Jenny Quotes in Man of Steel (2013)


Jenny Quotes:

  • Jenny: He saved us.

  • Jenny: [trapped under rubble] Don't leave me!

    Perry White: [takes her hand] I'm not going to leave you. Lombard, get your ass over here!

  • Cliff Secord: [inside the South Seas club] Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: I'm the Rocketeer.

    Jenny: The Rocke-who?

    Cliff Secord: [frustrated] Oh, for crying out loud, haven't you read the papers?

    Jenny: No, I've been working all day.

  • Cliff Secord: [before kissing each other] What was that line again? Oh my prince...

    Jenny: ...would that you drink of my lips...

    Cliff Secord: Thanks, I don't mind if I do.

  • [after smashing a flower pot on Neville's head, knocking him out in the dressing room inside his mansion ]

    Jenny: I've finally played a scene with Neville Sinclair.

  • Jenny: [to Neville, inside his mansion] Do you have to drug all your women to seduce them? You're part of this. You kidnapped me.

    Neville Sinclair: Against my will, believe me. I'm as much a victim as you are. They're blackmailing me. These are brutal, ruthless men, Jenny.

  • [Valentine and his gang have brought Secord and the rocket to Neville Sinclair]

    Cliff Secord: [on the road leading to the Griffith Observatory] What's it like working for a Nazi, Eddie? Does he pay you in dollars or Deutschmarks?

    Eddie Valentine: What's he talking about, Sinclair?

    Cliff Secord: Oh, yeah, Eddie! I got it straight from the Feds. Nazi spy ring, Flying Commandos, the works!

    Neville Sinclair: He's been flying where the air's too thin.

    Jenny: Tell him about the secret room. Tell him about the Germans on the radio!

    Goose: [pointing a gun at Lothar] Easy, Frankenstein. You ain't bulletproof!

    Eddie Valentine: Start talking, Sinclair!

  • Jenny: [inside the control cabin of the Zeppelin] Everything about you is a lie.

    Neville Sinclair: It wasn't lies, Jenny. It was acting.

    [laughs evilly, unaware of the gas leak]

    Neville Sinclair: I shall miss Hollywood.

    [Neville straps the rocket on and leaves]

    Cliff Secord: I don't think so.

    [the rocket explodes, killing Neville and crashes into the Hollywoodland sign, destroying the last four letters]

  • Jenny: [while inside a hidden room behind the bookcase inside his mansion] Oh my God. Neville Sinclair's a...

    Neville Sinclair: [confronting her] A what? Spy? Saboteur? Fascist? All of the above.

  • [predicts Jake's reaction to her dinner]

    Jenny: It's bad, isn't it?

  • David: Shit! Okay. Plan B.

    Jenny: Plan B? What the hell was plan A?

  • David: [on the phone] Listen! Listen! Listen, please! Don't hang up! I will not make it without you.

    Jenny: [on the phone] I can't promise anything.

    David: There is a whole army after me.

    Jenny: Okay. That's it.

    [starts to hang up]

    Jenny: An army! Come on! Who do you think you are?

    [several armed police men rush past Jenny, looking for David]

    Policeman: Move! Move! Clear the floor!

    Jenny: [picks up phone] Where did you say you were?

  • Jenny: Okay, okay. We'll pretend to be the other kids now. Hi Dory!

    Charlie: Ahoy there! Do you want to play Hide-and-Seek?

    Young Dory: Okay. I love-okay.

    Charlie: We'll hide and you count and come find us.

    Young Dory: Okay, Daddy.

    Charlie: No, no. Not Daddy. I'm the nice fish who wants to be your friend, okay?

    Young Dory: Okay, Daddy.

  • Jenny: It means you can do whatever you put your mind to, Dory.

  • Jenny: I loved a man who could never love me back. I was living in a fairytale.

  • Young Ed Bloom: Your last name is different. You married.

    Jenny: I was 18, he was 28. Turns out it was a big difference.

  • Jenny: There!

    [waves flashlight at chandelier]

    Jenny: Well, if those are the teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula!

    Chowder: Oh, so it's a *girl* house...

    Jenny: [looks at him] *What?*

  • Jenny: Are you guys mentally challenged? Because, if you are, then I'm certified to teach you baseball.

  • Jenny: But back to business: eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper. Without candy, I'm afraid your house is a bulls-eye with shingles.

    Zee: Nice try. It's not my house.

    Jenny: Babysitter?

    Zee: Mmm-hmm.

    Jenny: Okay, let's cut the crap. Maybe the parents you work for left you forty dollars in emergency money...

    Zee: Maybe they left me thirty.

    Jenny: Maybe you give me twenty, I write a receipt for thirty, and you pocket ten.

    Zee: Maybe... and I want two extra bags of peanut clusters.

    Jenny: One bag, and I'll toss in a licorice whip.

    Zee: You're good.

  • Chowder: [pretending to talk to his father] Well, Dad, why don't you kiss my hairy butt?

    [turns around]

    Chowder: Hey, DJ, you got any beer?

    [noticing Jenny]

    Chowder: Well, hello there...

    DJ: [to Jenny] This is... Chowder...

    Chowder: Charles, to the ladies...

    Jenny: [interrupting] Um, Jenny Bennett. Two-term class president at Westbrook Prep.

    DJ: That's a tough school to get into.

    Chowder: Yeah, I got in but decided not to go.

    Jenny: It's a girl's school.

    Chowder: [nervous pause] ... Which is why I didn't...

    [another nervous pause]

    Chowder: ... You know there's a... there's a great taco stand near there...

  • Zee: Now what do you want?

    Jenny: Just trying to get a head-start on life and secure a sucessful future.

    Zee: You want a successful future? When a guy with tattoos comes up to the drive-thru, give him his burger, not your phone number.

  • DJ: Questions?

    Chowder: Yes, umm, are you nuts? I don't wanna steal drugs from my Father, I don't wanna go inside a monster, and I don't wanna die!

    Jenny: I say its worth a shot.

    Chowder: Yes I agree. Let's do it.

  • [Jenny emerges from the closet after calling her mother on the phone]

    Jenny: [rolls her eyes] She didn't believe me.

    Chowder: [sighs] Authority can be so...

