Janusz Quotes in The Way Back (2010)


Janusz Quotes:

  • Mr. Smith: In the camps, some saw death as freedom.

    Janusz: Then why didn't you just kill yourself?

    Mr. Smith: Survival was a kind of protest. Being alive was my punishment.

    Janusz: Punishment for what?

    Mr. Smith: I brought David to Russia.

    Janusz: And now no one can forgive you. And you can't forgive yourself...

  • [last lines]

    Man: Where have you come from?

    Janusz: Siberia.

    Man: Siberia?

    Religious man: [speaks to crowd in unknown language]

    Man: And how did you come, sir?

    Janusz: We walked.

    Man: Walked?

    [crowd noise]

  • [first lines]

    [in Polish, using English subtitles]

    Interrogator: [presents pen to sign confession]

    Janusz: No.

    Interrogator: Bring in the witness.

    Janusz's Wife, 1939: [brought in]

    Interrogator: Do you know this man? His name?

    Janusz's Wife, 1939: Janusz Wieszczek.

    Interrogator: Witness, what's your relationship with this man?

    Janusz's Wife, 1939: [crying] I am his wife.

    Interrogator: Accused, do you confirm this?

    Janusz's Wife, 1939: Yes.

    Interrogator: Witness, what do you have to say about the accused?

    Janusz's Wife, 1939: [agonizing] From his conversation, I have come to know he is critical of the Party, especially the leader of the Soviet people, Comrade Stalin.

    Janusz: What have they done to you?

  • Janusz: We are not criminals. We are escaping from criminals.

  • Janusz: Why would an American move to Russia for God sakes?

    Irena: The Depression.

  • Janusz: [eating snake] Tastes like chicken.

    Zoran: Yeah. A big black poisonous chicken with no legs.

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