Jeff Dawson Quotes in Blowing Wild (1953)


Jeff Dawson Quotes:

  • Marina Conway: [Clutching Jeff] No, Jeff! No. Don't go. I'm desperate! I need you. Help me. Help me!

    Jeff Dawson: [Releases her] I'm sorry for you, but I can't help you.

    Marina Conway: You mean you won't. You don't want to. Why?

    Jeff Dawson: I mean this time I'm helping myself.

    Marina Conway: That's not the reason, you know it. What is it, that girl? No, it can't be. You're not in love with her.

    Jeff Dawson: Well, now that I hear you say it, I think I am.

    Marina Conway: Well, you can't. I won't let you. You belong with me and you're going to stay with me.

    Jeff Dawson: You're wrong. On both counts.

  • Jeff Dawson: [Confronting Marina] What have you done, Marina?

    Marina Conway: I committed murder to get you. Murder!

    Jeff Dawson: You killed Paco?

    Marina Conway: I did it for you, don't you understand? I did it for you!

    Jeff Dawson: [Choking her] You killed Paco. You killed him!

    [He catches himself and releases her]

    Jeff Dawson: Makes me sick even to look at you.

    Marina Conway: You'll never get away from me. I'll never let you go. I'll say you helped me. I'll say I killed him and you helped me. I don't care if they hang me just so they hang you, too!

  • El Gavilan: Good morning, mister.

    Jeff Dawson: What do you want?

    El Gavilan: You haven't struck oil yet, senor.

    Jeff Dawson: What's it to you?

    El Gavilan: I only wish to tell you. It's dangerous.

    Jeff Dawson: Why?

    El Gavilan: They blow up many wells.

    Jeff Dawson: Oh, I see.

    El Gavilan: Perhaps the mister wants to prevent bandits from blowing up this well?

    Jeff Dawson: That'd be pretty hard to do. We have no guns.

    El Gavilan: You don't need a gun.

    Jeff Dawson: We also have no money.

    El Gavilan: Not even some money? Some little kind of money? Can't you get some? You got no friends? Who told you to dig here?

    Jeff Dawson: I bought a lease.

    El Gavilan: Ha! Then you have money and I want it!

  • Dutch Peterson: Oh, why'd they have to do it to us? We save every nickel to sink this well and now look at us. Ain't nothing left. Just nothing.

    Jeff Dawson: There's still oil here and we're going to dig it out.

    Dutch Peterson: How? What with? Where are we gonna get a drill pipe, tools and a new rig? Where? Where?

    Jeff Dawson: We'll get us a job, save up and try it again.

    Dutch Peterson: I'm sick and tired of trying. It it ain't floods or tornados, it's salt water or bandits. I'm just plain tired.

    Jeff Dawson: It's a long way back to town. Let's go.

    Dutch Peterson: I ain't going!

    [He follows Jeff anyway]

  • Jeff Dawson: Can't live with a snake by feeding him honey.

  • Marina Conway: Why do you always fight me?

    Jeff Dawson: You have a husband.

    Marina Conway: You could've been my husband. Why aren't you?

    Jeff Dawson: Because you're no good, Marina.

    Marina Conway: I know. I wasn't always this way. With you it was different. You brought out everything decent in me. I wanted to be decent. When you walked out, you stole my chance.

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