    [makes armpit noises]

    Jenny: Okay, normally I don't spend time with guys like you, but a house just tried to eat me, so... you've got one hour.

  • Jenny: Is this pee? Because if it is, that's really gross!

    Chowder: DJ?... You pee in bottles?

    DJ: What are you talking about? That one's your pee.

  • Jenny: Smart house.

  • Chowder: We're dead. You've killed us, and we're dead!

    DJ: Shh! I don't think the house knows that we're in here. I bet it thinks we're still in the car.

    Jenny: Listen.

    [rumbling sound]

    Jenny: Sounds like it's sleeping.

    DJ: The only way that we're gonna get out of here alive, is if we find the heart, and put out the fire.

    Chowder: Maybe we should examine our other options?

    DJ: Sure. Other option: we wait here and do nothing until it wakes up and eats us.

    Chowder: Find the heart, put out the fire. Got it.

  • [Jenny has found Oliver and wants to keep him]

    Winston: I know you're growing attached to the little fellow, but do try to understand. Your parents left me responsible for you.

    Jenny: They won't mind. Really. Don't worry, kitty. I'll take care of you.

    Winston: Georgette is not going to like this.

  • [Jenny is at the wharf to ransom Oliver, unaware that Fagin is the kidnapper]

    Jenny: And what kind of person would steal an innocent little kitty?

    Fagin: Well, I... I mean, he... He might be up against a stone wall, at the end of his rope.

    [Jenny starts sobbing]

    Fagin: He must have been a poor, desperate man.

    Jenny: It's still wrong. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

    Fagin: Neither do I.

  • Jenny: For the kitty, the house speciality: oeufs a la Jenny avec Cocoa Krispies.

  • Alec McKuen: There'll never be a better moment than today. I'm going to tell him about our feelings for each other. He'll say yes almost inadvertently.

    Jenny: Well, what if he says no, advertently?

  • [in front of a church in Edinburgh after a service]

    Dean: Miss Jenny! I saw you turn pale when the Domini spoke of those in peril at the far ends of the earth.

    Jenny: Far ends of the earth - at least that would be somewhere.

  • Woman: Did you get your injuries when the volcano blew up, in the hot lava?

    Alec McKuen: Oh no. No, it happened in Edinburgh at our wedding.

    Jenny: He was in such a hurry leaving the church, he fell all the way down the steps.

    Woman: Oh! You poor wee bride. After all that waiting. It's been no marriage for you at all.

    Jenny: You underestimate Alec.

  • Jenny: [on cassette tape] I know you well enough not to ask why you're doing it. Or why you want to do it alone. But I guess if the reason's good enough for you, it's good enough for me.

  • Jenny: I'm Jenny.

    Kermit the Frog: I'm Kermit.

    [Long pause]

    Kermit the Frog: I'm a frog.

  • Catherine Freneau: [Jenny hands Walter a whiskey bottle] Jenny!

    Walter Eckland: Why, how strange!

    Jenny: What?

    Walter Eckland: That you should bring me this.

    Jenny: I've done it before.

    Walter Eckland: No you haven't.

    Jenny: Yes I have.

    Walter Eckland: Shut up.

  • Walter Eckland: [Jenny, who won't talk, has just given him a bottle of liquor. She doesn't reply when he says "Thank you." He holds up a whistle] See this whistle?

    [Jenny nods "yes"]

    Walter Eckland: Would you like to have it?"

    [She nods "yes" again]

    Walter Eckland: OK. Now, all you have to do is repeat three simple words after me. Is that a deal?

    [She nods "yes"]

    Walter Eckland: Just repeat three words. Alright. Elephant.

    Jenny: [Looks from Eckland to the whistle and back. Seems to consider for a moment] Elephant.

    Walter Eckland: [He smiles, slightly] Rhinoceros.

    Jenny: [More quickly this time] Rhinoceros.

    Walter Eckland: Wrong.

    Jenny: WHy?

    Walter Eckland: No, not "why," "wrong." Wrong is the third word, you lose.

  • Reggie: Do you know what "hypothetically" means?

    Jenny: No, but I can imagine a scenario where I might.

  • Squire Allworthy: [Upon discovering an abandoned baby in his bed, which they suspect Jenny, one of the servants, has put there] Who is the father, Jenny?

    Jenny: Sir, I am under the most solemn ties not to reveal the father's name.

    Squire Allworthy: You must be sent away from this shame and degradation. As for your child I will bring him up as if he were my own son.

    Bridget Allworthy: What will you call him, brother?

    Squire Allworthy: Tom Jones.

    Narrator: ...of whom the opinion of all was that he was born to be hanged.

  • Matilda: I love it here! I love my school... it isn't fair! Miss Honey, please don't let them...

    Harry Wormwood: [interrupting] Get in the car, Melinda!

    Matilda: Matilda!

    Harry Wormwood: Whatever.

    Matilda: I want to stay with Miss Honey.

    Zinnia Wormwood: Miss Honey doesn't want you. Why would she want some snotty, disobedient kid?

    Jenny: Because she's a spectacularly wonderful child and I love her.

    Matilda: Adopt me, Miss Honey! You can adopt me.

    Harry Wormwood: Look, I don't have time for all these legalities!

    Matilda: One second, Dad. I have the adoption papers.

    Zinnia Wormwood: What? Where did you get those?

    Matilda: From a book in the library. I've had them since I was big enough to Xerox.

  • Matilda: Why don't you run away?

    Jenny: I've often thought about it, but... I can't abandon my children. And if I couldn't teach, I'd have nothing at all.

    Matilda: You're very brave, Miss Honey.

    Jenny: Not as brave as you.

    Matilda: I thought grown-ups weren't afraid of anything.

    Jenny: Quite the contrary. All grown-ups get scared, just like children.

    Matilda: I wonder what Miss Trunchbull is afraid of.

  • Zinnia Wormwood: Look, Miss Snit, a girl does not get anywhere by acting intelligent! I mean, take a look at you and me. You chose books - I chose looks. I have a nice house, a wonderful husband... and you are slaving away teaching snot-nosed children their ABCs. You want Matilda to go to college? Ha, ha, ha, ha...

    Harry Wormwood: College?


    Harry Wormwood: I didn't go to college. I don't know anybody who did. Bunch of hippies and cesspool salesmen, ha ha ha ha...

