Jamie Munro Quotes in RV (2006)


Jamie Munro Quotes:

  • Cassie, age 5: Daddy?

    Bob Munro: Yeah, baby?

    Cassie, age 5: I'm never gonna get married.

    Bob Munro: Why not? It's not as bad as it looks.

    Cassie, age 5: Because I always want to live here with you.

    Bob Munro: Well, you know, one day, you're gonna grow up, meet a wonderful guy, and you're gonna get married. But you and I will always be best friends.

    [kisses forehead]

    Cassie Munro: [Scene switch] Dad, could you be any more of a dork?

    Bob Munro: Cassie, you know where this girl lives or you just think you know?

    Cassie Munro: I know where, I just know one way to get there. And you refuse to go that way.

    Bob Munro: Because it's a stupid way.

    Jamie Munro: You're lost, aren't you?

    Bob Munro: Yes I'm lost, because our daughter doesn't know where her friend's house it. She knows it's next to the house with the fountain.

  • Carl Munro: Does anybody have a vomit bag?

    Jamie Munro: You sick?

    Carl Munro: Big time. Cassie and Earl are making out.

  • Cassie Munro: Mom, some idiot just parked this ugly RV outside our house.

    Jamie Munro: What?

    Cassie Munro: Oh, my God, it's your husband.

  • Cassie Munro: This is the worst I've ever been treated.

    Jamie Munro: Wait till you get married.

  • Jamie Munro: I feel like that hitchhiker in The Twilight Zone.

    Cassie Munro: What do they like about us? We're not even that appealing.

  • Bob Munro: So where do you park your hat?

    Travis Gornicke: Behind that wheel there, that's our bus.

    Jamie Munro: Well then how do Moon, Earl and... not Earl go to school?

    Marie Jo Gornicke: Home schooling.

    Bob Munro: This next question may seem personal but how do you...

    Travis Gornicke: Make a living? Well let's see, we got $25,000 when we turned in Mary Jo's stepfather.

    Marie Jo Gornicke: In prison he's getting the help he needs.

  • Bob Munro: [after taking a sudden and far swerve to get away from the Gornickes] Where did you learn to drive like that?

    Jamie Munro: How do you think I get the kids to school on time?

  • Bob Munro: [a raccoon has invaded their RV; Bob is trying to muster the family to help him get rid of it] See what the raccoon is doing? Playing head games. He wants to divide and conquer us. We have to hang together. Stay strong!

    Jamie Munro: [Impassively] Just get rid of it.

    Bob Munro: Just me?

    Jamie Munro: Yeah.

    Bob Munro: Okay...

    [Meekly heads back into the RV, alone]

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