Jennifer Nelson Quotes in The Glass Bottom Boat (1966)


Jennifer Nelson Quotes:

  • Jennifer Nelson: Mata Hari stops at nothing. Nothing comes between Mata Hari and what she wants.

  • Jennifer Nelson: Isn't it marvelous what a new dress will do, huh?

  • Jennifer Nelson: Hey! What in heavens name do you think you're doing?

    Bruce Templeton: You talkin' to me?

    Jennifer Nelson: Yes I'm talking to you! That's my suit on your line!

    Bruce Templeton: Oh I'm sorry... that's a funny looking suit.

    Jennifer Nelson: It's my mermaid tail. and would you please throw it back?

    Bruce Templeton: Well it's kind of difficult. it's all tangled. Why don't you come aboard, and I'll untangle it for you

    Jennifer Nelson: Well THAT's a little difficult too, since I'm BOTTOMLESS!

  • Jennifer Nelson: Donna, may I borrow a dime please? I have to call my dog.

  • Bruce Templeton: Hey! You're the mermaid

    Jennifer Nelson: Yes, I'm the mermaid

    Bruce Templeton: Didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

  • Jennifer Nelson: What are you drinking?

    Anna Miller: Hootch. That's half Scotch, half Bourbon.

    Jennifer Nelson: It sounds delicious.

  • Jennifer Nelson: Aaah! Aaah! Who are you? Who is he?

    Bruce Templeton: Zack Malloy, my partner. He drops in every now and then to molest women.

  • Jennifer Nelson: That sign over there, that says "No Fishing".

    Bruce Templeton: I wasn't exactly fishing.

    Jennifer Nelson: Then what were you doing?

    Bruce Templeton: Maybe I was hunting for mermaids.

  • Jennifer Nelson: I'm going to have you arrested.

    Bruce Templeton: They're going to have you arrested, for going around without your bottom.

  • Donna: Widow! That's like catnip.

    Jennifer Nelson: Well, not for that cat!

  • Jennifer Nelson: This is called The Clean Room. It's completely sterilized so that no dust or dirt will contaminate the critical parts. Workers entering the clean room must first stand on this grate, which shakes off dust from shoes and clothing. Like this... Oh dear, I guess we better go now. We'll go that way.

    [her shoe is stuck in the grate]

  • Bruce Templeton: We never did get to introduce ourselves did we?

    Jennifer Nelson: Well let's leave it that way, shall we?

  • Bruce Templeton: Are you or are you not the girl in the glass bottom boat?

    Jennifer Nelson: I are ?

  • Jennifer Nelson: Who are you? Who is he?

  • Axel Nordstrom: Look out Jenny! Look out!

    Jennifer Nelson: Hey! Out of the way!

  • Jennifer Nelson: The recognition signal is: "Vladimir Sent Me". Over!

  • Jennifer Nelson: [sings] The Glass Bottom Boat you will agree, will show you the magic of the deep blue sea.

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