    Jenny: [insulted] Don't sneer at educated people, Mr. Wormwood. If you became ill, heaven forbid, your doctor would be a college graduate.

    Harry Wormwood: Yeah...

    Jenny: Or - or say you were sued for selling a faulty car. The lawyer who defended you would have gone to college, too.

    Harry Wormwood: What car? Sued by who? Who you been talking to?

    Jenny: N-nobody.


    Jenny: I can see we're not going to agree, are we?

  • Matilda: This is the cottage from your story!

    Jenny: Yes.

    Matilda: The young woman is you!

    Jenny: Yes.

    Matilda: But then... No.

    Jenny: Yes. Aunt Trunchbull.

  • [Miss Trunchbull has accused Matilda of going into her house]

    Jenny: Miss Trunchbull, I was the one who was at your house last night, and I think...

    Agatha Trunchbull: [grabbing and clenching Miss Honey's wrist very tightly in her fist] I broke your arm once before; I can do it again, Jenny.

    Jenny: [suddenly mad, she briskly releases her arm from Miss Trunchbull's grip with her free hand] I am *not* seven years old anymore, Aunt Trunchbull!

    [the class gasps]

    Agatha Trunchbull: Shut your mouths!

  • Jenny: [sees a painting of Ms. Trunchbull] Oh my. My father's portrait used to hang there.

    Matilda: Whoever painted The Trunchbull must have had a strong stomach. A really strong stomach.

  • Agatha Trunchbull: The distance the shotput goes, depends upon the effort that you PUT INTO IT. PERSPERATION! If you can't handle the little brat, I'LL LOCK HER IN THE CHOKEY!

    [she lunges the ball at the door, ultimately puncturing it immensely]

    Agatha Trunchbull: Get it?

    Jenny: [nods] Yes, ma'am.

    Agatha Trunchbull: One day Jen, you'll see that everything I do is for your own good. And for the good of those - PUTRESCENT LITTLE CHILDREN!

    [she shoves Jenny out of her office and slams the door after her]

  • Jenny: Matilda, you promised me you wouldn't go back in that house again.

    Matilda: I didn't, I was on the garage roof.


    Matilda: I did it with my powers.

  • Matilda: We'll wait until she's gone, then we'll go get your doll.

    Jenny: What?

    Matilda: Just kidding.

  • Cooper: I'm taking a nap. Wake me up when the train gets here.

    Jenny: It says here this town has a famous nude beach.

    Cooper: Alright, look, we can't all just lie around all day, we've got to get out there and experience the culture first hand!

  • Jenny: Sorry to hear about Fiona. She's a whore.

    Scott: Well, that's very sweet of you. Thanks.

  • Cooper: Show her the picture. She makes every girl in our high school look like a walrus.

    Jenny: I'm a girl from your high school.

    Cooper: No, I mean *girl* girls.

  • Cooper: There's got to be a hundred drunk girls here, and we should be trying to have sex with every one of them!

    Jenny: Hello. Mixed company?

    Cooper: What?

    Jenny: I'm a girl.

    Scott: No, you're not.

    Cooper: Yeah, you're just a cool guy with long hair.

  • Jamie: [to the tour group] This is so strange! Usually, they wait 15 days to elect a new Pope. We could be seeing history in the making.

    Jenny: [to herself] We could be seeing an arrest in the making.

  • Jenny: I'M COMING!

  • Jamie: I spent the last four years tutoring the lacrosse players just to pay for it. So nobody touches my camera but me.

    Cooper: So it's like your wiener.

    Jamie: No, it's not like my- Jenny!

    Jenny: Cooper! Leave him alone.

  • [Cooper, in serious pain and humiliated from last night's BDSM "living nightmare", arrives to see both Scott and Jenny sitting on the bench and also humiliated from the incident at a bakery]

    Scott: What did you do last night?

    Cooper: I don't wanna talk about it. What did you guys do?

    ScottJenny: Don't wanna talk about it.

    Scott: [notices the Vandersexxx t-shirt] What is that?

    Cooper: Free t-shirt.

  • Scott: So, have you guys decided where you're gonna go first?

    Jenny: Paris! I can't wait. I heard two years ago, Nicky Jager's sister Debbie met this really wealthy French guy, and they spent a month sailing the Mediterranean on his yacht. Isn't that just the most romantic thing you've ever heard?

    Cooper: Stuck on a boat with a weird French guy? That sounds a little gay.

    Jenny: It's not gay. I'm a girl.

    Scott: Kinda gay.

    Cooper: A little gay.

  • Jenny: So you just go around Europe sleeping with every woman you meet?

    Christoph: No, please Jenny, it is not like that. I also sleep with men.

  • Cooper: [sees girl bending over at a vending machine] Check it out! European ass.

    Jenny: [straightens and turns around] What's up?

    Cooper: Oh Jesus, Jenny, I thought you were some girl.

  • Cooper: So who's Cristoff?

    Jenny: I don't wanna talk about it.

    [Takes bottle of alchoal and drinks it all]

  • Cooper: So how's Cristoff?

    Jenny: I don't wanna talk about it.

    [Takes bottle of alcohol and drinks it all]

  • Jenny: [furious that Jamie was mugged during oral sex] All of our money. Our passports! Our tickets! Everything! Gone!

    Cooper: How the hell could this happen? We all go to Amsterdam and Jamie's the one who hooks up! For shame!

  • [the spell is broken as the party guests come out all beat and sweaty]

    Jenny: [singing and laughing] I put a spell on you.

    Dave: And I thought L.A. was a party town.

  • Jenny: Hey, Max, how was school?

    Max: It sucked!

    Dave: Hey, watch your language.

    [Max goes upstairs and slams his bedroom door]

    Max: I can't believe you made me move here!

    Jenny: Hmm, he wasn't wearing any shoes.

    Dave: Must be some form of protest.

  • Max: [suddenly startled by Dave in a vampire costume] Oh! Dad.

    Dave: It's not Dad. It's Dadcula.

    [see's Allison]

    Dave: Oh, my goodness. Who must this charming young blood donor be?

    [kisses Allison's hand]

    Max: Dad! Something terrible happened.

