Jairus Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Jairus Quotes:

  • Jairus: Master, come with us. Sit by our fire.

    Cleopas: There are many things we don't understand.

    Jesus: [distracted] I will come and talk to you Cleopas. I... I promise... Jairus... very soon and we... we will talk about many things.

    [walks toward the Garden of Olives]

    Tamar: Where are you going?

    Jesus: You can't come with me now.

    [kneels before her]

    Jesus: But one day you will.

    Tamar: [sad] I don't *want* you to go.

    Jesus: Shh, shh don't be upset. Don't be afraid. In my Father's house there are so many rooms,


    Jesus: *so* many.

    [he embraces Tamar]

    Jesus: I'm going to find a wonderful place for you. One day, you will always be with me.

  • Rachel: We must take her to him.

    Jairus: What?

    Rachel: We must take her to Jesus.

    Jairus: Rachel...

    [Cleopas arrives]

    Rachel: Oh Cleopas... you must tell him.

    Cleopas: How is she?

    Rachel: She's dying.

    Jairus: No! She is not dying Rachel!

    Rachel: Oh Jairus! Are you that afraid of them? They have such a hold over your life!

    Jairus: God is my life! Not man... not any man!

    Cleopas: I think we should listen to this Jesus.

    Jairus: What?

    Cleopas: No one ever lost their soul by listening to a liar. Only by believing him and following him. And if he speaks the truth...

    Simon the Pharisee: The truth?

    Cleopas: We have nothing to fear from the truth, do we?

    Simon the Pharisee: No, no. We must question Jesus, see how he defends himself.

    Rachel: Yes! We must listen.

    Simon the Pharisee: Why should the people think their leaders do not listen? I will invite Jesus and his band of followers to my home, and we'll see whether he really is God's prophet.

  • Jairus: [despondent] No cure?

    Doctor: There is medicine that um...

    [hands over glass vial]

    Doctor: why should I deceive you?

    Jairus: [takes medicine] What will this do?

    Doctor: It will ease the pain.

  • Jairus: We were walking the way to Emmaus.

    Cleopas: To my cousin's house. The women and children had gone ahead.

    Jairus: We agreed to meet at Emmaus, hide there for a few days and travel back.

    Cleopas: When this man came up to us...

    Jesus: Hello! Do you mind if I join you?

    Cleopas: [surprised] No... um... no.


    Jesus: [breaking the silence] It um... sounded like an interesting conversation.

    Cleopas: Some things are too terrible to explain.

    Jesus: Oh? What things?

    Jairus: What things? The terrible death of Jesus from Galilee.

    Jesus: Tell me about it.

    Cleopas: Tell you? Where have you been?

    Jairus: We believed he was a great... prophet.

    [shakes head]

    Jairus: More than that.

    Cleopas: That he was the chosen one who would... save Israel.

    Jesus: Oh the Messiah!

    Jairus: But how could the Messiah die the death of a common criminal?

    Jesus: [chuckles] Oh foolish men. You're so learned. You talk of prophets, have you never read the prophets? You talk of the Messiah - don't you understand that he *had* to die? Don't you understand the scriptures at all?

  • Simon Peter: The Lord! I... he was... I thought they'd taken the body!

    James the Disciple: Who?

    Simon Peter: Priests! Romans! But... but he was there! In front of my eyes! In front of me! *This* near! Like...

    Thomas: [irritated] I cannot believe what I'm hearing.

    [walks toward door]

    Simon Peter: Thomas! I saw him!

    Thomas: You're all crazy, all of you. Dreams, visions, everyone's going mad.

    [goes to open the door]

    Thomas: I'm leaving.

    Cleopas: [burst through door, knocking Thomas to the floor] THE LORD!

    Thomas: Ow!

    Jairus: [breathless] We... we have...

    Cleopas: [excited] We've seen him!

  • Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Thieves! You think I don't see you? The emperor, he told me... I know! Oh!

    [looks towards workers]

    Mary Magdalene: Oh lovely.

    Carpenter: [mockingly] Lovely!

    [they laugh]

    Foreman: Back to work!

    Mary Magdalene: [smiling at Foreman] You like nice things?

    Foreman: Get out!

    [shoves Mary to the ground]

    Foreman: Out!

    Mary Magdalene: [screams] Agh!

    [Foreman goes to strike her with a scourge, is blocked by Jesus]

    Tamar: [points to Jesus] Father.

    Mary Magdalene: [whimpering] Mmm...

    [Jesus kneels in front of Mary, but she runs away]

    Jairus: [dismissive] This is how it is in Sepphoris, an unholy place for the synagogue!

    Tamar: Father!

  • Tamar: [gasping for air] Father?

    Jairus: [taking her in his arms] Yes, I'm here.

    Tamar: Am I going to die?

    Jairus: No.

    [holds her close]

    Jairus: *No.*

    Rachel: She keeps saying his name. Jesus.

    Tamar: Yes. Take me to Jesus.

    Pharisee: [in Jairus' memory] Anyone who follows Jesus is an enemy of God!

    Jairus: No.

    [Tamar and Rachel weep]

    Jairus: No. No I will not listen to them. I will go. I will go to Jesus.

    Rachel: You will?

    Jairus: Yes.

    [points to Tamar]

    Jairus: And you will be healed by his power.

    [Tamar smiles]

    Jairus: By the power of God!

  • Jairus: Master!

    [falling at Jesus' feet]

    Jairus: Master! Master my little girl...

    [Jesus raises Jairus to his feet]

    Jairus: she's dying. Please if you could come to my house and lay your hands on her, she will be healed.

    Jesus: [places his hands on Jairus' shoulders] Yes. I will, I will come.

    Jairus: Oh thank you!

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