Jeff Douglas Quotes in Zero Tolerance (1994)


Jeff Douglas Quotes:

  • Jeff Douglas: [to his little girl] Just because somebody does something bad doesn't make them a bad guy.

  • Mr. Lundie: Two hundred years ago, the highlands of Scotland were plagued with witches, wicked sorcerers that were taking the Scottish people away from the teachings of God and putting the Devil into their souls. They were indeed horrible destructive women. I dinna suppose you have such women in your country?

    Tommy Albright: Witches?

    Jeff Douglas: Oh we have 'em. We pronounce it differently.

  • Mr. Lundie: What happened in Brigadoon was a miracle, and most folks dinna believe in miracles. Miracles require faith, and faith seems to be as dead as...

    Jeff Douglas: Mr. Forsythe?

    Mr. Lundie: [glances at him] Aye.

  • Jeff Douglas: Frank, put it on the bill.

    Bartender: The bill, sir, is very high.

    Jeff Douglas: So am I!

  • [In a crowded bar]

    Tommy Albright: It's hot in here.

    Jeff Douglas: It's not the heat, it's the humanity.

  • Meg Brockie: I'm highly attracted to you. Why, when I look at you I feel wee tadpoles jumping in my spine.

    Jeff Douglas: That's about as repulsive an idea as I've heard in years!

  • Jeff Douglas: Can you think of one good reason why I, a strange man, should be interested in proposing to you, a mighty strange woman and at this hour of the day?

    Meg Brockie: Because you're a lad and I'm a lass!

    Jeff Douglas: Well, with that philosophy you must have had a provocative career!

  • Jeff Douglas: ...There's nothing a woman hates more than her fiancee's best friend. He knows all the secrets she's going to spend the rest of her life trying to find out.

  • Jeff Douglas: You're confused, aren't you boy? If you believed as much as you *thought* you believed, you *wouldn't* be confused.

  • [Tommy is concerned about Jeff's drinking]

    Tommy Albright: You told me you were going to ease up.

    Jeff Douglas: Yeah I know, but I'm a terrible *liar*.

  • Jeff Douglas: Well, most of my friends who have inferiority complexes are absolutely right. They're *not* as good as everybody else!

  • Jeff Douglas: If they want to disregard two hundred years of human bing-bang, that's their privilege.

  • Jeff Douglas: If there's *anything* I hate... it's *you*!

  • Tommy Albright: Let me ask you something... suppose someone in Brigadoon got fed up and wanted to leave? What then?

    Mr. Lundie: Och, he canna leave!

    Jeff Douglas: You mean *I've* got to stay here now?

  • Tommy Albright: Look... I'm not saying I believe all this, but just for argument's sake... suppose... suppose a stranger like... well, like... like me... came to Brigadoon and wanted to stay. Could he?

    Mr. Lundie: [gives him a long look, then smiles] Aye, he could. Mr. Forsythe provided for that.

    Jeff Douglas: He didn't miss a trick, did he?

    Mr. Lundie: [laughing] No, lad, he didna! No, a stranger could stay if he loved someone here... not Brigadoon itself, mind, but someone *in* Brigadoon... enough to be willing to give up everything to stay near that person... which is only right because after all, lad... if you love someone deeply enough, anything is possible.

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