Jailer Quotes in The Living Daylights (1987)


Jailer Quotes:

  • Kamran Shah: Russkie. Has Colonel Feydor considered my appeal?

    Jailer: Yes. Good news. You won't be hung in the morning. You will be *shot*!


    Kamran Shah: It's all a mistake. I stole *nothing*!

    Jailer: You can tell Allah. When you see him.


  • Jailer: I have not had a woman prisoner in a very long time...


    Jailer: Strip!

    [Kara curses at him]

    Jailer: Shout all you want. It's soundproof. The Colonel does not like to hear screaming at night.

    [Bond bends down to pick up his key ring; he hits Bond with a club]

    Jailer: I did not tell you to get down.

    [Bond starts to rise, but he hits him again]

    Jailer: I did not tell you to get UP!


    Jailer: NOW! Get up!

  • Jailer: [as Skinner and the Jailer approach the jail cell with Jake pressed up against the bars] We could come back. Give you boys time for a smoke and some pillow talk.

  • Thakur Baldev Singh: I'm putting you to some trouble, jailer.

    Jailer: Not at all, sir. Just name it... whatever it be.

    Thakur Baldev Singh: I need two men.

  • [first lines]

    Jailer: Errr... Thakur sahib?

  • Jailer: [as he unlocks and opens Bernard's jail cell] Out you go.

    Bernard Chanticleer: Why?

    Jailer: You're out in custody. Your bail's been paid.

    Bernard Chanticleer: [after a thoughtful pause] I've been in the custody of my parents for almost twenty years now. And they've taught me nothing but self-doubt, frustration, and perpetual guilt. I'm going to be in my own custody from now on. I won't go!

    Jailer: A nice-lookin' girl paid it.

    Bernard Chanticleer: I'll go!

    [Gets up and walks out]

  • [first lines]

    Jailer: [to Mitchel] You. You're out.

  • Jailer: Your lawyer's here.

    Jacob Two Two: My lawyer? What lawyer?

    Jailer: Tough luck, kid. Your lawyer is Louie the Loser.

    Louie Loser: [comes onto the scene eating a doughnut] Actualy, the name's "Loo-zar", "Loo-zar".

    Jailer: Sixteen years without winning a case? I don't think so.

    [to Jacob]

    Jailer: Believe me, kid, the name's "loser"!

  • [The Mesquiteers, not knowing Walker has been bushwhacked, wait in jail for him to clear them of robbery charges]

    Stony Brooke: Has Walker shown up yet?

    Jailer: Nope. I told you I'd let you know the minute he does.

    Lullaby Joslin: He sure picked a good time to play hide-and-go-seek.

  • [with the help of the jailer's pet crow, the Three Mesquiteers escape]

    Jailer: Where'd they go?

    Eight Ball, a crow: They went that-a-way, Sheriff!

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