Jessi Ramsey Quotes in The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)


Jessi Ramsey Quotes:

  • Kristy Thomas: [Hangs up the phone after booking a baby-sitting appointment with Jacky Rodowsky] I know Jackie Rodowsky's a walking disaster but I like him, okay? New business.

    Claudia Kishi: We have a tragedy here! I flunked science and I have to go to summer school.

    Jessi Ramsey: [Sarcastic] Aren't your parents going to kill you?

    Claudia Kishi: Maybe.

  • Jessi Ramsey: Oh, Dawn. I heard that Alan Gray likes you.

    Mallory Pike: Likes her? Or ''like'' likes her?

    [Makes Jessi laugh]

    Dawn Schafer: That dweeb? Spare me. It doesn't matter anyway because I don't like him. Or ''like'' like him.

    Mary Anne Spier: Something's wrong here, you guys. School's out and I miss it.

    Dawn Schafer: I know, it's not that I love it, just...

    Mary Anne Spier: We don't get to see each other everyday?

    Jessi Ramsey: And we end up baby-sitting at different houses.

    Mallory Pike: We might as well be on seperate planets.

    Mary Anne Spier: Yeah.

  • Jessi RamseyMallory Pike: [Holding Kristy's birthday cake] Make a wish.

    Kristy Thomas: [Hesitates, smiles] Friends forever.

    [Blows out her candles]

  • Mallory Pike: [after getting off the phone with Kristy] We got cut off.

    Stacey: [Worried] Where is she?

    Mallory Pike: I don't know!

    Dawn Schafer: [Turns to Mary Anne] Mary Anne?

    Mary Anne Spier: I can't, I promissed.

    Dawn Schafer: Mary Anne, something horrible could've happened.

    Claudia Kishi: We have to find her.

    Dawn Schafer: [Mary Anne hesitates] Mary Anne!

    Mary Anne Spier: Kristy's dad came back... her real dad.

    Jessi Ramsey: [Shocked] Wow.

    Claudia Kishi: We have to call her mom.

    Mary Anne Spier: No! Kristy made me swear!

    Dawn Schafer: Well, we can't just stand there

    Stacey: Mallory, when are your parents coming home?

    Mallory Pike: [Sadly] Late.

    Mary Anne Spier: We need a car to get there.

    Stacey: I think I know someone.

    [the girls gather around Stacey as she makes a phone call]

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