Jackie Quotes in RocknRolla (2008)


Jackie Quotes:

  • Archie: Oi, Jackie! Fancy a little run around with the Councilor?

    Jackie: Only if he's wicked.

    Councillor: What's she mean by that?

    Archie: What would you like her to mean by that, Councillor?

  • Jackie: Let go of my hair, bitch!

  • Jackie: Why won't you look at me? You'll look at a vase, but not at me!

  • Tse-Kit Sung: She's my girlfriend. She helps take care of Dad. This is my big brother, Ho.

    Jackie: Hi.

    [She accidentally cuts the roses of a stem without looking]

    Tse-Kit Sung: Don't worry, Dad's in good hands.

  • Jackie: It's all your fault! You embarrassed me before I went on stage! You can't help in any way!

    Tse-Kit Sung: You don't even have confidence in yourself. How can I help? They didn't say you failed. You don't know if it's hopeless.

    [takes Jackie's violin case]

    Jackie: Give that back to me!

    [Jackie grabs the case and smashes it into a music judge's car window]

    Jackie: Now, it's really hopeless!

  • [last lines]

    Uncle Bill: When you get back, write a report which is detailed and simple, starting from the beginning.

    Jackie: Huh?

  • Jackie: Okay, man. Shut up. All right? You're breaking my chi.

  • Jackie: I just want to get my clothes on, and get the hell out of here!

  • Jackie: So what's the plan?

    Dawn: When he comes through that door, I'm gonna blast him.

    Jackie: Not a whole lotta strategy involved, but I like it!

  • Jackie: [to Tatoya] You killed my husband, bitch! And now, I'm going to kill you!

  • Jackie: That was a wonderful supper, Tembo. I'm full and happy, and not afraid anymore.

    Tembo: To be not afraid is to be careless.

    Jackie: [to Komba the bushbaby] What is there to fear, eh, Komba?

    Tembo: The galago fears little because he knows little. The lion is wise and fears much because he knows much.

    Jackie: [to Komba] Did you hear what he said? He thinks you're stupid. You're not stupid, are you, Komba?

  • Jackie: I'm sorry, Tembo. I should have listened and gone to the police like you said.

    Tembo: There is a saying: "All the yesterdays cannot make one tomorrow."

  • Steward: [after walking into Jackie's cabin and discovering something moving inside a basket] Blimey!

    Jackie: It's alright, I can make up my own bed.

    Steward: What in heaven's name you got in there, miss?

    Jackie: Nothing...

    Steward: Well, a bit noisy for nothing.

    Jackie: I'll show you if you promise not to say anything.

    Steward: It ain't a snake, is it?

    Jackie: No.

    [pulls out Komba the galago]

    Jackie: Bushbaby!

    Steward: Queer, ain't it? It looks a bit like a monkey!

    Jackie: Would you like to hold him? He's very gentle.

    Steward: [hesitatingly] I'll take your word for it, miss.

  • John Leeds: [Jackie and her father are standing next to a gravestone marked "In loving memory of Penelope Leeds, who died in the uprising of 1961"] I've arranged for Tembo to keep the flowers watered.

    Jackie: I wish Tembo were coming with us.

    John Leeds: He'll be at the boat to see us off.

    [noticing Jackie's discontentment]

    John Leeds: Jackie... Tembo belongs in Africa.

    Jackie: Like Komba?

    [she walks away from her father]

    Jackie: I belong here, too. I was born here. I don't want to go away.

    John Leeds: It can't be helped Jackie. I don't want to leave Africa any more than you do.

    Jackie: It isn't only Africa, I have to leave everything!

  • Tembo: [after Jackie wakes up] Do you feel better, mtoto?

    Jackie: Mm, much better. I'm not hot anymore.

    Tembo: [in approval] Hm.

    Jackie: The pain in my arm's gone.

    Tembo: [again in approval] Hmm!

    Jackie: Oh, where's Cranky?

    Tembo: Do not be angry, but I could not let him take you in his airship because many times I've heard your father say that it is not safe. So I took you from that place when he was not looking.

    Jackie: [with surprise at the object Tembo is now carrying] Where did you get the gun?

    Tembo: I took it from the bwana doctor.

    Jackie: Why I hope you didn't hurt poor old Cranky.

    Tembo: Why should I hurt him? He's only a foolish old man. I only took the gun so he would not hurt me.

