Jerry Hickfang Quotes in The Voices (2014)


Jerry Hickfang Quotes:

  • Bosco: Hey Jerry?

    Jerry Hickfang: Yeah?

    Bosco: You remember last week when you said that there was an invisible line that separates good from evil and you'd thought you crossed it and I said no no no you're a good boy?

    Jerry Hickfang: Yeah I remember, so what?

    Bosco: I've changed my opinion.

  • Jerry Hickfang: The fourth angel was Lucifer.

  • Jerry Hickfang: Hey, Fish.

    Fish: Hey Jerry, how you doin', man?

    Jerry Hickfang: Well, I'm a little bit bummed.

    Fish: No duh, she stood you up!

    Jerry Hickfang: I'm sure there's a reason.

    Fish: I sure hope so. Wish I could help you Jerry... uuh, but I'm just a fish.

  • Dr. Warren: [from trailer]

    Jerry Hickfang: [Jerry places the lifeless head of Fiona on the table]

    Dr. Warren: AAAAH!

    Fiona: AAAAH!

    Mr Whiskers: AAAAH!

    Jerry Hickfang: [they keep screaming until Jerry gets annoyed] Mr. Whiskers, Dr. Warren, Fiona, CUT IT OUT!

  • Bosco: What's the matter, buddy?

    Jerry Hickfang: What am I supposed to do?

    Bosco: I do not know.

    Mr. Whiskers: The same as always, pretend everything's fine.

    Jerry Hickfang: Really?

    Mr. Whiskers: Well, it got you this far, didn't it?

    Jerry Hickfang: I guess so.

  • Fiona: [from trailer] Look what you did to me.

    Jerry Hickfang: I'm so sorry.

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