Jafar Quotes in Aladdin (1992)


Jafar Quotes:

  • Genie: [as a group of cheerleaders] Rick 'em, rack 'em, rock 'em, rake! Stick that sword into that snake!

    Jafar: [as a snake] You stay out of thisss!

    Genie: [weakly] Jafar, Jafar, he's our man. If he can't do it, GREAT!

  • Iago: [taking Genie's lamp] Boy, Jafar's gonna be happy to see you.

    Jafar: [he switches to Jafar's voice] Excellent work, Iago.

    Iago: Ah, go on.

    Jafar: [again] No, really. On a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven.

    Iago: Oh, Jafar, you're too kind. I'm embarrassed. I'm blushing.

  • Sultan: Prince Ali Ababwa! Of course! I'm delighted to meet you.

    [he shakes Aladdin's hand]

    Sultan: This is my royal vizier, Jafar. He's delighted, too.

    Jafar: [very dryly] Ecstatic.

  • ["Snake" Jafar has Aladdin in a tight squeeze]

    Jafar: You little fool. You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth.

    Iago: Squeeze him, Jafar. Squeeze him like a- Awk!

    [Genie elbows Iago and knocks him into the air]

    Jafar: Without the Genie, boy, you're nothing.

    Aladdin: The Genie... The Genie! The Genie has more power than you'll ever have!

    Jafar: What?

    Aladdin: He gave you your power. He can take it away.

    Genie: [smiling uncomfortably] Al, what're you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?

    Aladdin: Face it, Jafar. You're still just second best!

    Jafar: [slightly shocked] You're right. His power does exceed my own. But not for long.

  • [when Gazeem tries to steal the lamp from the Cave of Wonders, the latter swallows him whole]

    Iago: I can't believe it! I just don't believe it! We're never gonna get ahold of that stupid lamp! Just forget it! Look at this. Look at this. I'm so ticked off that I'm molting.

    Jafar: Patience, Iago, patience. Gazeem was obviously less than worthy.

    Iago: Oh, there's a big surprise! That's an incredib... I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise! What are we gonna do? We got a big problem here, a big... Mmph!

    [Jafar grabs Iago's beak to shut him up]

    Jafar: Yes. Only one may enter. I must find this one, this... diamond in the rough.

  • Jafar: [from inside the lamp] Get your blasted beak out of my face!

    Iago: Oh, shut up, you moron!

    Jafar: Don't tell me to shut up!

    Genie: [taking the lamp off Aladdin] Allow me. Ten thousand years in a Cave of Wonders ought to chill him out!

    [flicks them into the distance]

  • Jafar: Just... where did you say you were from?

    Aladdin: [as Prince Ali Ababwa] Oh, uh... uh, much farther than you've traveled, I'm sure.

    Jafar: Try me.

  • Princess Jasmine: Father, I choose Prince Ali!

    Jafar: Prince Ali left.

    Aladdin: [standing in the doorway to the balcony] Better check your crystal ball again, Jafar!

  • Princess Jasmine: [to Jafar] At least some good will come of my being forced to marry. When I am Queen, I will have the power to get rid of you.

    Sultan: Well, now. That's nice. All settled then. Now, Jasmine, getting back to this suitor business. Jasmine? Jasmine!

    [the Sultan notices that Jasmine is running out of the room, and runs after her]

    Jafar: [scowls in their direction] If only I had gotten that lamp!

    Iago: [mocking Jasmine] "I will have the power to get rid of you." Dahhh! To think we gotta keep kissing up to that chump, and his chump daughter, for the rest of our lives.

    Jafar: No, Iago. Only until she finds a chump husband. Then she'll have us banished. Or beheaded.

    JafarIago: Ew.

    Iago: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute! Jafar, what if you were the chump husband?

    Jafar: What?

    Iago: Okay, okay. You marry the princess, all right? And and, uh, you. Then you become the sultan!

    Jafar: Marry the shrew. I become sultan. The idea has merit.

    Iago: Yes, merit. Yes! And then, we drop papa-in-law and the little woman off a cliff.

    [he dives off Jafar's staff headfirst, then hits the ground]

    Iago: "Yah. Ker-splat!"

    Jafar: [laughs] I love the way your foul little mind works!

    [both laugh evilly]

  • Jafar: You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife.

  • Jafar: [hypnotizing the Sultan with his snake staff] You will order the Princess to marry me.

    Sultan: [hypnotized] I... will order... the Princess... to...

    [suddenly breaks out of the trance]

    Sultan: But you're so old!

    Jafar: [shoving his staff into the Sultan's face again] The Princess *will* marry me!

  • Jafar: I think it's time to say goodbye to Prince Abubu.

