Janie Gibbs Quotes in Harriet the Spy (1996)


Janie Gibbs Quotes:

  • [the Spy Catchers are eating cake at their clubhouse; Pinky eats his slice using a wrench]

    Rachel Hennessy: Someone told me the only reason you guys hang out with me is because of my mom's cake.

    Pinky Whitehead: [with his mouth full] Well, it is very good cake.

    [a furious Marion throws a crumpled up tin foil wrapper at Pinky causing him to flinch]

    Janie Gibbs: Yeah, but how come we get these pieces and you guys get those?

    Rachel Hennessy: We told you: we're officers.

    Marion Hawthorne: And we need our strength.

    [tosses a wrench towards Jamie]

    Marion Hawthorne: You get to fix the clubhouse.

    Janie Gibbs: [sarcastically] Somebody's dreaming.

    Sport: I'm so bored.

    Rachel Hennessy: If you don't like it, you can leave.

    Sport: Hey, you're right.

    [Sport gets up and leaves, but not before grabbing a handful of cake from the table]

    Janie Gibbs: [to Sport] Wait up!

    [Janie leaves with Sport]

    Janie Gibbs: [about Marion; in front of her] Anybody sick of listening to her ought to get a life.

    Marion Hawthorne: [shouting; to Sport and Janie] Okay, but you can't come back! We're voting! It's official!

  • Miss Elson: [to the class] Good morning. Today we're...

    [pauses and sees Harriet's hand raised]

    Miss Elson: Yes, Harriet?

    [Harriet puts her hand down and stands up out of her desk]

    Harriet M. Welsch: Miss Elson, I've been thinking a lot, and you know how class president automatically gets to be editor of the sixth grade newspaper?

    Miss Elson: Yes.

    Harriet M. Welsch: Well... I think... I think it's too much for one person and it's not fair to everybody because everybody deserves a chance, and we should change it.

    [Marion slams her hand down on her desk]

    Marion Hawthorne: [shouting loudly] OBJECTION!

    Miss Elson: This isn't a courtroom, Marion.

    Miss Elson: [as Harriet sits back down in her seat] I like that idea, Harriet. Let's see what the class thinks.

    Marion Hawthorne: [gets up from her desk] Miss Elson, I think I speak for everybody when I say this is... this is a really, really, stupid idea!

    Miss Elson: That is one opinion. But let's take a vote. Marion is now editor of The Guidepost, would anyone like to nominate another candidate?

    [the class whispers among themselves about another candidate]

    Miss Elson: Well... I guess if no one has anything to say...

    Boy with Purple Socks: [gets up from his desk and finally speaks in front of the entire class, much to everybody's surprise] I have something to say: I think that Harriet is a very good writer, and if we only listen to one person's opinion, we may never get anywhere new. But Harriet might have something very original, and I'd like to read what she has to write.

    [sits back down]

    Miss Elson: Is there a second?

    Sport: [raises his hand] I second it.

    Janie Gibbs: [raises her hand] I third it.

    Miss Elson: Okay, then. Harriet Welch is now a candidate for editor. Who votes for Harriet?

    [much to Marion's dismay, the entire class raises their hands in approval for Harriet as editor; Harriet raises both hands]

    Miss Elson: And that... is that.

    Harriet M. Welsch: [whispers] Yes!

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