Jane Parker Quotes in Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)


Jane Parker Quotes:

  • Jane Parker: Thank you for protecting me.

    Tarzan: Me?

    Jane Parker: I said, thank you for protecting me.

    Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me?

    Jane Parker: No. I'm only "Me" for me.

    Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me.

    Jane Parker: No. To you, I'm "You."

    Tarzan: [points at himself] You.

    Jane Parker: No...

    [Thinks for a second]

    Jane Parker: I'm Jane Parker. Understand? Jane, Jane.

    Tarzan: [points at Jane] Jane, Jane.

    Jane Parker: Yes, Jane. And you?

    [Tarzan stares]

    Jane Parker: [points at herself] Jane.

    Tarzan: Jane.

    Jane Parker: [points at Tarzan] And you?

    Tarzan: Tarzan. Tarzan.

    Jane Parker: Tarzan...

  • James Parker: [James, Jane's father, starts to leave when she starts to undress] Yes, well, I-I-I-I I think I better be...

    Jane Parker: Darling, don't be silly and embarrassed by me! Why, you bathed me some times and you spanked me too! Several times.

    James Parker: Rarely, dearly.

    Jane Parker: No, preferably, if you actually had. I wouldn't be so obstinate. And I am! Very obstinate.

  • Harry Holt: Can you shoot?

    Jane Parker: Like an angel.

  • [Tarzan has mischievously pulled Jane into a lake]

    Jane Parker: That wasn't a bit charming! You're just like a nasty little boy!

    Tarzan: Boy?

    Jane Parker: Yes!

    [Tarzan playfully dunks her under the water]

    Jane Parker: Oh Tarzan! Please let me go!

    Tarzan: Go?

    Jane Parker: Yes! Go!

    [Tarzan dunks her under the water again]

    Tarzan: Go?

    Jane Parker: Yes! No! Oh Tarzan! Let me go! Tarzan, don't!

    Tarzan: Don't?

    Jane Parker: Don't!

    [Tarzan dunks her under the water again]

    Jane Parker: I didn't say dunk! I said, don't!

    Tarzan: Don't!

    Jane Parker: Tarzan, don't!

    [pats his cheek]

    Jane Parker: Nice, Tarzan. Nice, Tarzan.

    Tarzan: Jane?

  • Jane Parker: What color are your eyes? Yes, I know, the color of the forest. Gray-green. I wonder what you'd look like dressed. Pretty good! You'd be a great success in London. And I believe you'd love it.

    Tarzan: Love it?

    Jane Parker: Or would you? Women are such fools. They'd spoil you.

    Tarzan: Boy!

    Jane Parker: I don't think you'd better look at me like that. You're awfully attractive. I love saying things to a man who can't understand. You don't even know what kisses are.

    Tarzan: Love it!

    Jane Parker: I dare say you would.

  • Jane Parker: Where are my boots?

    [Tarzan is sitting on them so she can't leave]

    Jane Parker: [tries to push him off] I do wish you wouldn't be so playful! Give me those boots! Tarzan, please give me those boots!

    [Tarzan abruptly grabs her foot, making her fall]

    Jane Parker: Tarzan, let go! Let go of my foot! That hurt me!

    Tarzan: Hurt me? Hurt me?

    Jane Parker: Oh, don't be so funny. Now, let go!

    [Tarzan inspects her foot]

    Jane Parker: Alright. When you're quite finished, I'll put my boots on.

    [Tarzan brushes the sole of her foot, causing her to squirm]

    Jane Parker: Tarzan, you're tickling! Stop!

    Tarzan: Love it?

    Jane Parker: No such thing.

    Tarzan: [Tarzan lets go of her foot and touches her face with the palm of his hand] Jane.

    Jane Parker: [Jane touches his face with the palm of her hand] You can't get around me like that.

    [Tarzan grabs her hand and compares it to his own]

    Jane Parker: Yes, there's quite a difference, isn't there? You like that difference? You've never seen anyone like me before, have you?

  • Jane Parker: Tarzan, where are you going? Don't go.

    [Tarzan picks up Jane]

    Jane Parker: Oh, Tarzan, please.

  • Jane Parker: Tarzan, what am I doing here, alone with you? Perhaps I better not think too much about that. Just to be here, be happy, and I am happy. Not a bit afraid. Not a bit sorry. Oh, Tarzan, I wish I could make you understand. Perhaps I can, gradually. Come here.

    [Puts her arms around Tarzan]

    Jane Parker: What are we going to do about us?

    Tarzan: Us?

    Jane Parker: You and I?

    Tarzan: You and I.

    Jane Parker: [laughs] Darling, you got that right.

    Tarzan: [recites all of the words that he has learned] Tarzan. Jane. Hurt me. Boy. Love it. Jane.

    Jane Parker: Darling, that's quite a sentence.

  • Jane Parker: Tarzan! Don't go! Come with us. We'll all go back together. Tarzan. Tarzan! Tarzan.

    James Parker: Jane, dear, you belong to us and he brought you back. Now, you must let him go. He belongs to the jungle.

    Jane Parker: Not now, he belongs to me.

