Jane Scott Quotes in Baby, Take a Bow (1934)


Jane Scott Quotes:

  • Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Did you tell her about her present?

    Eddie Ellison: Who, me? Gee, won't she look cute in that?

    Jane Scott: Oh, it's darling.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: It cost an awful lot.

    Eddie Ellison: It's for Shirley, isn't it? She only has a birthday once a year.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Every day is her birthday with you.

    Eddie Ellison: Well, why shouldn't it be? Say, here's another littl gadget I bought for Shirley.

    Larry Scott: What is it?

    Eddie Ellison: Take a look.

    [He hands Larry a small telescope. When Larry looks into it, it leaves a black ring around his eye]

    Larry Scott: I don't see anything.

    Eddie Ellison: No, but we do!

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Oh, Eddie, you and your tricks. You're not going to give that to the baby. You're making her as bad as you are.

  • Larry Scott: Say, how 'bout going to the movies with us tonight?

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Oh, thanks, but we can't leave Shirley.

    Larry Scott: They're showing 10,000 years in Sing-Sing at the Cameo.

    Eddie Ellison: Gee, what a long stretch!

    Jane Scott: They say it's awful funny.

    Eddie Ellison: Not for my dough.

    Larry Scott: Well, come on, Jane. We'll be late.

    Eddie Ellison: Say, Larry, what's your hurry? If you miss three or four years, it don't make any difference.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Have a good time.

    Larry Scott: Thanks. Sorry you won't come with us. So long.

    Kay 'Funny Face' EllisonEddie EllisonJane Scott: Good-bye.

    Eddie Ellison: Oh. Hey, Larry.

    Larry Scott: Yeah?

    Eddie Ellison: We've got to be on the job early in the morning. Stop by for me, and we'll dunk a couple of doughnuts.

    Larry Scott: Right.

    Eddie Ellison: And say, let me know what the guy did to get 10,000 years.

  • Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: What's happened?

    Eddie Ellison: Well, the breadwinners have stopped winning.

    Larry Scott: Yeah, looks like we're in for a little vacation.

    Jane Scott: You mean you were discharged.

    Eddie Ellison: Well, not exactly. We were canned.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: But they can't let you off for nothing.

    Eddie Ellison: No. I know they can't. But they did. Welch saw to that.

    Jane Scott: Who's Welch?

    Larry Scott: Well, he's an old friend of ours.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Will you excuse us for a minute? I want to talk to Eddie alone.

    [Eddie and Kay go into the next room]

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Now listen, Eddie. When we were married we said we'd go 50-50 on everything, didn't we?

    Eddie Ellison: Uh-huh.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Well, that meant joy and trouble, too. You always let me in on the joy, now. Why not the trouble?

    Eddie Ellison: There's nothing more to tell.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Eddie, look at me. Did Larry have anything to do with this?

    Eddie Ellison: No.

    Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Well, then. We haven't a thing to worry about.

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