Jamie Archer Quotes in Face/Off (1997)


Jamie Archer Quotes:

  • Castor Troy: [after saving Archers daughter from help boyfriend raping her] Do you have protection?

    Jamie Archer: Protection? You mean like condoms?

    Castor Troy: [pulls out his switchblade] Protection. Next time, let Carl take his pants down, slip this in his thigh, twist it. So the wound won't close...

    [gives her the knife]

    Castor Troy: Go on, get out of here.

    [Jamie leaves]

    Castor Troy: I am the King!

  • Jamie Archer: [sobbing as Eve hugs her] Please tell me what planet I'm on!

  • [walks into her room and sees Jamie in her underwear]

    [to himself]

    Castor Troy: The plot thickens.

    Jamie Archer: [on the phone] Carl, I'll have to call you back.

    [hangs up]

    Jamie Archer: You're not respecting my boundaries.

    Castor Troy: I'm coming in, Janie.

    Jamie Archer: Janie?

    Castor Troy: [seeing a pillow that says Jamie on it, he realizes his mistake] I don't think you heard me, JAMIE. You got something I crave.

    [closes in on Jamie, reaches back and grabs her pack of cigarettes]

    Jamie Archer: [nervously] Danielle left those here.

    Castor Troy: I won't tell mom if you don't.

    [puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it]

    Jamie Archer: When did you start smoking?

    Castor Troy: You'll be seeing a lot of changes around here.

    [blows smoke rings at Jamie]

    Castor Troy: Papa's got a brand new bag. OW!

  • Jamie Archer: Dad, I'm sorry I shot you.

  • Jamie Archer: HOLD IT!

    Castor Troy: Good girl, Jamie. SHOOT HIM!

    Sean Archer: Honey, don't listen to him. He's not your father.

    [Archer's original voice]

    Sean Archer: Hear my voice. I'M YOUR FATHER!

    Castor Troy: Use your eyes, Jamie and shoot him!

    Sean Archer: Don't shoot. Just don't...

    Castor Troy: This scumbag, this SCUMBAG shot your BROTHER Jamie. SHOOT HIM!

    [Jamie shoots Archer in the shoulder]

  • Sean Archer: [Introducing Adam to Jamie and Eve] This is Adam and he needs a place to live why don't show Adam his new room?

    Jamie Archer: Come on

    Dr. Eve Archer: [nods] Ok

  • Sean Archer: I've got something... I have to ask both of you

    [brings Adam in the house]

    Sean Archer: this is Adam... and he needs a place to live

    Jamie Archer: [to Adam] Hi, my name's Jamie

    Adam Hassler: I'm Adam

    Sean Archer: Why don't you show Adam his new room?

    Jamie Archer: Come on

    Dr. Eve Archer: OK

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