Jeff McCallister Quotes in Home Alone (1990)


Jeff McCallister Quotes:

  • Kevin McCallister: [apprehensively] I made my family disappear.

    [thinks back to family members saying bad things about him]

    Megan McCallister: Kevin, you're completely helpless!

    Linnie McCallister: You know, Kevin, you're what the French call les incompetents.

    Buzz McCallister: Kevin, I'm going to feed you to my tarantula.

    Jeff McCallister: Kevin, you are *such* a *disease*!

    Kate McCallister: There are 15 people in this house and you're the only one who has to make trouble.

    Frank McCallister: Look what you *did*, you little *jerk*.

    Kevin McCallister: [gleefully] I made my family disappear.

  • Kate McCallister: Kevin, get upstairs right now.

    Kevin McCallister: Why?

    Jeff McCallister: Kevin, you're such a disease.

    Kevin McCallister: Shut up.

    Peter McCallister: Kevin, upstairs.

    Kate McCallister: Say good night, Kevin.

    Kevin McCallister: "Good night, Kevin."

  • Kevin McCallister: I went shopping yesterday.

    Jeff McCallister: You? Shopping?

    Kevin McCallister: I got you milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

    Peter McCallister: No kidding. What a funny guy. What else did you do while we were away?

    Kevin McCallister: Just hung around.

    Buzz McCallister: He went shopping? He doesn't know how to tie his shoe and he's going shopping!

  • Linnie McCallister: I hope you didn't just pack crap, Jeff.

    Jeff McCallister: Shut up, Linnie.

    Kevin McCallister: You know what I should pack?

    Jeff McCallister: Toilet paper and water.

  • Jeff McCallister: [chucking his bag full of stuff from the top of the stairs to the bottom floor] Bombs away!

    [the bag lands at the neighborhood officer's feet]

  • Kevin McCallister: I don't know how to pack a suit case. I've never done this once in my whole life.

    Jeff McCallister: Tough.

    Kevin McCallister: That's what Megan said.

    Megan McCallister: What did I say?

    Jeff McCallister: You told Kevin "tough".

    Megan McCallister: The dope was whining about a suit case. What was I supposed to do? Shake his hand and say, "Congratulations, you're an idiot"?

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