  • [last lines]

    Jackie: Kwaheri, Komba!

  • [first lines]

    Jackie: [Jackie and Tembo are chasing a small galago around a baobab tree] Where is he?

    Tembo: Sshh!

    Jackie: [after Tembo catches the creature he hands it to Jackie] Oh! Oh, he's so tiny!

    Tembo: He's a young one.

    Jackie: What shall I call him?

    Tembo: He has many names: bushbaby, galago... In Swahili he's called "Komba."

    Jackie: Komba! That's marvelous.

    [to Komba]

    Jackie: Hey Komba, Komba...!

    [to Tembo]

    Jackie: Oh, thank you, Tembo. Asante sana!

    Tembo: Stahere, mtoto.

  • Tembo: They have no reason to kill me; I've done nothing.

    Jackie: My mother did nothing.

  • Tembo: Are you sure you know this place?

    Jackie: Of course I do; I spent many holidays here. The cottage's up this way and the village is over there. So, stop worrying.

    Tembo: I will stop when you're in the ship with your baba and I'm in the bush.

  • Jackie: My answer is "cock", and I wrote it really big, so I have a "big cock!"

    Howard: I'm afraid you can't say "big cock" on the air. That's a no-no.

    Robin Quivers: But I just said "pussy".

    Jackie: [whining] Yeah, she just said *pussy*!

    Howard: Well, pussy's okay. It's the way you say it. "Big cock" coming out of your mouth is, just not good.

    Jackie: Wait a minute. I can't say "big cock", but you can say "big cock coming out of your mouth?"

    Howard: That's right.

    Jackie: That sucks!

    [Pig Vomit, very pissed off, starts running for the studio]

    Fred Norris: [as Richard Nixon] Did you just say "big cock coming out of your mouth that sucks"?

    Howard: So Brett, what did you write down?

    Robin Quivers: [as Brett Summers] Just like the boys, Gene. I've got "cock".

    Howard: Do me a favor. Hold that up for a second so I can see your "cock".

  • Jackie: [after being hit by Ike for defending Tina] Fuck you, Ike! I'm outta here. You ain't got to hit me but once!

    Tina Turner: Jackie, it's alright!

    Jackie: It's not alright unless the motherfucker piles on you! If you had any sense, you'd get outta here, too.

    Ike Turner, Sr.: [throws Jackie's bag at her] If you had any sense, you'd get the fuck out of here!

    Jackie: [to Ike] KISS MY ASS!

    [to Tina]

    Jackie: You're a dead woman if you stay here!

    Ike Turner, Sr.: And don't let me catch you around in my house either! Come on, sit down and eat some cake, Anna Mae.

  • Jackie: [to Anna Mae] Lorraine was Ike's last gig. He's always booking ahead. Now, you watch yourself.

  • [On calling Lana]

    Jackie: It's what you want. It's what every white boy off the lake wants.

  • Jackie: Hello, Joel. I'm Jackie.

    Joel Goodson: Hello, Jackie. I'm not Joel. Joel stepped out for a moment. Hold on... I'll go call him.

  • Jackie: You were a virgin when we were seeing each other.

    Nick: Yeah, I was twelve.

  • Jackie: [reading from her own note cards one by one] Simon, you're broke the medical bills are sixty one thousand now and the show didn't go well I've spoken to your parents they didn't hang up or anything but they say they'd feel strange if they called you

  • Jackie: I'm calling from a pay phone because I can't get my piece of sh*t cell phone to work unless I stand on my head with my fingers up my ass!

  • Jackie: I know gay men. I practically invented them.

  • Jackie: Oh my god, Eli was stalking you? That is so romantic.

  • Tom: Where you going?

    Jackie: Uhh, home, to officially 'not call'.

    Tom: No, no, no, no, you were supposed to stay here and watch Lifetime Television for Women and Gay Men!

    Jackie: Uhh, no.

    Tom: It's Joan Van Ark in "Not Without My Nose Job".

    Jackie: Oh, angel, I've already lived that movie!

  • Jackie: When I played for the Bears, they used to call me "Cement Head". But you can call me Jackie.

  • Jackie: Guys like you make me look like a hotshot.

  • [the girls are covering up the pizza guy's dead body]

    Kim: He's dead, all right. So cold.

    Jackie: Is the pizza?

    [Jackie takes a slice of pizza]

    Jackie: Well, life goes on after all and eating makes me feel best when I feel bad, and boy do I feel bad.