  • Sultan: It's this suitor business. Jasmine refuses to choose a husband. I'm at my wits' end.

    Iago: Awk! Wits' end!

    Sultan: Oh.

    [laughs and pulls out a cracker]

    Sultan: Have a cracker, pretty Polly.

    [Iago gasps and shakes his head. Sultan stuffs the cracker into Iago's mouth]

    Jafar: [laughs as Iago chokes] Your Majesty certainly has a way with dumb animals.

    [Iago gives Jafar an angry look]

  • [Aladdin has tricked Jafar into wishing to be a more powerful genie than Genie]

    Jafar: The universe is mine to command! To control!

    Aladdin: Not so fast, Jafar! Aren't you forgetting something?

    Jafar: Huh?

    Aladdin: You wanted to be a genie? You got it!

    [cufflinks form on Jafar's wrists]

    Jafar: What?

    Aladdin: And everything that goes with it.

    [Aladdin holds up a black genie lamp, which sucks Jafar in]

    Jafar: No! No!

    Iago: I'm getting out of here!

    Aladdin: Phenomenal cosmic powers...

    [Iago tries to flee, but Jafar grabs him]

    Iago: Come on, you're the genie. I don't want, I don't...!

    [both Jafar and Iago disappear in the lamp]

    Aladdin: ...itty bitty living space.

    Genie: Al, you little genius, you!

  • Jafar: [disguised as a prisoner] You've heard of the golden rule, haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

  • Jafar: How many times do I have to kill you, boy?

  • Aladdin: [hanging from the entrance of the Cave of Wonders] Help me out!

    Jafar: [in disguise] Throw me the lamp!

    Aladdin: I can't hold on! Give me your hand!

    Jafar: First give me the lamp!

    [Aladdin does so]

    Jafar: [laughs triumphantly] Yes! At last!

    [he grabs Aladdin's wrist]

    Aladdin: What're you doing?

    Jafar: Giving you your reward - your eternal reward!

    [he pulls out a dagger and is about to stab Aladdin; Abu bites his arm, forcing him to drop the dagger; Jafar then throws Aladdin and Abu back down the Cave, just as it closes]

    Jafar: [chuckles, removing his disguise] It's mine. It's all mine. I...

    [he searches for the lamp, but can't find it]

    Jafar: Where is it? No! Noooooo!

  • Sultan: [hypnotized] Jasmine.

    Princess Jasmine: Oh, Father. I just had the most wonderful time. I'm so happy.

    Sultan: [hypnotized] You should be, Jasmine. I have chosen a husband for you.

    Princess Jasmine: What?

    Sultan: [hypnotized] You will wed Jafar.

    [the other door opens and reveals Jafar and Iago]

    Jafar: You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife.

  • Jafar: You are late.

    Gazeem: A thousand apologies, Oh Patient One.

  • Aladdin: Are you afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?

    Jafar: A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to see how snakelike I can be!

    [he turns into a giant snake]

  • Iago: I can't take it anymore! If I gotta choke down on one more of those moldy, disgusting crackers. Bam! Whack!

    Jafar: Calm yourself, Iago.

    Iago: And then I'd grab him around the head. Whack, whack!

    Jafar: Soon I will be sultan, not that addlepated twit.

    Iago: And then I stuff the crackers down his throat. Ha ha.

  • Sultan: [of "Prince Ali Ababwa"] Jasmine will like this one.

    Aladdin: And I'm pretty sure I'll like Princess Jasmine.

    Jafar: Your Highness, no! I must intercede on Jasmine's behalf. This boy is no different from the others. What makes him think he is worthy of the Princess?

    Aladdin: Your Majesty, I am Prince Ali Ababwa. Just let her meet me. I will win your daughter.

    Princess Jasmine: How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!

  • Genie: [as he is being released] You know, Al, I'm getting really...

    [notices Jafar]

    Genie: I don't think you're him.

    Genie: [reading a script] Tonight the part of Al will be played by a tall, dark and sinister ugly man.

    Jafar: I am your master now!

    [crushes Genie under his foot]

    Genie: [muffled] I was afraid of that.

    Jafar: Genie, grant me my first wish. I wish to rule on high, as Sultan!

  • Iago: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome for Sorcerer Jafar!

    Jafar: Now where were we? Ah, yes abject humiliation!

    [He zaps Jasmine and Sultan with his staff, and they both bow to him. Rajah comes running at him]

    Jafar: Down, boy!

    [He zaps Rajah, and the tiger turns into a kitten. Rajah meows]

    Jafar: Oh princess

    [lifts Jasmine's chin with his staff]

    Jafar: there's someone I'm dying to introduce you to.