  • Jane Parker: Are these - pygmies?

    Harry Holt: No, they're dwarfs.

  • Jane Parker: The best weapon a woman has is a man's imagination.

  • [Tarzan awakens Jane by blowing lightly in her face]

    Jane Parker: Tarzan, you're a bad boy.

    Tarzan: Good morning, I love you.

    Jane Parker: Good morning, I love you. You never forget, do you, Tarzan?

    Tarzan: Never forget... I love you.

    Jane Parker: Love who?

    Tarzan: Love you.

    Jane Parker: [shakes her head] M-mm! Love who?

    Tarzan: Love Jane.

    Jane Parker: Love... my...

    Tarzan: My... wife. My wife!

    Jane Parker: Oh, Tarzan!

    [She giggles as he nibbles her neck]

    Jane Parker: Go on now, lazy bones. Go and get my fruit juice. Go on.

    [Tarzan reaches over and hands her her cup]

    Jane Parker: Ooo, you've been out shopping early, huh? Or did you spend the night at the club? Now, you can't get around me like that. Are you sure there isn't another woman?

    Tarzan: [points at Jane] Woman.

    [points to himself]

    Tarzan: Man.

    Jane Parker: That's the way it should be, Tarzan.

    [They kiss]

    Tarzan: I love you. Happy.

  • Martin Arlington: But he's got to understand. Every penny we've got in the world is tied up in this.

    Jane Parker: Tarzan knows nothing about money. That wouldn't mean anything to him.

    Harry Holt: Well, what's the harm? They're all dead.

    [referring to the elephants in the Elephants Graveyard]

    Jane Parker: It's as though somebody asked you to rob a graveyard back home.

    Martin Arlington: But these are animals. They're not humans. This is different.

    Jane Parker: Not to him.

  • Jane Parker: I belong with him.

  • [last lines]

    Tarzan: [points to wrist] Always gone.

    Jane Parker: No dear, always is just beginning, for you and me.

  • Jane Parker: Throw that down to me, Cheeta. Cheeta. Give that to me! Oh, Cheeta, that isn't funny. Throw it down to me Cheeta. Throw it down! Cheeta, can't you see I've got nothing on. Cheeta, give it. Give it to me. Give it to me! Give it... that's a good monkey.

  • Jane Parker: You want me to go back, don't you?

    Harry Holt: You must go back, Jane.

    Jane Parker: Why?

    Harry Holt: You can't stay here. Supposing anything happened to him. You couldn't live.

    Jane Parker: I don't think I'd want to.

    Harry Holt: That's nonsense. Suppose he were to die.

    Jane Parker: Why should he?

    Harry Holt: Anything can happen in this place, Jane. Where would you be then?

    Jane Parker: Where would he be if I went back?

    Harry Holt: Well... well, let him come along, too.

    Jane Parker: Tarzan over there? Then he would die.

  • Martin Arlington: You know, you're the first woman I ever had to coax into an evening gown.

    Jane Parker: I imagine that isn't your usual practice.

    Martin Arlington: Well, everything seems to go by opposites here. I believe I have this dance, Lady Jane.

    Jane Parker: Oh yes!

    [They begin to dance]

    Jane Parker: You know, I really promised this dance to the duke of Riverbottom, but as the old fogey isn't here, we'll let him wait.

    Martin Arlington: Thank you. You know, you're a fascinating little savage.

    Jane Parker: Hmm?

    [Martin forcibly kisses Jane. She pulls away, horrified]

    Martin Arlington: Forgive me, please. I forgot myself. You're... you're so lovely.

    Jane Parker: I blame myself as much as you.

    Martin Arlington: Please don't.

    Jane Parker: Oh, we'll forget about it, if you'll remember that there's only one man that means anything to me. And that's Tarzan.

  • Jane Parker: [ties a pocket watch around Tarzan's wrist] This was my father's. I want you to wear it... always.

    Tarzan: Always.

  • Tarzan: [Awakens Jane by blowing lightly in her face] 'Morning. I love you.

    Jane Parker: Good morning. I love you.

    Tarzan: [Holds up wrist with the pocket watch] Always.

    Jane Parker: Yes, darling. Always.

  • Jane Parker: He... he can't be... gone.

    Martin Arlington: Jane, you must face facts. They're cruel, but you must.

    Jane Parker: Why, he's fought a hundred crocodiles!

    Martin Arlington: He didn't see it. I shouted. He turned, but there was nothing he could do.

    Jane Parker: He might have got away.

    Martin Arlington: Jane, you've got to look after yourself.

    Jane Parker: [runs to Harry] Did you find any... any... any...

    Harry Holt: Sorry.

    Jane Parker: But there must be some traces. Even if he were... were...


    Jane Parker: [a native man finds the pocket watch in the river]

    Jane Parker: [grimly takes the watch] He said... always!


    Jane Parker: [Martin starts to lead Jane away]

    Jane Parker: Wait.

    [She turns and drops the pocket watch into the river]

    Jane Parker: Take me away.

  • Jane Parker: Put yourself in the queen's shoes. She knows the only reason the king's asked you here is because he desires you. She's a good woman, trust me.

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