    Dave: [suddenly concerned] Dani? What's wrong? Wh

    Max: No, Dani's fine.

    Dave: [sighs] Good.

    [to Allison]

    Dave: Excuse me. Come here.

    [he leads Max away]

    Dani: [looks for Jenny, and finds her] Mom?

    [Jenny turns around in a Madonna costume]

    Dani: Mom?

    Jenny: Hmm?

    Dani: What are you supposed to be?

    Jenny: Madonna. Well, you know. Well, obviously. Don't ya think?

    Dave: Shoot, Max. Look, whatever it is, just tell me.

    Dani: [to Jenny] Come here.

    Jenny: What?

    Dani: This cat here, Binx, right? He can talk. My brother's a virgin: he lit the black flame candle. The witches are back from the dead and they're after us. We need help.

    Jenny: How much candy have you had, honey?

    Dani: Mom, I haven't O.D.'d. I haven't even had a piece. They're real witches, they can fly, and they're gonna eat all the kids in Salem. They're real!

    Jenny: All right, let's just find your father.

  • Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan: Rock for Daddy Day Care... Do you know what this means?

    Jenny: A... chance to prove ourselves in a little healthy competition?

    Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan: No, you bubble-headed idiot. It's a deathwish.

  • Jenny: I seriously think it's time for you to move on and stop this broken-heart stuff.

    Rick: All right. So... you wanna hook up?

    Jenny: You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that, Rick.

    Rick: [pause, lower] Soooo... ya still wanna hook up?

    [Jenny laughs]

  • Rick: You're pretty good with these kids. They seem to like you.

    Jenny: Well, I seem to have experience dealing with immature boys.

    Rick: Ouch.

  • Rick: Bull Mountain is our home, and I say we do something about it!

    Pig Pen: Yeah! It is our town!

    Jenny: Yeah!

    Barry: So you got a plan?

    Rick: No.

    Luke: [pause] I'm in.

    Anthony: Me too.

    Jenny: Let's do it!

  • Jenny: Aren't you bringing any weapons?

    Lars Bronkhorst: I have all the weapons I need.

    Putman Livingston: Piss on that! I'm bringing a ma-she-tay!

  • Juan: [about the goat incident] At least I wore a comdom.

    Jenny: You told me they were against your religion!

    Juan: Uuuhhhh... I'm going to go find Pe-ne-lope.

  • Coconut Pete: I thought it was time to bring in the pro.

    Sam, The Fun Police: Hank?

    Coconut Pete: Yes, Hank. The head of security on all my tours.

    Jenny: So, what? He keeps aging hippies from stealing the bong out of your tour bus?

    Coconut Pete: It just so happens Hank used to be a federal agent. Yes, that's right. Headed a FBI task force on serial killers. Single-handedly caught the Minneapolis Mangler.

    Lars: Who's the Minneapolis Mangler?

    Hank: Exactly.

    Dave: Pete, you are aware that I've personally served this guy twenty beers a day for the last ten years, right?

    Hank: [shows a nasty scar on his side] Hey, I was in Nicaragua, junior! When you can stuff your intestines back in your pockets and walk twenty clicks to an aid station after a knife fight with guerilla drug lords, then you talk to me!

  • Dirk: No, I'm not an asshole. I'm just young, dumb and full - What the fuck? Something just brushed up against my leg.

    Jenny: Oh, my God! What is it?

    Dirk: No. There's seriously something down here. Oh, no, wait! It's just my gigantic cock!

  • Jenny: [Re: Coconut Pete's song "Naughty Cal"] Our lives depend on us interpreting the dumbest fucking song I've ever heard!

  • Jenny: Amy Aerobics accidentally swallowed some rat poison.

  • Jenny: [about Penelope] Who is she?

    Juan: She's my girlfriend.

  • Lars: I guess now they'll kick me out of the Pacifists Club.

    Jenny: Or just ask you nicely to leave.

  • Putman: David, you hated him for killing your parents. You see, what none of us did know, what none of us could know, was that David's parents were trampled to death at a Coconut Pete concert.

    Jenny: What the hell's wrong with you Putman? Everyone knows Dave's parents got killed at a Pete show.

    Juan: Way to bring up on a sore subject.

  • Sam: [referring to lyrics form a Coconut Pete song] You know, octopus spelled backwards is supotco. Juan, isn't that Spanish for something?

    Juan: Supotco? No. But, the word for shoe is zapato.

    Sam: hmm, shoe.

    Putman: [returning from being on stage] What'd I miss?

    Jenny: Apparently somebody's going to get killed with a shoe.

  • Jenny: Now... I'm gonna leave... and nobody is gonna stop me...

    [Leatherface stands up from the dinner table and starts screaming]

    Jenny: [shouts] You sit the fuck down and shut up!

    [Leatherface does as he's told]

  • Darla: You see, I can't leave. He's got this implant in my head and all he has to do is hit a button and BOOM! Just, BOOM!

    Jenny: [laughing] There's nothing in your head, lady.

    W.E.: Girl, you just said a mouthful.

  • Jenny: If you're gonna kill me then do it! I'm not gonna put up with any more of your crap. It's bullshit!

  • Vilmer: Are we having a party or what? Here we go!

    [pours gasoline on Heather]

    Jenny: No, you can't do that! She has nothing to do with this!

    [lights match]

    Vilmer: Fire in the hole!

    [lights Heather on fire, Jenny screams]


    [Darla puts her out with a fire extinguisher]

    Darla: Now why'd you have to do that? You know I can never get this smell outta my clothes.

  • Vilmer: What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

    Jenny: Yeah... if you try somethin.

    Vilmer: [slicing his chest with a razor] What if I do this?

  • Pat: The Death Star would take out the Enterprise with one shot.

    Jenny: The Enterprise has deflector shields!

  • Jenny: [Coco, has a baby, has just spoken] You spoke, Tom.

    Colin 'Coco' Bryce: Aye, I did. Look, sit doon. I mean sit down. Fuck... eh? You'd better not say nowt to no cunt about this, right?

  • Colin 'Coco' Bryce: I'm gettin' a wee bit hungry, though, eh.

    Jenny: Oh, I'll take you home and make you something.

    Colin 'Coco' Bryce: Eh, I was thinkin' a wee bit more of the... tit.

