James Gannon Quotes in Teacher's Pet (1958)


James Gannon Quotes:

  • James Gannon: How could you give up a real newspaper job for teaching?

    Erica Stone: Well, that's a very good question, Mr. Gallagher. Maybe for the same reason that occasionally a musician wants to be a conductor, he wants to hear a hundred people play music the way he hears it.

  • Dr. Hugo Pine: I can drink any amount of alcohol I like and it doesn't bother me a bit.

    James Gannon: Well it doesn't bither me a bot either!

  • James Gannon: [referring to Dr. Pine, Prof. Stone's boyfriend] So he's got more degrees than a thermometer, so he speaks seven languages, so he's read every book. So what? The important thing is he's had no experience. He didn't start at the bottom and work up. That's the only way you can learn.

    Peggy DeFore: You're so right, Jim-zee. Take me. Where would I be if I just read books?

  • Peggy DeFore: Jimsy, what's a psychologist?

    James Gannon: A guy who gives all kinds of advice about things he knows nothing about.

  • James Gannon: Morning. Hangover?

    Dr. Hugo Pine: Calling what I have a 'hangover' is like referring to the Johnstown flood as a slight drizzle.

  • James Gannon: [while reading the Eureka Bulletin] Joel Barlow Stone. I'm sorry, but you stink!

  • James Gannon: [providing an impromptu lesson to Barney] By the way, you heard about it, didn't you?

    Barney Kovac: What?

    James Gannon: Found him dead.

    Barney Kovac: Who?

    James Gannon: Boss.

    Barney Kovac: No kidding. When?

    James Gannon: Two minutes ago.

    Barney Kovac: Where did they find him?

    James Gannon: In his office.

    Barney Kovac: What did happen?

    James Gannon: Some dame shot him.

    James Gannon: Some dame sho... Why?

    James Gannon: Barney, you have just asked me six very important questions: who, what, where, when, how, and why. That's what every news story should answer.

  • Gartner: [after being paged to Gannon's desk] Yup?

    James Gannon: Almost forgot: press conference. Got some visiting firemen from Russia. Grab a cameraman, I told them we'd be right over.

    [hands Gartner slip of paper]

    Gartner: Okay.

    [turns to walk away, notices paper is not the intended address, but a flattering sketch of Erica Stone]

    James Gannon: What's the matter?

    Gartner: [chuckling, hands back sketch] Well, that's one way to end the Cold War.

    [Gannon sees his error, snatches sketch back in embarrassment]

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