a white cat by the morning.

  • Jiji: You'd think they'd never seen a girl and a cat on a broom before.

  • Jiji: Well, well, well... hello kitty.

  • Jiji: [after hearing that Kiki plans on leaving town for her witch training] I'm going to put my paws together and pray that you're not serious!

  • Jiji: [after Kiki almost collides with an approaching bus while trying to make a good impression] Smooth. Very smooth. You definitely know how to make a good first impression.

  • Jiji: [On her way to deliver a toy cat, geese warn Kiki about a gust of wind; both Kiki and Jiji are caught in it and accidentally lose the cage in the forest after unintentionally agitating a crow] That was your fault. The geese were kind enough to warn us of that wind, but would you listen?

    Kiki: Oh be quiet!

  • Kiki: [Jiji has discovered the toy cat has fallen out of its cage, and Kiki decides to go retrieve it, but they are met by a flock of squawking crows] What are they saying now, Jiji?

    Jiji: They're calling you an egg-stealer and you don't wanna know what else! If I were you I wouldn't go back down there, again.

    Kiki: We have to! Hold on!

    Jiji: [a crow approaches Kiki] Oh, no! Kiki, brace yourself!

  • Jiji: [after losing the toy cat doll intended for Ket in a forest, Kiki decides to place Jiji inside the cage so that Kiki can retrieve the real item without further agitating the crows] You gotta be kidding!

    Kiki: You can just pretend to be the doll until I find the real one.

    Jiji: Why don't YOU pretend to be stuffed, and I'LL go get the stupid doll?

    [sees Ket's house approaching]

    Jiji: Uh oh!

    Kiki: Don't worry. Hold still.

    Jiji: Can I breathe?

    Kiki: No. No breathing.

    Jiji: [winces]

  • Kiki: We better rest here until it's dry.

    Jiji: Won't we get in trouble?

    Kiki: Not if nobody's finds us.

    Jiji: Oh dear.

    Kiki: This is perfect. I'm soaked through, down to the bone.

    Jiji: Hello?

    Kiki: [Kiki takes off her wet dress from the rain, seeing her with her white undershirt and white panties as she puts her dress beside her. Then gathers a pile of hay to cover herself] This smells great and it's warm too. Let's get some sleep.

    Jiji: Kiki, I get the feeling we're not alone.

    Kiki: Good night, Jiji.

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