Jackie Condor Quotes in Armour of God 2: Operation Condor (1991)


Jackie Condor Quotes:

  • Jackie Condor: African vampires don't like Chinese blood.

  • Elsa: [while being chased by one guard] Jackie! Save us!

    Jackie Condor: [while fighting five guards] I'm busy!

  • Jackie Condor: [while holding a gun to his head and threatening to kill him, but the guards betrayed Adolf] You call my bluff. I'll count to three. Drop your guns or he's dead. 1,2... 3

    [He throws the gun down]

    Jackie Condor: Well, he wins.

    Adolf's Guard #1: If you don't kill him I will.

  • Jackie Condor: [Discovering one guard is missing] It's strange, your grandfather had eighteen guards. Fifteen down here and two up there, that's only seventeen.

    Ada: Where's the last one.

    Adolf's Guard #1: [Comes into the tunnel with other guards and guns] Don't move.

    Adolf: I'm the eighteenth guard.

  • Man with Stolen Clothes: [last lines, shoots a gun at them] Ohh, the gods, they led them back to us.

    Jackie Condor: [throws them the gold piece] Here, here is the gold you wanted.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: Who wants gold, we want water.

    Jackie Condor: [throws them an empty jug] here you can have the rest of this, if there is anything left

    [they fight over it]

    Jackie Condor: it just goes to show that we never know what we need or want.

    Ada: I never thought I would see people fighting over water.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: [notices that it is empty] Water, WATER!

    Jackie Condor: I suggest that we get together and look for it.

    [to Ada]

    Jackie Condor: Well your our desert expert, where do you think we should go?

    Ada: I think we should head that way, there should be an owaysiss to the north.

    Elsa: No, I think we should go this way.

    Jackie Condor: No, we have to listen to our desert expert.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: Ohh, we must have crossed over a million sand dunes.

    Ada: [as the camera pulls away eventually showing that they'er in the middle of the desert] I'm sure it's just over the next one. As I was saying, only a quarter of the desert is covered with sand.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: The gods must be angry with us.

  • Ada: [hitting him with a stick thinking he is a burglar] Take that, get out you thief, out, out...

    Jackie Condor: It's me you idiot

    [he sighs painfully]

    Jackie Condor: IT'S ME! I knew you wanted to hit me, but did you have to hit so hard.

    Ada: [sacasticly] Yes, sure I knew it was you and that was why I hit so hard.

  • Jackie Condor: DON'T LET GO!

  • Adolf's Guard #2: [the fan starts up agian] It's a sucksion.

    Jackie Condor: Dead talk.

  • Ada: Quick, this whole place is going to explode Jackie.

    Jackie Condor: Explode?

  • Jackie Condor: [looking at the bomb] What, we only have twenty minutes?

    Ada: We were trying to help and then Elsa had to press that button.

  • [first lines]

    Jackie Condor: Not a good start

  • Jackie Condor: [in pain failing to get diamonds] All that for nothing.

  • Elsa: [after he snuk into her house and has a bad guy pinned down, to Jackie] Who are you?

    Jackie Condor: [to the bad guy] Who are you?

    Elsa: I asked you first.

    Jackie Condor: Let me ask first

    [to bad guy]

    Jackie Condor: who are you?

  • Jackie Condor: Jump, I'll catch you

    [gets distracted and misses them]

    Jackie Condor: sorry.

  • Jackie Condor: [walks up to ask a man for his motorcycle and accidentally points a gun at the man] Hey you there

    [he runs away thinking he is going to shoot him]

    Jackie Condor: no wait.

  • Jackie Condor: [accidentaly falls on a woman's car] Sorry.

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