Jason Hawkins Quotes in Cloverfield (2008)


Jason Hawkins Quotes:

  • Hud: So, how do you want to do this? Do you want to do most of the talking? Or do your want me to do most of the talking?

    Jason Hawkins: You're not doing any talking.

    Hud: Okay. Cool.

  • Jason Hawkins: [to panicked friends] Shut up! All right, we don't know what we saw. The point is it's still here, all right? So we need to get the hell out of Manhattan! Now!

  • Jason Hawkins: [to Rob] You're not good enough for her. That's it. That's fact. That's science. Beth McIntyre is like from a whole nother planet, man. She's beautiful, she's charming. And you, I love you, but let's face it you're kind of a douchebag. And going to Japan is not going to fix that.

  • Lily Ford: Rob and Beth slept together.

    Hud: Are you serious?

    Lily Ford: Yeah, a few weeks ago. Beth made me promise not to say anything.

    Jason Hawkins: Are you kidding me Lily? Rob and Beth sleeping together and you're not even going to tell me that?

    Hud: Why wouldn't you tell me?

    Lily Ford: [long pause] Why wouldn't I tell you?

  • Jason Hawkins: [to Rob] You just need to say 'forget the world' and hold on to the people that you care about the most.

  • Lily Ford: Can you see me through the viewfinder?

    Jason Hawkins: Yeah. Got ya.

    Lily Ford: Good. Now can you see me trying to carry these bags all by myself?

    Jason Hawkins: You're doing a great job.

    Lily Ford: [handing him a bag] Here, practice doing two things at once.

  • Lily Ford: Robert Hawkins, I can't believe you're leaving me to look after your brother by myself!

    Jason Hawkins: Oh! Easy, easy. I'm mean I'm obviously standing right here.

    Lily Ford: And I know I'm not officially family... yet...

    Jason Hawkins: Not fair.

    Hud: [to Lily] Dude... I'll cut him out later.

    Lily Ford: But I think of you as my brother, and I hope you think of me as your sister.

  • Jason Hawkins: Hud! Listen, I got a job for you.

    Hud: Uh, I've already got a job, putting up the sign.

    Jason Hawkins: Yeah, I see that but this is more important than the sign. Um, you know how at weddings people give testimonies to the camera, right?

    Hud: No.

    Jason Hawkins: Alright. You're going to take the camera and just you know go around the party and film people telling Rob good luck.

    Hud: I don't know. I mean, that's a lot of responsibility Jason and...

    Jason Hawkins: Marlena's going to be here.

    Hud: She is?

  • Jason Hawkins: I guess he's just random.

  • Lily Ford: [with the camera, while walking the streets, horns honking] Oh, perfect. And now we can have a nice record of you getting run over.

    Jason Hawkins: [while holding the camera] Is that funny?

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