  • Jenny: So... how's your mom?

    Elliot: She's fine, I guess.

    Jenny: Interesting. So SHE can stay there, but I can't give birth there? I see how it is.

  • Jenny: [seeing Elliot's mom] You know, I always pictured her a little different.

    Elliot: Different how?

    Jenny: Well, I don't see the horns or the tail; so, she already doesn't match your description.

    Elliot: Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit.

  • Jenny: Did you ever love a woman, Johnny? I mean, really love her?

    John O'Hanlan: Yeah. Thought I did once. Come to find out it was indigestion.

  • Jenny: When I was young, I had all sorts of dreams. There's something awfully sad about an old dream.

    John O'Hanlan: Yeah, I know. When I was a boy down in the panhandle, that was before I slipped my hobbles, I was a real stargazer. I tell you, Jenny, I dreamed and I planned big things. And then I started drifting... and I've been drifting ever since.

  • John O'Hanlan: Well, how much money does he need to get her liver fixed?

    Jenny: Five hundred dollars.

    John O'Hanlan: Five hundred dollars for a liver?

    Jenny: That's what the big doctor in Chicago charges. And he's got all kinds of fancy letters in back of his name.

    John O'Hanlan: I don't care what's in back of his name! Five hundred dollars - that's more than you have to pay for a good horse!

  • Guy Jamieson: Well, I'm not discounting the possibility, but I'd like to get to know you first.

    Jenny: I think you're taking a big risk there.

    Guy Jamieson: Why?

    Jenny: Well you might get to know me, and find out you don't like me and then you'll miss out on a fantastic root.

    Guy Jamieson: Shouldn't we find out if we any things in common?

  • Jenny: You're going straight from youth to old age and missing the middle bit.

    Guy Jamieson: What's the middle bit?

  • Jenny: Guy and I have a bit of an announcement to make.

    Guy Jamieson: We've decided to split up.

  • [Jonny drags Anne off the train to pose as his fiancee again, leaving her friends open-mouthed]

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Come on, I'll give you another fifty dollars!

    Jenny: Well, what do you know!

    Jackie Donovan: Don't worry, Jenny, it's platonic. He wants her for his father.

  • Amsterdam Vallon: I give you my word, this all will be finished tomorrow.

    Jenny: No, it won't.

  • Jenny: [after running into Johnny] Look where you are going, Johnny!

    [notices Amsterdam]

    Jenny: You look stunned and poorly, sir.

    [both of the men are silent and nervous]

    Jenny: [sarcastic] Quite a pair of conversationists, aren't you.

    Amsterdam Vallon: Maybe not. We're deep thinkers.

    Jenny: [chuckles] Well then. Gentlemen, I leave you in the grace and favour of the Lord.

    [walks off]

  • Amsterdam Vallon: Is there anyone in the five points you *haven't* fucked?

    Jenny: Yes! *You!*

  • [speaking of Bill the Butcher]

    Jenny: When I was twelve years old, my mother was dead, and I was livin' in a doorway. He took me in. Took care of me, in his way. After they cut out the baby... well, he doesn't fancy girls that's scarred up. But you might as well know in your own mind that he never laid a hand on me until I asked him to.

  • Bill: Anything in your pockets?

    Jenny: I ain't started working yet.

  • Jenny: You like Patsy Cline? I just love her. I wonder how come she don't put out no more new records.

    Bobby: Because she's dead.

    Jenny: Oh... that's sad. Don't that make you sad?

    Bobby: I've had time to get over it.

  • Jenny: Bye, Mister. Don't go nowhere without me. I wanna have your love child.

  • [last lines]

    Jenny: My world has changed. I try to follow its rules. It's a beautiful world, my new mother says. She tells me to hang on. That I'm doing well. That I'll get used to it with time. I'm not like the others. I guess they've forgotten. I can't.

    Jenny: Every morning I wake up to the same thought of giving it all up and running back home. But I remind myself I wanted this life. I wanted it. I made it happen. I guess it's better this way, right? Right? Right?

  • Jenny: My name is Jenny and everyone's a fucking joke.

  • Guiseppe: [after walking in on Antonio and Jenny having sex] Hell yea - when can I get in on that shit?

    Jenny: Fuck off, Guiseppe.

    Guiseppe: All I'm sayin' is that if I was an ugly bitch and two hot dudes like us wanted to fuck me, I'd be into it.

  • Young Nerf: Which one of you, which one of you is gonna suck me off first?

    [points at each one]

    Young Nerf: You? You?

    Diane: What you got? You got nothin'!

    Young Antonio: [flashes them] How about that?

    Jenny: [laughing] No, I like it! It's cute - I like it.

  • [Jenny lays in bed as Cain pretends to be Carter by laying in the bed beside her]

    Jenny: [Cain runs his hand up Jenny's leg] Oh, Dr. Nix.

    Jenny: [Cain runs his hand up Jenny's shirt] Oh, how horny we are.

    Jenny: [Cain bites down on Jenny's ear] Ow! You're hurting me.

  • [Jenny talks to her friend Sarah at the park about Carter]

    Sarah: Now, I hate to bring this up, but you are married to the perfect man.

    Jenny: The perfect man? Yesterday, out of the blue, he started to make love to me... and then stopped when Amy started to cry.

    Sarah: Well, just because he was worried about Amy...

    Jenny: He wasn't worried about Amy, because he didn't even go to her room. He went downstairs, got into his car and drove off.

    Sarah: Well, that doesn't make any sense.

    Jenny: Carter isn't making any sense. And he's becoming awfully compulsive with Amy. He doesn't just take care of her, he studies her. I have this horrible feeling it has something to do with his father.

  • [Jenny returns home and fights Carter for trying to kill her, who doesn't remember a thing]

    Jenny: [Jenny holds a knife to Carter's throat] Wake up! Don't move or I'll cut it.

    Carter: Jenny, what are you doing? I'm bleeding. Oh my god, I'm bleeding!

    Jenny: [Jenny sarcastically replies with a smile, being a doctor] And I can help you.

    Carter: Don't let me die, Jenny!

    Jenny: [Jenny screams back] I want to know what you've done with Amy!

    Carter: Amy? What are you saying?

