Jay Wickham Quotes in Flight to Fury (1964)


Jay Wickham Quotes:

  • Jay Wickham: Where are you from, Joe?

    Joe Gaines: Scranton... uh, Pennsylvania.

    Jay Wickham: I know. I'm from Beaver Falls, Idaho.

    Joe Gaines: Right.

    [they clink glasses]

    Jay Wickham: You, uh, travelling or what?

    Joe Gaines: Uh, just travelling.

    Jay Wickham: I'm not bugging you? I mean, I don't want to be the kind of guy, you know, buys you a drink and then chews your ear off.

    Joe Gaines: Don't worry about it.

    Jay Wickham: I guess I, uh, tend to be a little overly friendly at times.

    Joe Gaines: Where are you heading from here?

    Jay Wickham: Up to Japan. Tokyo, I think.

    Joe Gaines: Pretty girls in Japan.

    Jay Wickham: You ever want to see the ugliest women in the world, go to Boise, Idaho.

    Joe Gaines: Oh, is that right?

    Jay Wickham: Yeah, no question about it. I dated the Queen of Idaho one time. She was a throwaway anywhere else. She ran an all-night disc jockey show from a tower in the middle of a drive-in movie. Want another drink?

    Joe Gaines: Yeah, thanks.

    Jay Wickham: [to the bartender] Two more, please.

    [to Joe]

    Jay Wickham: Yeah, I dated her, right up there in the tower.

  • Jay Wickham: You know anything about death?

    Gloria Walsh: Death?

    Jay Wickham: Yeah, you know, death.

    Gloria Walsh: Are you interested in death?

    Jay Wickham: It's something that we all go through, at least once.

    Gloria Walsh: Can't deny that.

    Jay Wickham: People do.

    Gloria Walsh: I don't think so.

    Jay Wickham: Man spends millions, maybe billions of dollars a year on booze, drugs, women, religion, psychiartrists, you name it, just to obscure the fact of his ultimate demise.

    Gloria Walsh: Well, what should you do, think about it day and night?

    Jay Wickham: No, not at all, just give it it's due, that's all. Suppose a man's life is a drag, he makes a pledge, see, I'll stick around 'til I'm 50, then if I don't like it...

    [mimes shooting himself in the head]

    Jay Wickham: Colors the time leading to 50, right? He's only got to go so far, makes it easier, gives him control.

    Gloria Walsh: So?

    Jay Wickham: It gives his life form. That's all death is, punctuation.

    Gloria Walsh: You're focusing on the punctuation and forgetting the sentence.

    Jay Wickham: Interesting choice of words, sentence.

  • Jay Wickham: Joe, you want to know something?

    Joe Gaines: What?

    Jay Wickham: You're probably not going to like it.

    Joe Gaines: Well, then don't tell me.

    Jay Wickham: I'm getting kind of a boot out of it.

    Joe Gaines: What are you talking about?

    Jay Wickham: Coming through the crash alive, it makes me feel like, uh, immortal, you know?

    Joe Gaines: Are you out of your mind?

    Jay Wickham: No, it's true, it's a tremendous feeling.

    Joe Gaines: Look, I don't want to hear that crap. Now, we're going to be burying those people in there, let's see you feel immortal on that, buster.

    Jay Wickham: Burying them?

    Joe Gaines: Yeah, bury them.

    Jay Wickham: I can't.

    Joe Gaines: What do you mean, you can't?

    Jay Wickham: I'm not fooling around with any dead bodies.

    Joe Gaines: All right, OK... You dig and we'll bring them out.

  • Jay Wickham: [about the injured old Japanese man] This guy'll never make it.

    Joe Gaines: What's that mean?

    Jay Wickham: Nothing, why?

    Joe Gaines: You think we should dump him?

    Jay Wickham: I didn't say anything about that.

    Joe Gaines: Yeah, well, don't.

    Jay Wickham: What's the matter with you?

    Joe Gaines: Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Jay Wickham: I didn't say anything about dumping the old Jap. First place, the young guy'd never go for it. Notice how he never takes his eyes off him?

    Joe Gaines: No, I never noticed.

    Jay Wickham: Like he wants to see when he dies.

    Joe Gaines: Get away from me, will you?

    Jay Wickham: What?

    Joe Gaines: You depress me, Jay. Just keep away from me.

  • Jay Wickham: How are we going to get out? That's the point.

    Joe Gaines: What are you asking me for?

    Jay Wickham: [looking at Lorgren sitting on the floor with his broken leg] Well, I'll tell you one thing, they're not going to let us limp out.

    Lorgren: Your single-minded desire for self-preservation is a truly admirable thing, Mr. Wickham. You must have much to live for.

    Jay Wickham: I didn't break your leg.

  • Joe Gaines: I don't feel much like relying on this guy's hospitality, but it's one hell of lot better than getting my brains blown out escorting a hospital train out of here.

    Jay Wickham: Well, I'm not waiting around til this monkey decides to blow my head off. I'm taking the first chance I get and cutting, that's all there is to it.

    Destiny Cooper: I haven't done much running lately.

    Lorgren: You haven't been jailed lately. It is apparent we cannot sneak out from under their eyes. It seems to me that, even considering my broken leg and Destiny's feminine gait, a well-timed flight is our best chance.

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