Jean Hamilton Quotes in The Perfect Man (2005)


Jean Hamilton Quotes:

  • Jean Hamilton: Unfortunately, honey pie, new people are only new for a day. After that, they're just people. Who'll excite you, disappoint you, scare you a little bit. And boy do I know how tempting it is to run away when that happens. It's good for avoiding things. But the problem is that you end up avoiding yourself. Avoiding people you love. You end up avoiding life. So I've decided to start setting an example for you girls. I'm going to try showing you what sticking it out looks like. Really get to know people. And let people get to know us. I don't promise to be any good at it, but I will try. Because I want you and Zoe to be better at this than I am. I want you to learn how to let people in.

  • Jean Hamilton: Give us a word with tic in it.

    Holly Hamilton: Fine, tragic.

    Jean Hamilton: Fantastic.

    Holly Hamilton: Pathetic. Ecstatic.

    Jean Hamilton: Thank you.

    Holly Hamilton: Sarcastic.

    Jean Hamilton: Psychotic.

    Holly Hamilton: It's genetic.

  • Holly Hamilton: You never listen to anything I want.

    Jean Hamilton: All right, fine. What do you want?

    Holly Hamilton: I want a mom who sees in herself what Zoe and I see everyday. That's talented and pretty and funny, and cooks great and dances great, and doesn't need a man to be those things. Okay, so maybe the perfect man wasn't real. But the perfect you is.

  • Jean Hamilton: Surprise!

  • Dr. Fitch: That's a great comment, Mrs...

    Jean Hamilton: Miss Hamilton. I also wondered if you'd thought of a monthly mixer for single parents. Not that I don't want to meet married parents as well. I would. It's just that sometimes we single parents have different concerns than married ones. Different priorities, if you know what I mean. And by priorities, I mean: I need to meet a good man.

    PTA Man: In that case, where do I sign up?

  • Jean Hamilton: So you're just not going to talk to me for the rest of your life? Oh, come on, Holly. Every unmarried parent there appreciated the suggestion.

    Holly Hamilton: Did it ever occur to you that the point of the meeting wasn't for the needs of the single parent? That the point of the meeting was maybe for, I don't know, the kids?

    Jean Hamilton: Well, sure. I was just thinking ...

    Holly Hamilton: About you! Because you're always thinking about you.

  • Jean Hamilton: [after Lenny gives her a yellow rose] I love orchids. Thank you.

    Lenny: This is a rose.

    Jean Hamilton: Which I also love.

  • Holly Hamilton: It's impossible that Lenny is your secret admirer.

    Jean Hamilton: Nothing's impossible.

    Holly Hamilton: No. Some things are. Like a man that sends you an orchid, the most romantic flower, and then turns around and sends you a yellow rose. That's the kind of flower that someone sends their sick grandmother in the hospital.

  • Jean Hamilton: Oh, wow. It's great.

    Lenny: Yeah, it's a nineteen eighty, Pontiac Trans Am two-door hardtop. Got the original paint, the original exhaust. I rebuilt the tranny, tweaked the mill. And as a matter of fact, I got... got some new passenger mats right here, so would you mind just taking your shoes off? Before you get in?

  • Holly Hamilton: Hi mom.

    Jean Hamilton: What are you doing, here?

    Holly Hamilton: Umm. I just, I miss you.

  • Gloria: I can't believe it. And he sent you a present, too?

    Jean Hamilton: Yeah, a CD of a band I'd never heard of, but I loved. It's like he knows me better than I know myself.

    Gloria: So, why is he hiding?

    Jean Hamilton: He's not hiding. He's just...

    Gloria: Just what?

  • Holly Hamilton: Where are we going this time?

    Jean Hamilton: There's a spot open at Delores' bakery. You know, I've always wanted to go there, and you kids will love Brooklyn. It's time for a new adventure and... I'm sorry, honey. I know you were finally making some friends here.

    Holly Hamilton: It's no biggie. There's friends everywhere. Right?

  • Jean Hamilton: I'm Jean. This is my daughter, Holly.

    Lenny: Hey, how you doing, Holly?

    Holly Hamilton: Great, and I think we gotta go before you learn Step Two.

  • Jean Hamilton: Have you see these lines? I am in a race against time here. Scan it!

  • Lenny: So are you free Saturday night?

    Jean Hamilton: What'd you have in mind?

    Lenny: Oh, nothing short of rocking your world, babe.

    Jean Hamilton: Well, my world doesn't rock that easy.

    Dolores: That's right, make him work for it, girlfriend!

  • Jean Hamilton: Well, it's different.

    Holly Hamilton: So is a peanut butter and glue sandwich, that doesn't mean you eat it.

  • Jean Hamilton: Girls, this is my daughter Holly.

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