    Jenny: [Jenny pulls on Carter's shirt] I want answers, Carter!

    Carter: Jenny!

    Jenny: How could you let me drown like that?

    Carter: Drown? What's happening?

  • [Cain talks to Carter as Jenny holds Carter down with a knife]

    Cain: [Cain stands over Jenny's shoulder] She wants to know where her brat is. So why don't you tell her before you get your throat cut.

    Carter: [Carter replies back looking to Cain] But I don't know where she is.

    Cain: [Cain imitates Carter] 'I don't know where she is.'

    Carter: I don't!

    Jenny: [Jenny looks over her shoulder] Who are you talking to?

    Cain: I do. I took her to dear ol' dad.

    Carter: Where is she?

    Jenny: [Jenny looks behind herself again seeing that nobody's there] Who are you talking to?

  • [the detectives hope that Carter isn't too nuts to stand trial]

    Lt. Terri: Well, let's hope he's not too nuts.

    Jenny: What do you mean?

    Lt. Terri: Too nuts to go to jail.

    Jack: You mean, he might not go to jail?

    Lt. Terri: First, we gotta find out if he's competent to stand trial. Even if he is, any smart lawyer'll plead him not guilty by reason of insanity. And, depending on what Waldheim finds out, Carter could wind up a celebrity mental case in some cushy institution.

  • [Dr. Waldheim returns to Lt. Terri's office, confirming Carter is Cain]

    Lt. Terri: Carter is Cain?

    Dr. Waldheim: And Josh and Margo and God knows who else. Now it is clear to me... how Dr. Nix got all his precise data. He traumatized his own son. Then over the years, he observed the effects.

    Jenny: Does Carter know what he did?

    Dr. Waldheim: Carter didn't do anything. Cain did all the killing.

    Jack: Who is Cain?

    Dr. Waldheim: One of Carter's multiples. One of the ones Dr. Nix created when he abused him as a child. When something bad is about to happen to Carter, or when something bad has to be done, Carter blacks out and Cain takes over. After the unpleasantness, Cain exits and Carter wakes up. He has lost some time. He doesn't remember how he got where he is... or what happened while he was asleep. He may be confused, but his conscience is clean.

  • [Jenny talks to Sarah at the park, who recommends she be ready for Carter returning back]

    Sarah: Well, just in case he shows up, I'd be packing a .45.

    Jenny: Well, Jack's staying with me now. So...

    Sarah: Better than a .45.

  • [last lines]

    Amy: [Jenny tracks down Amy who ran into the woods at the park] Where's Daddy?

    Jenny: Daddy's not here, sweetie. He's gone away.

    Amy: Daddy's here!

    Jenny: No he's not. Come on, honey, we've got to head back. Come to mommy.

    [Jenny leans down to pick up Amy, revealing Margo standing behind her in a brown wig, red jacket, with a big smile]

  • Paula: I liked the way you took on Charlie today. Ain't many fish that would fuck with Chuck.

    Jenny: I didn't know who I was messing with. Seems like Charlie and Edna have an understanding.

    Paula: Yeah. Charlie's under and Edna's standing.

  • Ed Fanelli: Oh, that's it. I'm out of here. I'm gonna go see my boys. We're going bowling tonight. League Champs, I might ad.

    Jenny: Oh, I could care. You know, do they even HAVE social lives? I have never seen two grown men so obsessed with hanging out with their father, instead to trying to get dates or attempting to meet women.

    Ed Fanelli: Well, maybe that's what we're doing when we go out, ever think of that?

    Jenny: Please. Who would possibly be interested in YOU? I can't believe I was for that one fleeting moment.

    Ed Fanelli: Oh, yeah? You know, that front door hasn't moved.

  • Jenny: Its ok darling. When you get a job, I'll quit work. Then we can finally raise our family.

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • [from trailer]

    Miss Stubbs: You seem to be old and wise.

    Jenny: I feel old. But not very wise.

  • Jenny: The life I want, there is no shortcut.

  • Headmistress: Nobody does anything worth doing without a degree.

    Jenny: Nobody does anything worth doing WITH a degree. No woman anyway.

    Headmistress: So what I do isn't worth doing? Or what Miss Stubbs does, or Mrs. Wilson, or any of us here? Because none of us would be here without a degree. You do realize that, don't you? And yes, of course studying is hard and boring...

    Jenny: Boring!

    Headmistress: I'm sorry?

    Jenny: Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring. So, what you're telling me is to be bored, and then bored, and finally bored again, but this time for the rest of my life? This whole stupid country is bored! There's no life in it, or color, or fun! It's probably just as well the Russians are going to drop a nuclear bomb on us any day now. So my choice is to do something hard and boring, or to marry my... Jew, and go to Paris and Rome and listen to jazz, and read, and eat good food in nice restaurants, and have fun! It's not enough to educate us anymore Ms. Walters. You've got to tell us why you're doing it.

  • Jenny: [Jenny's thoughts on sex ] It's funny though, isn't it? All that poetry and all those songs, about something that lasts no time at all.

  • Jenny: I don't want to lose my virginity to a piece of fruit.

  • [last lines]

    Jenny: One of the boys I dated, and they were boys, suggested that we go to Paris and I said I'd always wanted to see Paris. As if I'd never been!

  • David: Do you go to concerts?

    Jenny: No. We don't believe in concerts.

    David: Oh, I assure you, they're real.

  • Jenny: If people die the moment that they graduate, then surely it's the things we do beforehand that count.

  • Jack: We have to have this out. Well, if you won't do it, I will. I'm still your father.

    Jenny: You're my father again now, are you? And what were you when you encouraged me to throw my life away? Silly schoolgirls are always getting seduced by glamorous older men, but what about you two?

  • Headmistress: He's a Jew? You're aware, I take it, that the Jews killed our Lord?

    Jenny: And you're aware, I suppose, that our Lord was Jewish?

  • Jenny: [Reading from envelopes she found in David's car] Mr. and Mrs. David Goldman. Mr. and Mrs. David Goldman. Mr. and Mrs. David- you're married!

    David: Legally yes, but...

    Jenny: When were you going to tell me?

    David: Soon, it just never seemed like the right time. You seemed so happy, and I was happy...

