James Conrad Quotes in Kong: Skull Island (2017)


James Conrad Quotes:

  • [after credits]

    James Conrad: You just gonna sit there? In the dark? You're enjoying this, right? Is this fun for you? I promise I won't tell the Russians.

    Mason Weaver: I promise *I* will tell the Russians.

    James Conrad: She's gonna tell the Russians.

    [throws pencil at the reverse mirror]

    James Conrad: Why are you keeping us here?

    Mason Weaver: I want to go home.

    James Conrad: We get it. There was no island. We were never on an island.

    Houston Brooks: [enters the room] Island? What island?

    James Conrad: Brooks, what the hell is going on?

    Houston Brooks: Welcome to MONARCH. This island is just the beginning.

    San: There's more out there.

    James Conrad: What do you mean more?

    Houston Brooks: This world never belonged to us. It belonged to them. The question is, how long before they take it back. Kong is not the only king.

    [Godzilla roars]

  • Mason Weaver: Wasn't Kong the one who killed your friend?

    Hank Marlow: No.

    Hank Marlow: [points to painting of a creature] One of them did. Kong's god on the island, but the devils live below us.

    James Conrad: And what are they called?

    Hank Marlow: The Iwis won't speak their name, but I call them... Skullcrawlers.

    James Conrad: Why?

    Hank Marlow: Cause it sounds neat.

    James Conrad: Okay.

    Hank Marlow: Look, I just made that name up. I'm trying to scare you.

    Mason Weaver: I'm fine calling them that.

    Mason Weaver: [to James] Are you cool with that?

    James Conrad: Yeah. That seems okay.

    Mason Weaver: I like the name.

    Hank Marlow: I've never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I say it. Just... you call them whatever you want.

  • James Conrad: We're gonna save Kong.

  • James Conrad: I'm sorry, Colonel Packard...

    [holds up Chapman's dog tags]

    James Conrad: Chapman is dead.

    Preston Packard: Doesn't change a thing. We're still going to that crash site.

    James Conrad: What's at that crash site that you want so badly?

    Preston Packard: Weapons! Enough to kill it!

    James Conrad: Kong didn't kill Chapman...

    Preston Packard: [holding up dog tags] But he DID kill these men! MY men!

  • James Conrad: Don't forget to tell me this is a bad idea.

    Mason Weaver: This is a bad idea.

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