Jake Roenick Quotes in Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)


Jake Roenick Quotes:

  • Jake Roenick: Don't miss, Bishop.

    Marion Bishop: Run fast, Sergeant.

  • Marko: My man here say your dog testify at his cousins trial.

    Jake Roenick: [laughs] Oh, shit!

  • Jake Roenick: I want to live; as opposed to I don't want to die.

  • Jake Roenick: [Throwing a badge on the table] So, I just killed someone. His name was Danny Barbaro, a cop... he works for Ray Portnow. Tell me Bishop, why are police officers risking their lives to get to you?

    Marion Bishop: I suppose you know who I am, Sergant Roenick?

    Jake Roenick: You're a scumbag gangster.

    Marion Bishop: Well, one of my scumbag partners in crime is your fellow officer, Marcus DuVall. Me and DuVall used to split things fifty-fifty. Marcus got greedy, he wanted more.

    Jake Roenick: So what?

    Marion Bishop: So, if I go to court and finger all of them... they go to jail, for the rest of their days.

  • Jake Roenick: Tell me Mrs. Doctor mind fuck, what do you think I'm hiding from? And if you're right, I'll you tell you you're right.

    Alex Sabian: I believe the prospect of responsibility has rendered you impotent, and that's why you're working at this old precinct behind a desk

    Jake Roenick: I'm injured alright? That's why I'm here

    Alex Sabian: Bullshit, you feel responsible for the death of team eight months ago and that's why you're here

    Jake Roenick: I didn't do anything wrong a board of inquiry cleared me

    Alex Sabian: You didn't do anything wrong but it was your decision that sent them down the left hallway and not the right hallway and out the front door and not the back door and you don't want to make decisions like that again

    Jake Roenick: So you may be right, do you want a medal?

  • [first lines]

    Jake Roenick: Listen to me. What are we talking about, really? Getting high? No. We're talking about a journey, man. A subconscious safari. A mental expedition, OK, a mind trek. This planet has been raped, pillaged and fucked! And the mind is the only uncharted territory

    [picks up cocaine]

    Jake Roenick: And this shit is the ship. It's the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and you... are fuckin' Magellan.

    [spills a little bit of cocaine]

    Jake Roenick: Oh fuck... I spilled some.

    [laughs hysterically]

    Jake Roenick: So what do you say my Serbian motherfucking friend? Do you want to take a trip or do you want to sit on your ass?

    Marko: Yeah, OK, Napoleon... let's see what you got.

  • Jake Roenick: Put your goddamned gun down !

  • Jake Roenick: The threat is over!

    Smiley: Are you fucking kidding me, Sergeant?

  • Jake Roenick: Why did I let her go?

    Marion Bishop: I know a lot about dying, Sergeant. There's two ways you can handle it. With self pity, or without it.

    Jake Roenick: Fuck you. Get out of my office.

    Marion Bishop: I see you've made your decision.

  • Iris Ferry: Stalked! That's not very nice, boss.

    Jake Roenick: You're right. You're lovely and amazing and it's my honor to spend New Year's Eve with you.

    Iris Ferry: And you're a sarcastic prick, aren't ya? We're going to have a good time tonight, boss. We officially shut down and all calls are diverted, so we might as well be closed now. We can start getting fucked up real early!

    Jake Roenick: Alright, not too early. We got to start picking this shit up.

    Iris Ferry: Not much. All the computers are gone and most of the gear. Now, come on, Sarge. It's my favorite holiday. I even put on my sexy holiday boots. Even though we're here, I want to do it right.

    Jake Roenick: How could you possibly do it wrong?

  • Sgt. Jasper O'Shea: Those girls are dead.

    Iris Ferry: [Everyone looks at Jasper stunned at what happened without hope] . We don't have a God damned chance. Do we? Sarge!

    [frustrated at Jake's lack of response]

    Iris Ferry: . Sarge, God fucking damn it! The five of us can't hold them back. They're going to take out each and everyone of us. What are we suppose to do, Sarge?

    [Jake zones out as he asks himself that question]

    Iris Ferry: . What are we supposed? What the fuck are we supposed to do?

    [Everyone continues to glance at Jake as he ponders Iris's plead for help]

    Jake Roenick: [clueless and hopeless] I don't know.

    [Jake leaves the room while Jasper, Iris, and Bishop look on]

  • [repeated lines]

    Jake Roenick: So, our shit's still on pause. Is that it?

    Marion Bishop: Yeah, our shit's on pause.

  • Iris Ferry: [holding her pack of cigarettes with helping the wounded Jake to the ambulance] . Shit! This is fucking tempting!

    [taking a cigarette out]

    Jake Roenick: [Stopping her] Uh, don't break your New Year's resolution. Eh, give me one. I didn't make that promise.

    [Iris offers him a cigarette and lights it for him]

    Jake Roenick: .

    Iris Ferry: Sergeant, I didn't even recognize you tonight. You were like a whole different other badass tough motherfucker back there, huh?


    Jake Roenick: [smiles] Ummm, think so? Yeah, well, get use to it.

    [Iris continues laughing]

    Jake Roenick: .

    Iris Ferry: Happy New Year, Sarge!

  • Marcus Duvall: Call Roenick.

    Marion Bishop: Who's Roenick?

    [Marcus tortures Bishop by pressing his gun against Bishop's gunshot wound]

    Marion Bishop: .

    Marcus Duvall: It's that son of a bitch out there. Isn't it? Call Roenick. Tell him I'm dead.

    Marion Bishop: You know me, Marcus. I cannot tell a lie.


    Marion Bishop: Look at you. When I first approached you ten years ago, you couldn't look me in the eye. One of those nervous God fearing types. Now, you put a bullet in me, no hesitation. You're quite the changed man this New Year's, Marcus.

    Marcus Duvall: [acknowledging Bishop's refusal to cooperate] . Now, this is the last fucking time. Tell me where Roenick is.

    Jake Roenick: [Jake appears] He doesn't have to.

    [continuing to walk towards Duvall aiming his gun]

    Jake Roenick: Drop your weapon.

    [Duvall stands up and aims his weapon at Bishop with a long pause ensuing]

    Marion Bishop: What are you waiting for? Shoot him.

    Jake Roenick: Shut up! Put the gun down, Duvall.

    Marcus Duvall: What are you going to do? Are you going to shoot me? Arrest me? You going to kill a cop?

    Jake Roenick: There's only one cop here. Now, put the God damn gun down. You're caught! How many more people are you going to kill tonight?

    Marcus Duvall: As many as it takes.

    Jake Roenick: You make me fucking sick!

    [Duvall suddenly raises his gun and fires just as Roenick fires and both gentlemen fall]

    Jake Roenick: .

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