    Aladdin: [Flying towards him on Carpet] Jafar! Get your hands off her!

    Jafar: [zaps Aladdin, Carpet flies away. Singing] Prince Ali, yes, it is he, but not as you know him. Read my lips and come to grips with reality.

    Jafar: Yes, meet a blast from your past. Whose lies were too good to last! Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!

    [zaps Ali back to Aladdin as he says it]

    Iago: [mockingly] Or should we say Aladdin?

    Princess Jasmine: [shocked gasp] Ali?

    Aladdin: Jasmine, I tried to tell you. I just.

    Jafar: [still singing] So Ali turns out to be merely Aladdin.

    Jafar: Just a con, need I go on? Take it from me, his personality flaws, give me adequate cause,

    [sends Aladdin and Abu in a pillar, Carpet flies in after them]

    Jafar: to send him packing on a one way trip so his prospects take a terminal dip, his assets frozen, the venue chosen, is the ends of the earth.

    Jafar: [sends the pillar in the air]


    Jafar: Whoopee! So long!

    Iago: Goodbye. See ya.

    Jafar: [sings] Ex-Prince Ali!

    [laughs maniacally]

    Aladdin: Abu? Abu! Oh, this is all my fault. I should have freed the Genie when I had the chance.

    Aladdin: Abu! Are you okay?

    Abu the Monkey: [shivers] Uh-huh.

    Aladdin: I'm sorry, Abu. I made a mess of everything, somehow. I gotta go back and set things right. Yeah! All right! Now, back to Agrabah! Let's go!

  • Jafar: Trust me, my pungent friend. You'll get what's coming to you.

    Iago: What's coming to you. Awk!

  • Jafar: Prince Ali? Yes, it is he, / but not as you know him! / Read my lips, and come to grips / with reality! / Meet a blast from your past, whose lies were too good to last / Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!

    [strips Aladdin of his magic]

    Princess Jasmine: Ali...

    Aladdin: Jasmine... I tried to tell you, I'm only...

    Jafar: So Ali, turns out to be / merely Aladdin / Just a con, need I go on? / Take it from me / His personality flaws, give me adequate cause / To send him packing on a one-way trip, so his propsects take a terminal dip / His assets frozen, the venue chosen / Is the ends of the earth - wheee! / So long, EX-Prince Ali!

    [locks Aladdin in a tower and hurls the tower into space]

  • [Iago is running on a treadmill which powers a mystic device]

    Iago: With all due respect, Your Rottenness, couldn't we just wait for a real storm?

    Jafar: Save your breath, Iago. Faster!

    Iago: Yes, O Mighty Evil One!

  • Princess Jasmine: [Jafar opens the door to his lab, making sure first that no one is looking, then sneaks out, though while he's doing this, Jasmine spots him] Jafar?

    Jafar: [Quickly covers the entrance] Oh... Princess.

    Iago: [Casually walks through the doorway, but Jafar slams the door, crushing Iago] Jafar - I'm stuck...

  • Iago: [Jafar has used his magic to turn the Sultan into a living marionette and Iago is taking his revenge] Puppet ruler want a cracker? Here! Here's your cracker! Shove 'em all the way down your throat! Here, have lots of crackers!

    Princess Jasmine: [as Jafar chuckles meanly, Jasmine is chained up as a slave] Stop it! Jafar, leave him alone.

    Jafar: [Jafar motions as if he wants Iago to stop, Iago hesitates then gives one last shove. He yanks Jasmine towards him] It pains me to see you reduced to this, Jasmine.

  • Princess Jasmine: [pretending that Jafar's wish for her to fall desperately in love with him has worked] Jafar? Hmm, I never realized how incredibly handsome you are.

    Jafar: [Genie's jaw drops him shock] Hmm, that's better.

    [pulls Genie's jaw back up like it's a carpet]

    Jafar: Now, pussycat, tell me more about myself.

  • Jafar: I have not schemed and murdered to be foiled by that piece of trash!

  • Jafar: Idiot! Imposter! Jackal! Out of my sight!

  • Jafar: 'Tis said that marriage calms the tempestuous nature. He who now watches over her as his charge would cherish her as his wife. Granted my son is not gifted in speech or manners, but he is of noble birth and as a warrior, second to none.

  • Jafar: Your keen perceptions humble me.

  • Jafar: Did I perceive threat in the harem wench's words?

  • Capt. Hadi: The infant grows more comely!

    Jafar: Give me not fresh irritation. When you are Caliph, you will have a carpet of maidens.

  • Jafar: Accursed sword, can nothing move you? Donkeys! Imbeciles! Dogs! Out, out!

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