    Jenny: You were living with your wife all this time, around the corner! Byron Avenue. It's no wonder we kept bumping into each other, is it? What number?

    David: 34. Don't be like this, come on.

    Jenny: I have nothing. I didn't take my exams. I... I left school. Where's it all gone now?

  • [first lines]

    Miss Stubbs: Come on, girls. Anybody?


    Miss Stubbs: Anybody else?


    Miss Stubbs: Jenny again.

    Jenny: Isn't it because Mr. Rochester's blind?

    Miss Stubbs: Yes, Jenny.

  • Jenny: Miss Brode never got married like our mothers and fathers.

    Sandy: They don't have primes.

    Jenny: They have sexual intercourse.

  • Jenny: [Seeing Caroline in the restroom] Ugh, slut.

    Caroline Wexler: What did you call me?

    Jenny: I think I just called you a slut, slut.

    Caroline Wexler: Why?

    Jenny: Because everyone knows that you've banged, like, forty different guys since you came here.

    Caroline Wexler: Really? Forty?

    [pause to look in mirror]

    Caroline Wexler: Okay, let's just say that I have banged forty guys. What's the problem? You're just jealous because you've been, ah, brainwashed by puritanical assholes who think sex is a sin. But then again, your, ah, little gerbil-sized brain has been reprogrammed by the media to believe that sex is the be-all, end-all. So now you're stuck, right? 'Cause on the one hand you love to fuck, but afterwards you feel overwhelmed by guilt & you're not sure why. Maybe it's because sex is neither as good or as evil as you've built it up to be.

    Jenny: [hurt pause] Shut up, slut!

    Caroline Wexler: Jenny, seriously, listen to me! The highlight of your entire life is gonna be your yearbook photo. You are already nostalgic for shit that has not even happened yet cause you have so precious little to look forward to. You're gonna spend the first half of your life planning your wedding and you're gonna spend the second half regretting it. And if I were you - and thank god I'm not, cause you have terrible hair - I would stop and I would reconsider your whole value system, because everything you know is wrong.

  • [first lines]

    Jenny: [to Hallam] You're dead. You're fucking dead! I'll get my brother on to you.

    Carl: [to Jenny] Jen, come back, wait!

    Carl: [to Hallam] If that was a joke, it wasn't a bit fucking funny. And I'd look out for her brother, he's fucking mental.

  • [pointing to Felicity's nipples]

    Jenny: Look! They stand up!

  • Jenny: Sue, could you run next door and ask Mrs. Thompson if I could borrow a stick of butter?

    Susan: Okay, but you be sure to be here when I get back.

    Jenny: Don't worry, sweetie, if I'm gone, you'll be gone, too.

  • Jenny: What do you think about what he said?

    Diane Bradford: Who?

    Jenny: The guy who was preaching.

    Diane Bradford: Oh I thought it was a bunch of bull.

    Patty Myers: Oh some people get all strung out over things that don't even matter. I mean I'm a Christian.

    Jenny: You are?

    Patty Myers: Well not like *he* was a Christian. I mean I go to church about every week, I try to follow the 10 Commandments, I read my Bible once in a while, and I try and help people if they need it.

    Diane Bradford: [laughing] You're practically a missionary.

    Patty Myers: Well what else is there?

    Jenny: I don't know.

  • Girl at teen center: That's right, Jenny, in a way it *is* free, what I mean is it doesn't cost anything but your life.

    Jenny: That sounds pretty expensive.

    Girl at teen center: Well it might seem that way, until you realize that you're living with God who created you. The God who cares for you more than any other person could. That you're letting Him take over. There's no way you could lose.

  • Girl at teen center: But He's done it for us, Jenny, that's why He came to Earth. Jesus Christ was born a human being, and He grew and lived the life that God's holiness demands of each of us. And He was punished and killed, punished as though He was one of us.

    Jenny: That seems so unfair.

    Girl at teen center: Who said love is fair?

  • Pastor Balmer: I'm reminded of a neighbor I had back in Nebraska who got up one night in the middle of the night, took off his pajama tops and went downstairs for some ice tea. In the meantime his wife had awakened out of her sleep and discovered her husband was gone, turned on the light, found his pajama tops, and was immediately convinced that the rapture had taken place and that she had been left behind. Well from our studies in the past few weeks, we can conclude that we're living now in the end times, the days in which we live are seeing many prophecies being fulfilled that we have never seen fulfilled before. And surely this serves to remind us that the time is short at best, and if we would be followers of Jesus Christ, we must join His band now.

    Susan: [cut to Susan coming home] Mom, I'm home. Sandy had to go to her aunt's so I came home early. Mom?

    [goes in the kitchen and finds a pot on the stove boiling and burning]

    Susan: Mom? Mom? Mom?


    Jenny's mom: [rushes in from the back] What's the matter?

    [Jenny rushes in too]

    Susan: I thought you were gone.

    JennyJenny's mom: Gone, gone where?

    Susan: I thought you were gone.

    Jenny's mom: What's wrong?

    Susan: I thought you were gone.

    Jenny's mom: Gone where?

    Susan: I thought you were gone.

    Jenny's mom: Gone where? It's alright honey, it's alright.

  • Jenny: You want that Chicken a la King business served on toast?

    Rosa Moline: Well I showed you the picture in the magazine, didn't I?

    Jenny: How could I tell if there was toast under all that goo?

  • Jenny: Mrs. Moline, let's not start calling each other names. I got some fancy ones saved up just achin' to be used.

    Rosa Moline: You get out of this house! No red Indian is gonna talk to me like that in my own house!

  • Lindsay: We just got a little lost, okay?

    Jenny: A little lost? We're not a little lost.

    Lindsay: ...Yes, we are...

    Jenny: We're *really* lost!

  • [from trailer]

    [Jenny is trying to follow the road map to the nightclub in the car]

    Jenny: I think we're supposed to turn.

    Lindsay: I thought you knew exactly where we were going!

    Jenny: [the car breaks down in the middle of the road and the girls are stuck. They look shocked and scared] What... was that?

  • [first lines]

    Jenny: [speaking on a hotel phone] Hi. Yes, um, I was wondering if I could get driving directions to a nightclub called Bunker. Yes, Bunker. How exactly would I get there?

  • Steve: I promise, the quarry's fucking stunning.