    [she takes a bite of the pizza]

    Jackie: I feel better already. Really, I do.

  • Jackie: What do all the guys see in Diane anyway?

    Trish: She's beautiful.

    Jackie: I think she's got a big mouth.

    Kim: Hey, it's not the size of your mouth; it's what's in it that counts.

    Trish: What I don't see is what she sees in John Minor.

    Kim: Maybe what we don't see.

    Trish: Hey, it's not how big it is, remember?

    JackieKim: It's what's in it that counts!

  • [there's a knock at the front door]

    Trish: Who is it?

    Jackie: [from outside] We're here for the orgy.

    [there's scratching on the door, accompanied by heavy panting]

    Kim: [from outside] Let us in! Let us in! Hurry!

  • Jackie: [reading Diane's horoscope] "Your power with the opposite sex will get you ahead."

    Diane: Not too bad.

    Jackie: Depends on whose head.

  • Jackie: Billy, Stan got new glasses.

    [to Stan]

    Jackie: Show him your glasses.

    [to Bill]

    Jackie: He don't like 'em.

    Stan: Get ready, Bill.

    [puts glasses on]

    Bill: You look like an idiot.

    Stan: Go fuck, Billy!

  • Jackie: If you're free for the weekend, there's a lot going on. This is New York!

    Doorman: Free for the weekend? I'll never be free as long as I'm a black man in America!

  • Abbey: Outside the United States they don't have marshmallows.

    Jackie: Then it's like the only really American food. Wow!

  • Abe: What're you gonna do? Fire me?

    Jackie: I can't fire you. You quit.

  • Abe: I can't take any more of this crap! You always blame me for everything! Well, fuck you, I quit!

    Jackie: Fine! Then you can pack up and move out of the house while you're at it!

    Abe: You can program the TiVo yourself!

  • Jackie: I better get straight from this!

  • Jackie: Don't you know there's something more beautiful in this world than that thing between your legs?

  • Jackie: So I sucked a cock.

  • Jackie: Women's liberation has told me just WHO I AM and what I should be!

  • Jackie: They're not gonna think we're lesbians, Holly! A school teacher and a model? Those are lesbians?

  • Jackie: Take your balls and go!

  • Jackie: Take a bath! You smell like a dead papa!

  • Jackie: You read too many comic books, Holly. You're living in a dream world.

  • Jackie: [to Holly] Who told you to bring me that plant? I need that plant? I already got a shrub in there!

  • Holly: She's got beauty, she's got everything. What the fuck do we have? Nothing!

    Jackie: She comes from Long Island, Holly!

  • Jackie: I think she has tendencies. I think she's hiding under that cloak.

    Holly: What cloak? She's garbage!

    Jackie: A raincoat! Don't you understand? Figuratively!

  • Jackie: [to Holly] You're not doing a root canal on his anus!

  • Jackie: I was reading the obituary column today and there was this woman - you won't believe this, but... She left all of her money to a dog! Now what is her dog gonna do with all that money? We could use that.

  • Jackie: Rub her legs, won't you? Get her going, will you?

  • Jackie: Betty, you're fucked up. Why don't you tell us about an unpleasant incident with a male?

  • Jackie: What are you itching about?

    Johnny Minute: To fuck.

    Jackie: You're itching... you're itching to fuck?

  • Johnny Minute: You're a big girl, aren't you?

    Jackie: I was captain of the volleyball team.

  • Johnny Minute: Are you gonna come?

    Jackie: Um... I think I'm gonna go.

  • Jackie: I was gonna set you up in North Beach with an electric typewriter so it would never be hard on you again! I felt sorry for this bitch! Limping every day down Madison Avenue, they used to yell, "There goes Clubfoot Annie!"

  • Jackie: I need that beer, the doctor prescribed it to calm down my nerves! Baby, stop freaking out! Calm down! Shut up!

  • Betty: All these people follow me home. I had this one, this one little midget. He was on 42nd Street...

    Jackie: He was on forty Seconals?

  • Dave: [watching Sue dance with Tony] If she can experience, I can experience.

    [He walks over to Jackie]

    Dave: You always stand like that?

    Jackie: Only when I feel my energy being drained. Standing on one leg doesn't allow the energy complete flow. You can lose it in the floor. Would you like to dance?

    Dave: Well, uh...

    Jackie: Yes! You would.

