Jean Claude Quotes in Taken (2008)


Jean Claude Quotes:

  • Jean Claude: Just like the old days.

    Bryan: Would you have it any other way?

    Jean Claude: Between you and me, no. But now that I sit behind a desk, the world looks different.

    Bryan: You mean it looks boring.

    Jean Claude: I mean different. Okay, a little boring. But is being retired any more interesting?

    Bryan: It wasn't until my daughter disappeared in Paris yesterday. She and her friend were marked by a spotter at the airport. Albanians took her.

    Jean Claude: How do you know this?

    Bryan: I'm retired, not dead.

    Jean Claude: And I assume you don't want to go to the police.

    Bryan: I was told I have 96 hours. That was sixteen hours ago.

    Jean Claude: Okay, first we should find the spotter.

    Bryan: I found him. He's dead.

    Jean Claude: You found him that way?

    [Bryan stays silent]

    Jean Claude: Bryan, you cannot just run around, tearing down Paris.

    Bryan: Jean Claude, I will tear down the Eiffel Tower if I have to.

  • Bryan Mills: [after Jean Claude tries to shoot him] That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not.

    [Bryan pulls his gun and shoots Isabelle in the arm]

    Jean Claude: Isabelle!

    [Jean-Claude turns and shouts at Bryan in French]

    Jean Claude: You asshole!

    Bryan Mills: It's a flesh wound. But if you don't get me what I need, the last thing you'll see before I make your children orphans is the bullet I put between her eyes!

  • Jean Claude: Bryan, try not to make a mess!

  • Jean-Claude: [in a sing-song voice] I see London, I see France, I see Coco's underpants.

  • Jean-Claude: [after a video chat with Yamaguchi, in where Coco lies about being married to a single father, so she can earn the president job] What now, Pinocchio?

    Coco LaBouche: Years, of clawing my way to the top, gone to waste. Why am I not some CHILD STANDARD MOTHER? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Jean-Claude: Becuase you hate children, and men find you, to be a heartless shrew.

  • Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: I'm sorry we are late, but we've had a car accident.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Oh, nothing too serious, I trust.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: We are lucky to be alive.

    Police Commisioner Charles DreyfusPolice Chief Charles Lazar: Please, please.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Now, Chief, listen: normally, investigation of crimes committed in French territorial waters is your responsibility. But, as this kidnapping is politically so important to the government, the President has ordered me to personally take charge of the case.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: The...

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Now understand, it's not that he thinks you are less qualified; perhaps, he feels, after all, that I am, uh...

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: More qualified.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Well...

    [Dreyfus chuckles]

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: So... what are your orders?

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Well, first I want to know everything that is known about the case.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Well, this is everything we have to date.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Oh, good.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Then I want your best man as liaison; that would be Gambrelli.

    Jean Claude: [Jean-Claude is startled, coughs, and accidentally spits coffee out of his mouth]

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: I'll study this report tonight, and I'll see you here in the morning at 9 o'clock.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Right.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Oh, by the way, um... there was a police officer at the accident. How shall I, uh - heh, he... had an odd way of speaking, mispronouncing words.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Well...

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Crashed his bicycle into our car.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Doesn't ring a bell.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Hm, no? Well, perhaps it's not that important. See you in the morning.

    [Chief Lazar laughs as Dreyfus leaves his office]

  • Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: [Jacques awakens in his hospital bed] Ah, mother.

    Maria Gambrelli: Jacques, I was so worried.

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: [Jacques sighs, then gasps] The princess! They have taken the princess!

    Maria Gambrelli: [Jacques rises from his bed, only to be stopped by Maria] Please, Jacques!

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: I have to stop them! Oh, ohhh...

    [Jacques faints back into his bed]

    Maria Gambrelli: You see? You're not supposed to get up.

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: Oh, but I must tell the Commissioner about Uncle Idris.

    Maria Gambrelli: I will tell the Commissioner about Uncle Idris.


    Maria Gambrelli: Who is Uncle Idris?

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: Uncle Idris? I - I don't know. I remember hearing someone... that they were going to Darfur to visit Uncle Idris.

    Maria Gambrelli: Okay, just keep quiet.

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: [deliriously] Uncle Idris.

    Maria Gambrelli: Si, si, si.

    Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli: [deliriously] Uncle Idris.

    [Maria leaves Jacques's hospital room and enters an elevator; Chief Lazar and Jean Claude arrive in another elevator]

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: [Chief Lazar and Jean Claude enter Jacques's room, only to find he's not there] Well?

    Jean Claude: They said he was in Room 408.

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: I'll check. Hello? Hello?

    [Lazar goes over to the phone, only for Jacques to open the bathroom door, knocking Chief Lazar out of an open window]

    Police Chief Charles Lazar: Aaaah!

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: How is he?

    [Dreyfus is talking to Maria while Lazar screams as he falls down to the ground below]

    Maria Gambrelli: It was all I could do to keep Jacques from getting out of bed and coming down here to tell you about someone named Uncle Idris.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Idris?

    Maria Gambrelli: He said he overheard someone say they were going to Darfur.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Darfur? That's a small military republic, borders Lugash.

    Maria Gambrelli: Charles?

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: Yes, Maria?

    Maria Gambrelli: I'm worried about Jacques.

    Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus: There, there; if he's anything like his father, he'll be all right, he'll manage.

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