    Jenny: The quarry is stunning. No 'fucking'.

    Steve: [getting closer to her] Please, miss.

  • Nial: Who's in charge?

    Jenny: I am.

    Louise: Well, I think we should vote.

    Nial: I got this.

    [holds up his gun]

    Jenny: Then shoot me, or shut the fuck up!

  • Jenny: What is the truth, Henry, huh?

    Henry: Earth could use a good plague.

  • Sheriff Bryce Hammond: If we keep our heads straight, we'll get out of here - I promise you.

    Jenny: How can you be so sure?

    [Hammond shows her a candy wrapper fortune that reads "Luck is on your side"]

  • Jenny: It almost got Lisa.

    Lisa: No, it wanted Deputy Wargle first; it wants men like him most of all.

    Jenny: What do you mean, it wants men like him?

    Lisa: Well, it's the devil, don't you think? Come up from hell tonight? I think he wants to dance with us.

  • Jenny: It's just a spongecake.

  • Jenny: [after Ian falls asleep while driving] Getting your customer to their destination alive usually makes for a better tip.

  • Jenny: Are you alright?

    Ian Stone: Yeah, aside from the sudden desire to slit my wrists I think I'll make it until Monday.

  • Ian Stone: Do me a favor?

    Jenny: Anything.

    Ian Stone: Kill me. Now.

    Jenny: [handing him files] But then I wouldn't get to pass this shit off on you and generally make your existence a living hell!

    Ian Stone: So that's all I'm good for.

    Jenny: Well, I guess I'd miss seeing your pretty little face every day.

  • Jenny: Do me a favor.

    Ian Stone: Anything.

    Jenny: Shoot me if I turn into my sisters.

    Ian Stone: Yeah, but then I wouldn't get to see your pretty little face.

  • Ian Stone: You know how it is, a day where everything's going wrong?

    Jenny: Yeah, sometimes.

    Ian Stone: That's today. That's this day.

    Jenny: What happened?

    Ian Stone: You saw the scoreboard stop, right?

    Jenny: Yeah, everyone saw it.

    Ian Stone: That's what I'm saying! That doesn't happen! Today has just been... something has been off. It's not right, all day.

  • Jenny: Are you alright?

    Ian Stone: Yeah. I mean, you're going to think I'm absolutely crazy, but I keep waking up in different places and everything's changed, except you because you're still here.

    Jenny: Ian, I thought you said you cleaned up?

    Ian Stone: What? No. This has nothing to do with that. You don't understand. These people are trying to kill me.

  • Jenny: What are those things?

    Ian Stone: I'm still working on that.

  • [last lines]

    Lt Fox: You're safe now.

    Jenny: No, I'm not.

  • Patsy Dixon: [to Sheila] You've the right angle, honey. You marry for love. I did.

    Jenny: All five times.

    Sandra Kolter: And you still have another arm.

    Patsy Dixon: Yeah, I wish I was an octopus.

    Jenny: You are.

  • Gavin: My mum says she's worth her weight in gold.

    Jenny: Ooh, in that case, she must be very valuable indeed.

  • Jenny: [reading] 'Therefore, be also ready, for in such an hour as you think not, the Son of Man cometh'. It'll happen just that quick, Patty, the Bible says like a thief in the night.

    Patty: Jenny, I believe that God is love, and it really upsets me when people go around scaring everyone with this Jesus coming in the clouds and tribulation stuff. That's what I hate about religion, God makes all this elaborate plan to send us all to hell.

    Jenny: Patty, God made a perfect plan that none shall perish. He sacrificed His own Son to keep you from hell.

  • Jenny: [reading The Biography of a Great Planet] Listen, when I'm done with this book you've just got to read it. There's a really neat paragraph in here, here it is: Others will gather around them in great numbers of teacher, to say what their itching ears want to hear. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, and a whole list of other things.

    Patty: That's sure happening today.

    Jenny: Well the Bible also says that when these things happen, the believers can look for the blessed hope, and redemption for the Christian draws nigh.

  • [in intermittent flashback as Mike is struggling to reach the flare in the desert]

    Jenny: [knighting Mike with a ladle in the kitchen] Do you thus pay homage to our crown and swear fealty on our realm?

    Mike: [on one knee, smiling, then serious] Your highness, I hereby swear to be a courageous knight, reverent and courteous, always... champion of truth, and justice. I hereby swear to be honest, and good. I swear to protect our realm, and I swear this before you, my Princess.

    Jenny: [smiling, eyes tearing up with excitement] Yes.

    Mike: [still on one knee looking up at Jenny, confused] Yes what?

    Jenny: [stops smiling as understanding sets in her facial expressions, then smiles sadly] Yes, you will be a courageous...

    [caresses Mike's face]

    Jenny: ... courageous knight.

    [stops smiling and walks away tearfully]

  • Jenny: You really are in a foul mood.

    Byron Orlok: Not at all. I'm just tired of your baleful looks.

  • [Jenny has been scolding him]

    Byron Orlok: Quite a speech!

    Jenny: You should hear it in Chinese.

  • David: Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this story. Freshman year, Alan hooked up with two girls at a bar - Renee and Jackie. So he's going back and forth between the two of them all semester... until they found out about each other.

    Jenny: So, what? He got dumped?

    David: No! They had a threesome! I come home that night to find this huge mass of flesh and-

    Jenny: DAVID! Why would you tell me that?

  • Alan: [Crying] I loved you! Tell me I meant something to you!

    Jenny: Of course you meant something.

  • David: Do you beleive there's one right person for everyone?

    Jenny: Absolutely

  • Sam Clayton: I ain't getting no younger. Time just goes by and then... then one day... one day you just get older and suddenly... you find yourself... all alone.

    Jenny: You deserve to be alone.

  • Jenny: You bastard!

    Sam Clayton: Me?


    Sam Clayton: come on!

  • Jenny: Three days. So much can happen to the human heart in three days. It beats 239,000 times in three days. It can break, it can be torn apart... but it just keeps on beating and beating.

  • Jenny: Some famous male writer once wrote, "You can't sleep with all the women in the world, but you must try!" That pretty much sums up the attitude of every man I've ever known... except my daddy.

  • Jenny: Sometimes life is like a country and western song.

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