    Dave: Yeah, O.K.

  • Jackie: Oh, my God, the basement! I forgot there's a window in there! Give me that poker!

    Diane: Jackie, you're not going down there!

    Duncan: Besides, they're tongs!

  • Jackie: [after being pranked, angrily] Jerks! When in the hell are you gonna grow up?

    Susie: You guys, that was really immature!

    Michael: Hey, we didn't know you'd be dancing around naked.

    Tom: If we knew, we would've come sooner.

  • Jackie: Excuse me, is Mr. Shackleton in?

    Margaret: I'm Mr. Shackleton. Mr. Browning thought it sounded more official to have two names on the door.

  • Jackie: What're you doing here?

    Browning: Having cough medicine, what're you doing here?

    Jackie: This isn't cough medicine, it's brandy.

    Browning: So I lied.

  • Jackie: [as Queenie makes a belated entrance] Hey Queenie, I haven't seen your beautiful face all night. Where have you been hiding?

    Queenie: [shrugs]

    Jackie: How about doing a little number for us, Queenie?

    Queenie: Nah, Jackie, I ain't danced in years. You know that!

    Phil D'Armano: Hey, Queenie, how about "Singapore Sally?" Me and Oskie know it!

    Madeline True: [as the crowd erupts into encouragement] Jackie! Make her do it, Jackie!

    Jackie: Come on Queenie! You're beautiful, come on!

    Queenie: I'm a little rusty, but Singapore Sally it is.

    [Jackie takes her drink, two men in front of Queenie kneel down and Queenie uses them as a footstool to climb onto the piano]

  • Jackie: Guitars are phallic symbols and guitarists masturbate for a living... so God only knows why you'd need me.

  • Nana: You must be good and tired.

    Jackie: No, just tired.

  • Angus: Star quality, Aunt Pearl, that's what she's got. Star quality.

    Pearl: Star quality, eh? And what might that be?

    AngusJackie: It's that LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA!

    Pearl: Yeah? Well so is bullshit, and you're both full of it.

  • Jackie: I want a band. I want amplifiers. I want, I want, I want.

  • Aitch: Look, with this pill, they say you take it and that's it. Your hair don't grow, you don't go bald, it stays the same. You have your hair cut once, in whatever style you want, and it stays like that for the rest of your natural life. It's completely revolutionary.

    Jackie: What if you get fed up with your style, you berk?

    Aitch: Ahh... Well, that's where the antidote comes in. The whole process is reversible. You just take a different pill. Now, I'm not saying this is gonna happen next year but it will happen, it's definitely coming. Hairdressers are shitting themselves.

    Jackie: [cracking up laughing] Shut up!

    Aitch: They did a test with three monkeys, right? Gave 'em all a Beatles-style haircut. They've been living with that cut for the past two years. And apparently, they're very happy with it.

  • Don: You ever worked in an office?

    Jackie: No.

    Don: Nice telephone voice. I've worked in an office. I was 17. Does that surprise you?

    Deedee Dove: What, that you were 17?

    Don: [slow malevolent head turn] You got very nice eye, DeeDee. Never noticed them before. They real?

  • Jackie: I just don't believe it. I refuse.

    Charlie Grimes: My assistant now used to say 'truth is less fun than fiction'.

    Jackie: Terry would never do that!

    Claire Kubik: Oh, you're screwin' him so you know him?

    Jackie: Excuse me, Mrs RON CHAPMAN!

  • Jackie: Let me see that sword again. Isn't it a pip! Oh, boy!

  • [last lines]

    Tony Manero: You know what I wanna do?

    Jackie: What?

    Tony Manero: Strut.

  • Tony Manero: Did you hear the way she talked? All intelligent like.

    Jackie: Tony, an accent doesn't make you intelligent. If it did, you'd be Einstein.

  • Jackie: You know a woman's career as a dancer is half as long as a man's? So that means I have half as many chances of making it, right?

  • [Catherine has Jackie in bed seducing her for the first time]

    Catherine: Are you okay?

    Jackie: Yeah.

    Catherine: You sure? Have you ever done this before?

    Jackie: Yeah.

    Catherine: You have?

    Jackie: Once, I think.

    Catherine: You think?

    Jackie: Yeah, but I'm not supposed to say who with. She's on TV and famous now.

  • Jackie: You drive, I should be in charge of nothing!

  • Doctor: [Champ has just died] I'm sorry.

    T.J.: [Georgie and Jackie start to cry, TJ is shocked] No! Champ! No! Champ. Is he out? Is he out? What's the matter, Champ? Champ, wake up! Wake up! Wake - wake up!

    [kisses his head]

    T.J.: Champ, wake up, Champ! Hey, don't sleep now. We got to go home. Got to go home, Champ.

    [Georgie collapses into sobs]

    T.J.: Georgie. Don't cry. Georgie.

    [TJ goes to the doctor]

    T.J.: Mister, help me. Wake him up! Wake him!

    Doctor: We're all real sorry.

    T.J.: Please, wake him up!

    Doctor: Let's go outside.

    T.J.: No, no! I don't want to! I don't want to!

    [runs to Jackie]

    T.J.: Jackie! Wake him up! Wake him!

    Jackie: TJ, please.

    T.J.: I want Champ!

    Jackie: TJ...

    T.J.: I want Champ!

    Jackie: TJ. Please, TJ, listen to me. He's gone. He's gone, son. He's gone.

    T.J.: [shakes his head and backs away from Jackie] No. No! He's not gone! He's not! He's not!

    Jackie: [Annie comes in, a smile on her face until she sees Champ and Jackie trying to calm TJ] Please.

    T.J.: He is not dead! He is not dead! I want Champ!

    Jackie: Please, listen to me, son.

    T.J.: I want Champ!

    Jackie: TJ, please, listen to me!

    T.J.: I want Champ! Champ! He is not gone!

    Jackie: [he and the doctor try to drag TJ away from Champ] Come on, son. Come on. TJ.

    Annie: TJ.

    [TJ walks towards her and hugs her, holding on tightly as he sobs]

  • Clyde: Do you know what I wonder about you?

    Jackie: What?

    Clyde: How your cunt taste like.

    Jackie: [looking at Clyde blankly, not being surprised at all]

    Clyde: Shocked?

    Jackie: [blankly] Not really.

  • Clyde: [seeing Jackie for the first time] Have we met?

    Jackie: Yeah, I saw you at a cafe.

    Clyde: Right. At a cafe.

    [Clyde takes Jackie's hand and they both start to dance]

  • Jackie: All religious writings are pornographic.

  • Jackie: Amy! Amy open the door... Amy? For Christ's sake, open the door!

    [closet light turns itself off]

    Jackie: [yells] Amy!

  • Pokey Jones: I never left home, but I know every inch of this highway. I know it inside out. Ask me a question if you like: ask me anything.

    Jackie Bangs: Do you wanna have sex with me?

    Pokey: What?

    Jackie: Do you wanna have sex?

    Pokey: No, I'm fine, thank you.

  • Jackie: [suspiciously, when she catches Eddie snooping around the development] You been out of the country or somethin'?

    Eddie: Yeah.

    Jackie: Where?

    Eddie: What?

    Jackie: Where've you been?

    Eddie: [pause] Mexico.

    Jackie: What's your name?

    Eddie: Brad.

    Jackie: I'm Jackie. So... Mexico. What's that like?

    Eddie: All right.

    Jackie: Do you cut your own hair?

    [he shrugs]

    Jackie: I'm a hairstylist, so naturally I'd notice. Looks like a dog's arse.

    [cut to her apartment, where she gives him a haircut]

  • Webster: Don't forget, you walked out on me!

    Jackie: I walked out on a computerized man, not a chess burglar!

  • Jackie: I thought you were honest.

    Webster: Only when I'm stealing.

  • Jackie: You have the audacity to bring her here and give her alcohol.

  • Eugene: So how come you decided to leave home tonight?

    Jackie: I decided to leave a couple of months ago but every time I started planning it for real, I started feeling kind of guilty... like I would hurt my mom's feelings for leaving... or my friends would think I was looking down on them because I didn't want to hang out watching TV anymore. I want to do something different, but I guess I've just been feeling guilty about leaving.

    Eugene: Why is tonight any different?

    Jackie: Well I've been listening to you and I hear all these mistakes you think you've made and I just think "I want that". I want to be in a situation where I don't know how I'll react. Something to face out there or in here that I never would have thought of. And I want to make mistakes. Not like yours, but my own. Because at least that will mean I'm trying.

  • Eugene: I feel like I want to cry, but all I do is get angry.

    Jackie: Maybe you're angry you can't cry.

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